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Vintage Fashion Show @ Xtabay Vintage

You may remember my post about my West coast alter ego ~~ well she's proving herself even more fabulous by the minute.  Check out this video of her latest Vintage Fashion Show ... I must admit I'm a tad jealous!  There must be a reason we live on opposite ends of the USA ~~ we'd probably get in far too much trouble if we didn't!

You can also view the photo album from the show here. 


xx ~ Michelle


I found this great video on You Tube this morning and thought I'd share some vintage clothing inspiration with you!  Don't forget to turn the "Victrola" at the bottom of the page down or off so you can hear this great audio.

Now put those sweats back in the bottom drawer and pick out something that will make you feel like a million!



xx ~ Michelle


(Just so you know, this is a venting post, but it ends good!)

This morning I spent 2 1/2 hours typing a long, image filled, multi~colored, highlighted, multi~fonted, wonderful post about the weekend I spent at my sisters a few weeks ago.  I even used some French, which is quite a feat for moi.  And when I SAVED it, IT (aka TypePad) told me my post was saved and that I could view my post, except that when I clicked on "VIEW POST" it all disappeared except for the Title. . .thus, the title of THIS post. 

Has this happened to anyone else?  Because it has happened to me on more than one occasion & I have HAD IT!!!!  What if it had been new merchandise I had listed?  Do they have any idea how much work that is, how much detail is involved??????????????  And why???? is the "Delete Post" button so close to the "Save" button?  I had my daughter as my eyewitness that I did click "Save"~~is there a Blogger Court I could plead my case at?????

So, to cool my little old self off, I had a big, fat ham & cheese sandwich with Doritos & pickles & Diet Coke, followed by 4 chocolates, then took a two mile walk in the fresh air.  Feeling much better I checked out a You Tube video some one sent and ended up tooling around You Tube and found this:  (don't forget to click the pause button on my "Victrola" so you can hear the music from the video)

I'm feeling better by the minute!

Stay tuned for that Getaway Weekend post, I'll try again. . .


xx ~ Michelle