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For an absolute Vintage Art fix

please take a moment to visit


which is where I found these lovely Pochoir images. . .


A bit of outdoor romance~~skating together. . .


A childhood favorite~~building a snowman with friends. . .

Adr_Pochoir-Lord-&-Taylor.jpgpurple coat 

Seems the "Purple Obsession" is nothing new. . .some vintage outerwear fashion. . .


"Darling, let's go somewhere. . ."


The few I've shared with you are just a glimpse of the beautiful posters, prints and artwork you can find at

"I Desire Vintage"

Promise me you will take a peek!



Here in the North East we have been inundated with




so I have been trying to take advantage of being stranded by cleaning out files, folders & images on my computer.

I tend to actually "OVER ORGANIZE"

to the point I sort of can't find anything. . .

can anyone else relate to that?

Here are a few more Vintage images I found. . .since I won't be going anywhere warm soon. . .



House & Garden Magazine

How wonderful would this be right about now?



House & Garden Magazine

This would be fine as well!



House & Garden Magazine


Yes, darling, let's go somewhere!











xx ~ Michelle


Oh, the joy of being a Vintage Clothing lover!  I wandered out the other day to do a wee bit of shopping, as my daughter is sick and we  have been cooped up for far too long for this suburban socialite. . .

At the very last moment I decided to make a quick stop at one of my favorite "haunts" ( you know. those "High Security" zones that no one else knows about. . .should you disclose location you will be eliminated. . .) and I ran across this Vintage Beauty:


An Oleg Cassini Vintage 1960's Brocaded Chenille Coat. . .

My heart skipped a beat
Well, maybe 25 beats, once I realized I didn't have enough cash
and my credit card was useless
at this establishment. . .

What's a girl to do?

I did the mental dance,
you know the one:
"I already have enough inventory to fill a floor on Macys"
"This is a bit on the wild side. . .other's may not see the vintage beauty of it. . ."
and I left
without the coat. . .

But I went back today and you'll never guess


And now, it is HERE, and I am left wondering:


Are these two vintage treasures related?

My sister gave me this gorgeous Vintage Bag years ago
and I love it for the simple fact
that the strap is long enough to wear over the shoulder.

(A rare "wonderful" with vintage purses)

When I found this gorgeous coat,
I was obsessed with the thought:

"Is my Vintage Brocade Purse a Match?"




similar features,
but alas,
I do not think so. . .






xx ~ Michelle

A Perfect Day to Picnic

Today was one of those "Spring Tease" days here in the North East. . .I do believe it actually hit 60 degrees around here, if not warmer!

So my daughter and I decided it was a perfect day to picnic. . .100_2086

100_2090 I brought along my copy of "Emma" and a picnic basket full of goodies.  It was a beautiful afternoon and when the next blizzard hits we will remember this gem of a day fondly!

I love to picnic~~especially with a real picnic basket & not a big bright red & white cooler!  I do appreciate modern technology & the cooler has it's definite benefits.  But somehow it is not quite as romantic as a picnic basket.  I can't seem to imagine Emma taking tea with Mr. Knightley from a "cooler"~~it just doesn't seem the same!

Packing a picnic is a wonderful family tradition to continue or begin if you have not yet  made time for this nostalgic, relaxing, simple pleasure.  It is also a wonderful way to spend time with friends & family. 

And yes, you can picnic in the winter, in the snow!   Remember that scene at the very beginning of Out of Africa in Denmark?  There are so many beautiful ways to enjoy the seasons. . .I hope you are!

xx ~ Michelle

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Balenciaga_1950 Well, winter has arrived here in the North East, which is absolutely wonderful news for this French Swede living in New England!

The best thing about the cold is getting to wear fabulous Vintage Outerwear!!

For example, look at this gorgeous frock by Balenciaga, circa 1950!  Stunning!  Warm & cozy at the same time, chic but not too overdone~~the elbow length gloves dress it up a bit but I'd even pair it with some wooly mittens and jeans~~that is the great thing about Vintage Coats~~they can add instant glamour to a dressed down look or you can deck out and finish off the look with a stunning fur wrap or coat~~and you don't have to feel (as) guilty if it's Vintage Fur!

A friend of mine commented yesterday that it's amazing the way people treat you when you are "dressed" . . . case in point:  She took her twin boys to "Story Time" at her local library~~because she tends to do her work out in the morning she usually has her sweats on.

  But yesterday, she donned some black boots with her gorgeous new Vintage Coat (which I am so coveting) Made In Paris!  In beautiful gray wool with black trim~~it is stunning!  Topped it off with her black fur hat and off they went. . .she had better customer service in the stores, at the bank, and even a the library!   She felt great & everyone complimented her lovely new coat!

So, since we have to get dressed every day anyway, why not find yourself a Showstopper of a Vintage Coat and treat yourself and everyone around you?!

Stay warm, baby, it's cold outside!!!


xx ~ Michelle