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Custom Made Vintage Fabric Face Masks Made in the USA at The Red Velvet Shoe Vintage

International shipping fabric face masks by the red velvet shoe

In response to the latest recommendation by the CDC and recently reiterated by Governor Baker that everyone in the U.S. should wear a home-made face covering in public settings, I sewed a few masks for my family and friends.  

Since posting pictures on Social Media, I have received many requests from people asking to purchase masks for themselves and their families. 

So I am currently sewing masks for you to purchase to help protect your family and stop the spread of Coronavirus.

For every ten masks purchased, I will donate one to local Rhode Island & Massachusetts Home Health Care Aides working on the Front Lines protecting those Aging in Place.

CLICK HERE  to learn more.  And please, please, please...stay safe & be well. 


xx ~ Michelle

Elizabeth Arden, The Designer

Elizabeth Arden Vintage 1960s black boucle suit (5)

This rare & lovely 1960s suit hails from the design house of Elizabeth Arden, New York.  Among highly noted designers associated with Elizabeth Arden were Charles James, Ferdinando Sarmi & during the 1960s, Oscar de la Renta, renowned for dressing style icon Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy during the "Camelot" years in the White House. 

Now available at The Red Velvet Shoe.


xx ~ Michelle

Latest Gossip


We are excited to announce that very soon you'll be able to shop for vintage treasures and trinkets right from our

Instagram Page!

Our first collection we'll be launching is entitled 
"Rococo/Marie Antoinette" 
and as you can imagine it will be all things French, romantic, feminine & flirty.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram so you don't miss a thing!  


xx ~ Michelle

What Lies Beneath

1940s Nelie Bologna black lace front hook long line bustier  (7)

1930s Lady Duff Black Silk & Lace Tap Pants French Knickers (2)

1940's bias cut sheer black lace nightgown pink bow (17)

1980s Vanity Fair Flesh Tone Strapless Lace Bra 34B  (2)



We've been stocking up our "Vintage Lingerie/Boudoir" Floor of the boutique this week...click on any of the photos above for more details about the item.  And remember: 


Keep calm

(photo courtesy of thelingerieaddict.com)

(For more lovely vintage lingerie check out this great article by We Heart Vintage.)

xx ~ Michelle

Six Year Anniversary = Cosmetic Surgery

Six years ago this month The Red Velvet Shoe opened the doors to it's virtual vintage boutique.  If you read this blog, you know my dream is to, someday,  unlock the doors to a brick & mortar store-front in addition to our online boutique.  You also know that all along I've been sneaking things into the house & past husband that I could someday use in said shop.  Sadly, I had to let some beautiful things that didn't fall into the "sneak-past-husband" category go, but even so, my collection of "Someday Shop Stuff" grew into a collection that was becoming difficult to hide.   When I overheard him muttering "clean that basement out...DUMPSTER..." I knew my days were numbered and I had to do something STAT.

After a great day setting up shop at Urban Vintage Bazaar on 21 April , I decided since much of my inventory was already packed up and out of my workspace, it was the perfect time to give The Red Velvet Shoe a major facelift.  My workspace & shop are in my basement, and although it's a finished basement, it wasn't exactly my dream office & workspace, to say the least.  Not knowing remotely when I would be in a position to use all my treasures in an actual store front, I decided to use them in the space I have and make it my dream office, workspace & boutique...that was a month ago yesterday, and while not 100% complete, I decided it was high time to show you what I've been doing for the past month:

The Red Velvet Shoe boutique makeover (17)

Welcome to The Red Velvet Shoe ~ Boutique

The Red Velvet Shoe boutique makeover (9)

The Red Velvet Shoe boutique makeover (7)

The Red Velvet Shoe boutique makeover (8)

The Red Velvet Shoe boutique makeover (4)

The dressing room...

The Red Velvet Shoe boutique makeover (10)

The Red Velvet Shoe boutique makeover (21)

The Red Velvet Shoe boutique makeover (24)

The sitting area...

The Red Velvet Shoe boutique makeover (11)

The Red Velvet Shoe fireplace makeover pictures (13)

The "Gothic Amethyst" fireplace doubling as a bar...(click Here to see the before photo)

The Red Velvet Shoe workspace & office  (1)

My worktable & reference library.

The Red Velvet Shoe workspace & office  (4)

My desk & sewing table.

1930s Art Deco Lightolier 3 tier crystal chandelier (12)

The crystals to the 1930s Lightolier Chandelier prior to cleaning...

1930s Art Deco Lightolier 3 tier crystal chandelier (13)

and after....my favorite piece in the entire shop!

The Red Velvet Shoe boutique makeover (18)

Next on the agenda: "Grand Opening "Soirée in The Shoe" ...









xx ~ Michelle

The Elegant Way to Keep Warm

1950s Dan Millstein black velvet embroidered evening coat  (2)

Snowflakes fell here yesterday...not much left-over today, but the temperature has taken a big dip and that means time to don a winter coat.

This beautiful 1950s Dan Millstein ~ New York ~ Paris label embroidered black velvet coat is cold weather luxury at it's finest.  Lined in rich champagne satin, it feels like butter against your skin.  The sleeves taper into a snug fit, which not only looks amazing, it keeps those cold winter drafts out.  You can find it in our "Vintage Outerwear Department" in The Shoe.


1930s vintage Filene's blue velvet hooded robe dressing gown (4)

You've seen this baby blue before...1930s vintage blue velvet hooded dressing gown/robe/evening coat from Filene's Boston (quite possibly the original store).  Fresh from the drycleaners and now available in our "Vintage Lingerie/Boudoir Department". 
Finally, something warm to wear with a hood that is not fleece or sweatshirt fabric. 




xx ~ Michelle

Grand Opening: The Vintage Menswear Floor at The Red Velvet Shoe

It's been suggested enough times over (that to ignore it would be bad) that The Red Velvet Shoe should have a floor of treasures entirely for men.   I've found some really great things over the years (those vintage ascots among my favorites) and when I do throw them out there, they usually go like hotcakes.  So, why not?  To be honest, I don't know very much about vintage menswear.  I tend to spend most of my time "researching" everything so I can properly present it, which makes me weary & confused and, worst of all, extremely slow about adding new merchandise to any floor, never mind one for Vintage Menswear.

Digging through my inventory this weekend I decided to bite the bullet and just do it.  As I type I am awaiting replies from Pratt Institute Libraries & an assistant curator at RISD, not to mention the now-famous editor of M:  The Civilized Man, my go-to guy for anything menswear related.  In the meantime, without giving you too many erroneous details, here are a few of the treasures that will debut on the "Vintage Menswear" Floor of The Shoe. 

Vintage British Accent Tailored by Tiger GULINS khaki blazer (2)

Vintage "British Accent -Tailored by Tiger of Sweden - GULINS" cavalry twill riding jacket with hacking pockets & fabulous silk print lining...c1970s.    (See, I told you he was the best!) 

Men's Vintage Navy Blue Silk Dressing Gown from Shepard's Men's Store Providence RI (4)

Vintage navy blue silk jacquard dressing gown from Shepard's Men's Store (old-world Providence, RI)...this beauty is the equivalent of champagne, dark chocolate & pom frites with lots of salt, vinegar & ketchup with far less calories and much more sharing ability...I already want to keep it.

Deux Coups de Chapeau  Costume, et Pardessus, de Lus et Befve by Pierre Mourgue

"Deux Coups de Chapeau" / Costume, et Pardessus, de Lus et Befve
Illustrator:  Mourgue, Pierre
Designer:  Lus et Befve
Date:  1922

My 10 years as Administrating Assistant of a Fine Art & Picture Framing Gallery paid off...it's an original plate and in excellent condition..not to mention the mat colors & frame, although modern, were well chosen and have an air of antiquity to them.

"Original, well chosen, with an air of antiquity"...that has a certain ring to it. 

The Vintage Menswear Floor
Now Open
The Red Velvet Shoe

(updated 4 June 2012 to announce Grand Opening)






xx ~ Michelle