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Vintage Elizabeth Arden, Anyone?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...and I return with three beautiful treasures to show off and hopefully make up for my lack of posts about vintage as of late.

Elizabeth Arden 1950s 60s Black Boucle Suit

This rather amazing late 1950s/early 60s Elizabeth Arden New York suit will be availabe soon...Arden spent a rather limited time in the fashion world compared to many designers, but her work and that of her designers is considered to be among the finest.  

1950s vintage Teena Paige Black Velvet & Ivory Lace Bodice Dress

We also found this sweet Teena Paige 1950s Vintage ivory lace bodice & black velvet cocktail dress...my daughter has put her claim on it, but I told her we'll see...so if you have to have it, speak now or forever hold your peace....which, ironically leads me to:

Kenneth Cole ivory satin bridal pumps floral detail

this beautiful pair of Kenneth Cole ivory bridal satin pumps with floral garland detail...size 8.  My size, but since I've already walked down that long aisle twice, I'm going to let them go to another bride to be.

SAVE THE DATE:  21 April 2013 we'll be setting up shop once again at The Urban Vintage Bazaar in Providence, RI ....more details to follow.


xx ~ Michelle

1940s Winter Wedding Photographs

I've written about the family reunion last summer when I scoured through boxes and boxes of vintage and antique photographs of my husband's family.  Every now and then I came across some that no~one in the family recognized. 

1940s winter wedding party

1940s winter bride

1940s winter bride leopard fur coat 

Like this collection of photographs from a winter wedding (stamped June 1947 on back). Taken outside in the snow, fur coats (check out that leopard beauty!!) over frilly, lacy gowns, arms full of enormous fresh flower bouquets that were so popular in the 1940s, and men with perfect hair cuts and proper overcoats.  

No idea who they are, but they're memories are safe with me.


xx ~ Michelle


You never know what you'll find via your "Stats", do you? 

Last week I was checking out my "Blog Visitor Stats" and saw a link to a place I'd never been before
(in cyberville, that is). I clicked on the link and found, not only a fantastic vintage clothing blog with tons and tons of vintage fashion inspiration
but also that I had been honored with this Kreativ Blogger Award!

So please, take a moment to go visit


and take a long, leisurely stroll around her wonderful corner of vintage blogsville!  Thanks again, Jaynie!

 One thing she mentioned that she liked about my blog is that I show pictures of myself in my vintage clothes. . .well, truth be told, I take lots of pictures in my vintage clothes but have actually posted very few of them.  With ladies like Giselle Brady & Co. wandering around, it's a bit intimidating to this 5 foot vintage munchkin!

But I will share this photo from a wedding we attended yesterday~~it's a feathered hat that was my grandmother's. . .I'm really not a "hat" person, but this was a great way to break the ice, as it sits more like a headband and doesn't feel too overwhelming on.

1940s feathered hat

I received many compliments on it, and it was such a pleasure to be able so say "It was my grandmother's".  If you are fortunate enough to still have your grandparents around, be sure to take good care of all the treasures they give you, they will be priceless one day. . .

I'll be working on my list of "SEVEN EXCEPTIONAL BLOGS & SEVEN THINGS I LOVE" . . how ever will I choose??

Also, I finally created a separate page for my favorite links~~be they vintage/fashion/domestic/French or just plain fun, you'll find them here.  It will be an ongoing process to update and organize them as I find new wonderful inspiration!





xx ~ Michelle


As I've stated before, I love weddings. . .and since I won't be attending one until late summer I decided I would share some lovely photos I found of vintage or vintage~inspired weddings. . .can you tell which are which?

wedding planner paris

(Photo credit:  Tales of an American Wedding Planner in Paris )



(Edited on 04 March 2011 when it was discovered the links to the other photos posted were broken.)













xx ~ Michelle


I couldn't wait to show you what I found today. . .being the romantic that I am. . .

Vintage Skinner Satin Bridal Gown It's a vintage (c1950's?) satin wedding gown in

amazing condition. . .I fell in love, again. . .yes, she needs some TLC but I can see beyond the wrinkles and tiny marks here and there. . .

Vintage Skinner Satin Bridal Gown

The label reads: "A Bridal Creation Original ~ Skinner".  It was a much coveted bridal gown in it's day, and today as well ~~apparently the satin produced by Skinner & Sons was some of the best in the industry and they had a very successful bridal line.  (Still in the "research" stage on this!)

Vintage Skinner Satin Bridal Gown 

Satin covered buttons all the way down the back. . .

Vintage Skinner Satin Bridal Gown 

I love the simple neckline, and the netting is in pristine condition front and back

Vintage Skinner Satin Bridal Gown 

The sleeves are so elegant, four more covered buttons at the wrists. . .

Of course I have been wondering all day, who was the bride that wore this elegant gown on her wedding day?  Was she terribly in love?  Did she know this was the gown the moment she saw it?  Did she worry if her betrothed would fancy it as much as she?  I think, at times, what I love about vintage clothing is the mystery behind it's history as much as the garment itself.  Someone's life changed forever the day she wore this beautiful gown. . .and I hope she was very, very happy as every bride should be . . .

I have that sneaking suspicion I may just hang onto this one. . .after all, my little girl may one day be a bride, and you never know~~she may just wish to wear a vintage gown.


xx ~ Michelle


This month is my one year anniversary in blogland and for my on~line Boutique The Red Velvet Shoe and I would like to send you all a great big THANK YOU by inviting you to participate in my first ( of hopefully many!)

                    VINTAGE BLOG GIVE~A~WAYS!!!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you will be entered in a drawing for this sweet little collection of Vintage Treasures:


It sort of adopted a Spring Bridal theme along the way~~but even if you are not among the "soon to be betrothed" you may know of a Spring Bride or perhaps have a beautiful daughter or neice who has an appreciation for Vintage Goodies who may someday walk down that long aisle. . .or if you are a sentimental romantic like me who still looks at Wedding Magazines you could treat yourself!   

All of this came from my "stock" at THE RED VELVET SHOE!  Just another example of goodies I have waiting to find their way to new Vintage homes & wardrobes!

Here is the box of treasures our happy winner can expect in the mail:

A)  A vintage powder blue jammy jacket with lace frills and ribbon ties. . .

B)  The sweetest vintage "For The Bride" album~~the drawings seem to be from the 1960's. . .

C)  A vintage 1967 McCall's pattern for bridal head pieces~~very mod & retro. . .

D)  One darling floral chintz vintage apron with two pockets and lots of cabbage patch roses. . .

E)  A lovely piece of decorative beaded trim. . .

F)  A beautiful pair of white Vintage gloves. . .

G)  A dainty silver necklace with matching earrings and crystal  embellishments. . .

H)  A pair of vintage glass travel toiletry holders. . .

I)  A book of poetry for the Bride. . .BRIDAL BOUQUET~~Penhaligon's Scented Treasury of Verse and Prose. . .

J)  A roll of beautiful Bridal Ribbon with images of the classic 1920's Flapper bride. . .

K)  A blush pink vintage silk purse. . .

L)  A pretty vintage paper theme sewing box for the new bride!

If you click on the photo above I think you can get a closer view~~and here are a few more close~up shots:

100_2458 100_2460 100_2459

100_2463 100_2462

100_2461_2 Thank you to whoever stops by~~be sure to leave a comment! 

The only reserve on this is that I can only ship to the continental US due to high shipping costs, but if you do happen by here please say hello, I would love to hear from you!



xx ~ Michelle