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Paul Stuart ~ Houndstooth, Herringbone, Tweed & Twill & A Giveaway (Victoria Magazine November 1996)

1 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (570x800) 


Velvet riding jacket, Han Feng; Blue & White Striped Shirt, Cego; Cuff Links, Paul Stuart ; Silk slacks, Nicole Farhi; Brown Hat, Lola Millinery ; Velvet lace-up boots, Emporio Armani.


2 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics 


Tea time at The Lord Thompson Manor, Thompson, CT.


3 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (570x800) 


All furniture, Marie Albert; desk-chair fabric, Schumacher.


4 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (556x800) 


Jacket & Yellow Ascot, Paul Stuart; Ivory Blouse with french cuffs, Romeo Gigli ; Pants, Ralph Lauren; Velvet Shoes, Emporio Armani ;  throw, Pendleton.


5 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (570x800) 


Jacket (which I am coveting), Escada Sport; Skirt (also love), Rodney Vaughn Telford; Hat, Brenda Lynn, Suede lace-up boots, Ralph Lauren; Shirt, Flatiron Workshop


6 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (557x800) 


Edwardian Sofa; Vintage plaid pillow, English Country Antiques


7 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (563x800) 


Desk as sideboard & Ottoman, Marie Albert; "Medeival Red" Velvet Paisley Fabric, Ralph Lauren; Camel Shawl, Ballantyne Cashmere


8 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (566x800)


Coat & bias-cut velvet skirt, Zuzka for Fabricology; Antique Bakelite pin, Rin Tin Pin; Velvet Shoes, Donald J. Pliner; Porcelain Cup & Saucer, "Vulcain" by Bernardaud; "Antique Velvet" on chaise longue, Schumacher;  "Herringbone" crystal stemware, Ralph Lauren


9 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (568x800) 


Blue shirt, Cego; Pocket Square & Suspenders, Paul Stuart; c1880 Toiletry Set, The Mill at West Hampton


10 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (573x800) 


Striped shirts in armoire, Flatiron Workshop ; Houndstooth Leather Bag (want!), Ghurka; Shoes (from left): Donald J. Pliner, Emporio Armani, Cole-Haan ; Leather Bag, Coach ; Blankets, Donegal Tweed, Faribault & Pendleton.  All furniture, Marie Albert


11 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (563x800)


Irish plaid lamb's wool scarves, Foxford ; Paisley silk scarf, olive green hat & wool plaid bag, Paul Stuart.


12 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (575x800) 

Brown stripe shirt, Cego ; Red Ascot, walking sticks,striped umbrella & tortoise cuff links, Paul Stuart ; Double breasted jacket & pants, Ralph Lauren ; Vest, Pendleton ; Shoes, Cole Haan ; Ankle Length Coat, Rodney Vaughn Telford; Driving Gloves, Joseph Abboud.


I've written about my adored collection of (almost vintage) Victoria Magazines a few times over the years here at "Tales".  For all the times I've looked through them, I never tire of them.  (If only people were that way...)  I just brought out my stack of November issues, ranging from 1990-2002, and found that I have some duplicates, November 1996 being one of them.  

It's a gorgeous issue featuring articles such as "A Colette Pilgrim's Progress" by Judith Thurman for all my fellow Francophiles, an article on "Creating A Timeless Toy" featuring English toymaker Tom Cobley, "Come Gather At Our Table" just in time for Thanksgiving, and, my favorite, painstakingly scanned & researched in the above photo collection: "Fabrics We Love for Home & Fashion ~~ Houndstooth, Herringbone, Tweed & Twill".  It features some lovely treasures, many from Paul Stuart, who, "since 1938, has been the leading arbiter of taste, style, and fashion for luxury menswear in the United States".

All photos featured here by Toshi Otsuki. Taken on location at The Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, CT (my childhood stomping grounds).


~~ If you'd like a chance to win a copy of this issue of
Victoria Magazine, 
please leave a comment on this blog post.  
The winner will be announced on
Monday, 18 November ~~




xx ~ Michelle

Autumnal Equinox 2012 Give Away

We are less than ten days away from one of my favorite days of the year:  the first day of fall, or the Autumnal Equinox to be more precise.  The fall and spring equinoxes are the only days of the year in which the Sun
crosses the celestial equator.  While I love the beautiful re-birth of the earth in the spring, my heart belongs to the fall...

Emily Bronte quote in Victoria sept 1990_0009

Victoria sept 1990_0005

Irish Tweeds Victoria sept 1990_0007

Victoria sept 1990_0008

Victoria magazine September 1990 cover

To celebrate what I already know will be one of my favorite fall seasons in a very long time, I've decided to host a Give~Away:  You are cordially invited to enter to win a copy of the September 1990 issue of Victoria Magazine, from which the above photos were taken.  If you are/were a fan of the magazine, this issue will not disappoint.  A winner will be chosen & announced on the first day of fall, 22 September 2012.  
Simply leave a comment here or on our Facebook page if you'd like to have it!

xx ~ Michelle

What Some Girls Want

Jackie Kennedy writes to President Kennedy re her gift horse from Pakistan

Victoria's Secret advertisement Victoria Magazine March 1990

Horse~loving gal that I am, I was quite amused to learn that Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy used her rights as wife of Commander in Chief in a most plausible way--to get her gift~horse home to her stable...and that is, apparently, what some women really want...and pretty yet comfy lingerie.  Refreshing, tasteful, isn't it?  First time I wore my husband's pajama top I knew menswear had it's place in our world ladies, take note. 

(Photo Credit:  Victoria Magazine/March 1990)

xx ~ Michelle


Thegreatgatsby2 Looking for a great summer flick to watch with some great vintage clothing inspiration?

Look no further!

I realize many would be insulted to think those are the reasons to watch this amazing film, but I humbly admit that when I am not feeling scholarly, these are my reasons.  (Seeing some 2008 CE  fashion disaster roaming around a famous taking~over~the~planet discount store is another very good reason to watch this film~~it reminds one of a time when people actually cared about what they looked like and they looked very fine, indeed.)

I read this wonderful post over at Hemingway's Paris and decided it was time to read this book again, or at the very least, watch the movie. . .which I have done numerous times. . .and while searching for some images I came across this:

The great gatsby A&E2001An A&E version of The Great Gatsby!  I never knew it existed and am now on the hunt for it. . .not that anything could replace the Robert Redford version but I would still enjoy seeing it. . .

July 1990victoria To go along with the whole Gatsby theme, here is one of my favorite issues of Victoria magazinge. . .(there are a few available on eBay if you like what you see!)  It's the July 1990 issue and it is wonderful for 1920's inspiration! 

This photo was taken at the Dunsmuir Historic Estate where they host an annual Gatsby Afternoon, be sure to scroll down on the link page for some great photos from those who have been fortunate enough to attend!  And if you are enjoying the whole 1920's fashion theme, check out this link for some more Great Gatsby~ness!

What a way to spend a summer afternoon. . .

xx ~ Michelle


Check out this great Vintage c100_2317ardtable my mom scored at a yard sale for $5.00!  "Thou shalt not covet" I keep telling myself!  I love the picture~~it looks like a Farmer's Market in Europe.  And I just love the red dress on the lady walking the dog~~so vintage!

100_2320 This is the back of it.

Does anyone recognize anything in the picture?  I'd love to find out how old it is so if you have any info please leave a comment! 

And look at this Vintage sweater I scored at a little shop that I frequent:

100_2307 The bead work is amazing and in excellent condition.  What a perfect time of  year to wear something so pretty & feminine!

(If spring ever actually arrives, that is!)

100_2315 Here are some goodies I've found lately. . .the book is French which I cannot read to save my life but it has beautiful photographs and it is my favorite shade of blue!  The note cards are taken from the book  Lawrence Alma~Tadema by RJ Barrow and are titled "Luxury & Decadence". . .there are 16 different images and they are all stunning! 

Of course the Spring issue of Victoria which I am very pleased is back however I must quietly admit there is something missing this time around with it's publication. . .has anyone else thought/felt so?  It's well done but it just seems, or should I say, it feels like there is something missing and I am not sure what.  Any thoughts?

I found the labels at Homegoods for under $5.00 each and just had to bring them home. . .my daughter and I used some to tag our luggage when we traveled in February.  I love to find pictures of old suitcases covered with stickers from all around the world!  They don't stick quite as well to nylon, though.  Another downside of modern travel gear, I guess.

Hmm, what else can I find?100_1824

Oooooh, this is a good one!  A few years ago I bought a beautiful little black suede Vintage purse made in Spain.  When I got home I looked in the tiny pocket and found this stamp inside. . .why did she save it?  Who is John F. Donovan?  Did she meet him in Hong Kong?  Did they ever meet?  Was it a last love letter before her wedding to another?

I think the mystery of it all is delightful!  This is another goodie I would like to find out about.  Maybe the postal mark has a date on it?  Once again I find myself wishing I spoke another language!!

My curiosity about the past of Vintage treasures is probably the most intriguing part of collecting.  That and wondering how in the world a size 12 in the 1950's came with a 26" waist!  Where would that put a modern size 12 in that era?  Yikes!  How Americans have grown! 

Have a great week everyone,


xx ~ Michelle