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Vintage Elizabeth Arden, Anyone?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...and I return with three beautiful treasures to show off and hopefully make up for my lack of posts about vintage as of late.

Elizabeth Arden 1950s 60s Black Boucle Suit

This rather amazing late 1950s/early 60s Elizabeth Arden New York suit will be availabe soon...Arden spent a rather limited time in the fashion world compared to many designers, but her work and that of her designers is considered to be among the finest.  

1950s vintage Teena Paige Black Velvet & Ivory Lace Bodice Dress

We also found this sweet Teena Paige 1950s Vintage ivory lace bodice & black velvet cocktail dress...my daughter has put her claim on it, but I told her we'll see...so if you have to have it, speak now or forever hold your peace....which, ironically leads me to:

Kenneth Cole ivory satin bridal pumps floral detail

this beautiful pair of Kenneth Cole ivory bridal satin pumps with floral garland detail...size 8.  My size, but since I've already walked down that long aisle twice, I'm going to let them go to another bride to be.

SAVE THE DATE:  21 April 2013 we'll be setting up shop once again at The Urban Vintage Bazaar in Providence, RI ....more details to follow.


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Urban Vintage Bazaar at Brown University is Today & Tomorrow!

Final logo

Saturday, November 10 & Sunday, November 11
10:00 AM -4:00 PM 
Faunce Hall, Brown University
Corner of Waterman St & Brown St.
Providence, RI

More details HERE.



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6th Top Shelf Flea Market

Top Shelf Flea Market Sunday October 21 2012

Provided I heal from the serious spinal injury I gracefully acquired through a bad fall last Monday, The Red Velvet Shoe will once again be setting up shop for the day at Top Shelf Flea Market Sunday, 21 October, 2012.  Save the date! 

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Posh Poiret Print?

Vintage Aubrey Beardsley The Peacock Skirt Salome print dress

This stunning vintage dress was the result of a last minute, unplanned 10 minute treasure hunting expedition. I was avoiding doing things I didn't feel like doing and popped into one of the shops I frequent and there she was, waiting for me. Don't you just love when that happens? Serendipity, once again.

I was bit stumped as to how to describe the print on this dress at first.  But I keep going back to Paul Poiret, when his work took on the influence of orientalism. 

Paul Poiret oriental influence designs

It's about a size 4/6...not a tag or label to be seen, so off to do some research.  Look for it soon in The Shoe.

(Addendum~4:00pm EST 23 November 2011: In the six hours that have lapsed since this post, I have been provided with updated information about the print on this dress.  Please visit here for more information.)

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Black Velvet & Roses

Vintage velvet clothing The Red Velvet Shoe (8)

I'm busy as a bee getting ready for Saturday's Urban Vintage Bazaar --ironing, stitching & tagging away.  But after I snapped this photo for the event blog, I had to share it with you.

This stunning gown is by Ben Barrack, NY c1950s.  Mr. Barrack specialized in designing for petites, and this gown is exactly that...I had to pin the back to Coco as the zipper had no intention of heading north even over that tiny frame.  It's a heavy weight rose brocaded velvet with only a tasteful bow at the waist for detail.  It is, I venture to say, something Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy would fall in love with...much like the other treasures I've found of late.  It weighs a ton and has a sort of suspended taffeta cage that sits at the waist to keep the fabric from being tight against the wearer...I know there is a more proper term for it, but right now my brain is vintage mush.  Please excuse me!

I will be taking it along with me to the show and if it doesn't find a new home there you can look for it in the shop by the end of the month. 

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Proper Evening Attire...Once Upon A Time

1960s Jr. Theme pink evening coat (2)

1950s Vintage "Jr. Theme" Empire Pink Evening Coat with Oversized Waist Bow Detail

1930s vintage blue velvet hooded evening coat Filene's Boston (4)

Vintage 1930s "Filene's Boston" Blue Velvet Hooded Evening Coat

1950s Dan Millstein black velvet embroidered evening coat (6)

Vintage 1950s "Dan Millstein" Black Velvet Embroidered Evening Coat

Blame it on day/night dreaming about Jackie-O's White House wardrobe ever since I started reading "Jacqueline Kennedy:  The White House Years" two weeks ago.  Her wardrobe was, well, I just don't think there is a word to capture the beauty and finery of it all.  I think she would nod her head in approval to any/all of the above treasures I have had the good fortune to happen upon in my treasure hunting as of late.  Can you believe the 1930s blue velvet one was on the "Halloween Costume Rack"???  You can view more photos here.



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Go With Your Gut

After being stood up for an appointment yesterday afternoon, I decided to take a drive to one of my treasure hunting haunts, as I hadn't been in awhile and I needed some cheering up.  Every light was red.  Every Sunday driver was out on a Wednesday afternoon.  Every pedestrian decided to cross right in front of me.  As the minutes ticked by, I almost turned around.  But something inside me kept saying to press onward.

Vintage teal green silk satin dress flower detail 
Vintage teal green silk satin dress flower detail (2) 

That something turned out to be this...labeless but gorgeous on every count~a 1950s teal green silk satin dress with rosette floral detail & belt...

Vintage Emanuel Ungaro Parallele Paris black velvet & satin wrap dress  (4)
Vintage Emanuel Ungaro Parallele Paris black velvet & satin wrap dress  (5) 
Vintage Emanuel Ungaro Parallele Paris black velvet & satin wrap dress  

And this...Emanuel Ungaro Parallele Paris black velvet & satin wrap dress & collar...

Look for the teal green number soon (off to drycleaners), but you'll have to wait a little while for the black velvet, unless you absolutely cannot, then email me for details.



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Estate Sale Mystery

I feel like the poker player who's been at the table too long (except that I don't gamble)......a string of amazing estate sales have brought some amazing vintage treasures into my arms and I know the string is bound to break, any Saturday now....

But for now~~things are looking good, very good.  I hit a sale late Saturday morning and although I grimaced when I heard my "Estate Sale Ladies" carry on about "how many fabulous vintage furs & garments were there and how this "other" "vintage" "lady" came in as soon as the door opened and grabbed just about everything from the 16 closets~~and why didn't I get there earlier???!!"  I secretly congratulated my opponent of "huntress of all things vintage" and congratulated myself on honoring previous commitments of far more importance and carried on into this lovely brick mansion, certain I would find something special to reward me for not getting there first. . .

 Lampl McClelland Barclay art deco powder case (3) My initial reaction was the very same...That looks interesting...it's a bit worn...just what is it? I proceed to pick it up off the table in the lovely, well~lit front room of the estate.  Hmmm, why is it still here?  Why didn't anyone else, that "other vintage lady",  grab this if it's "oh! so! great!"  I set it down, just another powder/cigarette case~~they're a dime a dozen on eBay (well maybe ten bucks a dozen, but you get the point...) 

"There's no price on this" I say to the most congenial estate sale lady.  "Could you find out for me, I'm going to have a look upstairs.  Don't hold it~~I'll just check back when I make my way back down". 

Up the staircase I go, my little treasure hunter following at my heels "Mom, did you see this wallpaper?"  "Yes, love, it's marvelous, isn't it?"  as I drink in the antique blue asian toile....sigh....is the wallpaper for sale? I think to myself, imagining it in my front hall and up the stairs to the second floor...I find a closet in the fifth (?) guest room and there, in a dry cleaning bag, is a three piece Halston suit~~but wait, I'm wandering....we'll save that for another post....

I salvage four lovely vintage frocks and, after a rather thorough tour from my partner in crime who had already cased the joint, we end up back in the front room.  There it sits, still.  On the table.  It has moved, so others have looked at it, but still, there it is.  It beckons me.  Having walked through the rooms of this lovely home, full of history and the passage of time, I find a need to take this treasure home...I pick it up again.  It seems even lovelier than at first.  "I AM FALLING" ~~ "UNAPPROACHABLE" are stamped on the front~~obviously the possession of a romantic, a lover, a broken~hearted fool.  A Gatsby.  I have to have it.  "Oh, that's $~~ " says the congenial estate sale lady.  "It's Marked, you know."  I pick it up again and peer closely.  Yes, it is marked, but I don't really care at this point.  It has the most romantic appeal, I have already decided I will choose this as my treat for the day.  A cast~off that no~one else wanted....I will give you a proper (new) home, I think to myself....

Lampl McClelland Barclay art deco powder case (4) 

Later, sipping on a glass of Cabernet, I discover "McClelland Barclay" inscribed on the front and

Lampl McClelland Barclay art deco powder case (2)

a Walter Lampl stamp ....

Lampl McClelland Barclay art deco powder case (7) 

with a Patent Pending for W.L. ENCHANTAIRE ...

Enchanting, indeed. 

Perhaps there is something to be said for being fashionably late.....



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