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Nothing Like a Man in an Ascot

Vintage paisley ascot cravat (3)

Four lovely vintage paisley ascots/cravats are on their way into my Etsy Shop.  From left to right:

For the Captain Wentworth in your life...

Captain Frederick Wentworth Persuasion Jane Austen white ascot cravat

xx ~ Michelle


The Proper Englishman on Safari 

On Safari
Sipping Fine Claret
Reading One's Journal
A Proper Englishman
(who happens to have wonderful taste in boots . . . )



I tore this advertisement for British Airways out of a magazine in 2001, I believe.  I have saved it all these years.  I love it.  I cannot tell you how much I love it.  Did I tell you that I love it?
I don't know if it gave British Airways any business, but it sure stole this girl's heart.

xx ~ Michelle