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Vintage Elizabeth Arden, Anyone?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...and I return with three beautiful treasures to show off and hopefully make up for my lack of posts about vintage as of late.

Elizabeth Arden 1950s 60s Black Boucle Suit

This rather amazing late 1950s/early 60s Elizabeth Arden New York suit will be availabe soon...Arden spent a rather limited time in the fashion world compared to many designers, but her work and that of her designers is considered to be among the finest.  

1950s vintage Teena Paige Black Velvet & Ivory Lace Bodice Dress

We also found this sweet Teena Paige 1950s Vintage ivory lace bodice & black velvet cocktail dress...my daughter has put her claim on it, but I told her we'll see...so if you have to have it, speak now or forever hold your peace....which, ironically leads me to:

Kenneth Cole ivory satin bridal pumps floral detail

this beautiful pair of Kenneth Cole ivory bridal satin pumps with floral garland detail...size 8.  My size, but since I've already walked down that long aisle twice, I'm going to let them go to another bride to be.

SAVE THE DATE:  21 April 2013 we'll be setting up shop once again at The Urban Vintage Bazaar in Providence, RI ....more details to follow.


xx ~ Michelle

Winter In New England Wardrobe Staple

New England dress code

Today was an absolute "Wellie-Weather" day here in Massachusetts.  If you're a New Englander, you probably have a pair sitting at the back door, if not at every door of your home.  We have wellies with whales, wellies with autumn leaves, navy blue wellies with super warm snow boot-like lining, and my new favorites:  Tommy Hilfiger Women's Viktoria Wellie Boots.   

But I'm letting you in on a little secret (part of why you still read this blog, I hope):  I paid $19.99 for them at Burlington Coat Factory earlier this week...I know it's crappy out, but if that's not going to get you to get out of the house this afternoon then I don't know what will. 

Tommy Hilfiger loves the New England look

xx ~ Michelle

The Perfect Shoes & Arthritis

Half asleep, coffee in one hand, remote in the other and my laptop teetering precariously on my knees as I settle in for my morning routine (well, now you know.)  "If only Anderson Cooper were on CNN in the morning" I think to myself for the one millionth time, waiting for my Yahoo reader to load.

"Daily Blog Check" tab shows a metropolitan ex~housewife has dyed her hair red again, men in Paris are wearing long scarves, Seth Aaron Henderson is coming to RI, Hollister Hovey made the pages of ELLE Decoration UK (congrats!), and The Trad is asking about sweaters....I click.

The sweaters, I concur, are hideous.  But what about that lovely pair of red velvet shoes?   I'm certain he snapped this photo just for me!   Could they still be there?  Where exactly is he shopping?  I read on. 

The Arthritis Thrift Shop
1383 3rd Ave
between 78 & 79th

I giggle...The Trad at The Arthritis Foundation...must be the cold weather...I laugh out loud.  The twinge in my right knee reminds me I'm not that far behind. 

I Google TATS and find a phone number.  I call the number.  A nice guy answers the phone and actually goes looking through the store for the shoes (who says New Yorkers aren't friendly?!)  The painting (which is $750) he finds...the shoes he does not.   I thank him profusely and hang up the phone.

I can practically hear my knee laughing at me, saying "That's what you get!"....

Congrats to whoever beat me to them, let me know if they don't fit....

(photo credit: The Trad)

xx ~ Michelle




My new spring shoe purchase (see yesterday's post ) has brought to mind a vintage shoe staple I am determined to add to my wardrobe this spring. 
The classic  Spectator Shoe.  
Preferably in navy & white . . .

(photo courtesy of
Fashion Preserve )


While the original spectator style was pretty basic, today's modern designers have put quite a spin on them:


I found this lovely pair over at The Preppy Princess but no further information was to be found . . .

This delightful pair is already in the closet of some gal with fabulous taste . . . from Dear Golden Vintage .

This jazzy pair is from designer D&G  ~~ The Lucy T Strap for a mere $499.00 . . .



A lovely offering from the tasteful Marc Jacobs, coming in at $470.00 . . .


The epitome of the perfect summer high heel, in my humble opinion . . . while open toe is generally frowned upon, this manages to be elegant & refined ~~ perfect pedicure required . . .   the Nami Air OT Pump on Canvas/Anthracite by NIKE AIR (???!!!)   $295.00 isn't bad if they offer the comfort of a running shoe . . .

From Shoes and Your Mom. . .Salvatore Ferragamos  in the classic style . . . worn once . . . $300.00

40's Vintage Navy and White Wing Tip T-Straps 7N
While the modern offerings are intriguing, this beautiful 1940s Johansen vintage pair has won my heart ~~ but not my foot ~~ they're too small.  Available at Max & Chloe Vintage 
for a mere $32.00!!! 

Romeo, where art thou?

(photo courtesy of A Suitable Wardrobe)


And yes, we love to see the gentlemen sport them . . .
" 'Cause every girls crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man . . ."


xx ~ Michelle


Elaine Turner Marlie Bamboo & Patent Ballet Flats (5)

It's a bit early for spring shoes, but I found this lovely pair of Elaine Turner Ballet Flats yesterday and couldn't resist.

The enclosure card in the box reads:
"Tropical getaways, Luxurious escapes, Playful encounters . . .let us take you there"
Just let me grab my passport . . .

Elaine T 

Bamboo & Black Patent Leather ~ "Marlie" style, says the box.

Elaine Turner Marlie Bamboo & Patent Ballet Flat

Which also says this:


But I paid this:


They were also available in patent leather pink, gold & silver.  I may just have to have a pair in every color at this price.


Laura Ashley Country Cardigan

Ever on the search for warm, cozy cardigans, I snatched up this beautiful Laura Ashley Country Collection sweater at a local thrift store for under $10.00.

Queen Touring Kit

Where I also found this little treasure ~~ A Queen Touring Kit. 
Contents:  Pure-vegetable base bar and pocket-sized body mist in Queen’s popular rose/gardenia scent, plus a 32-page Royal Decree Tablet for issuing edicts and compliments to one’s loyal subjects. Fit for a King (but a dream for a Queen). 
You can find them here.

Fetish Shoe Products (2) 

And, practically speaking, the best find of the day:

Fetish Shoe Products

 Fetish Shoe Care  ~ no longer a dirty little secret.




xx ~ Michelle


Having grown up on a beautiful old New England estate surrounded by close to 200 acres of beautiful farmland and woods to explore on horseback,
anything "equestrian-related" is close to my heart. 

My sisters and I used to spend hours first trying to find our horses, as my grandfather (the dairy farmer) seemed to feel it was the loving thing to do to let them roam free on said 200 acres.  This part of the day could take hours, and my older sister was most devoted to this task.  I would start out on the search party, but my stamina would soon weaken at the thought of the long walk back to the farm, and she would say "Oh, go back and read your dumb book, I'll come get you when I'm back in the stable with them!!" 

This was, secretly, what I wanted, to be able to finish my Trixie Belden book and still be able to go riding and have the picnic my dear grandmother was packing up for us at that very moment.

This scenario plays out so often in my childhood memories that, at times, it seems like it was one long, lazy summer day of reading, riding and roaming around the farm in my beloved riding boots.  It is one of my most cherished memories...it was the happiest time of my life...

So, when I was out "treasure hunting" a few weeks ago, you can imagine my delight when I made this amazing discovery:



Be-still my beating heart...I opened the shaft of the boot and saw RL 7 1/2 B...can this be possible?
I tear off my right shoe, close my eyes, take a deep breath and slip my foot into the boot...
and suddenly,
I knew what it was like
to be...

If the shoe fits

no, not Cinderella...

Stepsister tries shoe
More like one of her wicked step~sisters!

They did not fit!
 Well, not properly anyway.  I managed to squeeze my foot into the boot, but knew I would not wear them with that same comfort and casual nonchalance as I did back on the farm. 

Deeply saddened, I set them down...

Goodbye, lovely vintage Ralph Lauren riding boots...


"Wait a minute, are you crazy????  Put those in your basket before someone else grabs them!!!" 
I thought to myself.  I brought them home, stared at them for weeks, tried them on a few more times before coming to terms with my grief.

I went through the seven stages, ending up at Acceptance & Hope...

Acceptance of the sad fact these boots just don't fit me no matter how much I love them
Hope that someone out there will love them just as much as I do and find them a new home!

You can find them HERE.

Riding boot oil painting by Hollister Hovey
(Painting by the talented Hollister H. Hovey) 


Take a peek at my Etsy Treasury for more lovely Equine treasures...

Now, back to my treasure hunting...




xx ~ Michelle


I believe this is Mariah Carey's shoe closet. . .

(Photo Credit: My Sweet Savannah)

Don't you agree?  I mean, can you really ever say you have enough shoes?  Can you ever walk by a shoe store that says "SALE" and not go in, just to take a quick peek?


Barbie's Closet

(Photo credit:  Chateau de Lu)

I mean, even Barbie has a closet full of shoes!


I guess we start young. . .



(Photo credit:  reproductionvintageshoes.com)

and it never, ever, gets old!

Why is that?

Perhaps because of gorgeous shoes like this:


Sh117 Charles Jourdan Black Suede Platform Pump (4)

Stunning black suede platform pumps by famed French designer Charles Jourdan. . .

and for all you ladies with tiny little feet

They are a SIZE 4!!

I just added them to my boutique today and thought I'd show you "What's New In The Shoe".

Have a wonderful weekend!





xx ~ Michelle