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What Lies Beneath

1940s Nelie Bologna black lace front hook long line bustier  (7)

1930s Lady Duff Black Silk & Lace Tap Pants French Knickers (2)

1940's bias cut sheer black lace nightgown pink bow (17)

1980s Vanity Fair Flesh Tone Strapless Lace Bra 34B  (2)



We've been stocking up our "Vintage Lingerie/Boudoir" Floor of the boutique this week...click on any of the photos above for more details about the item.  And remember: 


Keep calm

(photo courtesy of thelingerieaddict.com)

(For more lovely vintage lingerie check out this great article by We Heart Vintage.)

xx ~ Michelle

Soft and Sweet ~ The Three Suns ~ 1955

The Three Suns Soft and Sweet Album Cover

"A mood--a fleeting, transitory moment caught in time between a flurry of opposing currents.  A mood -- indefinable, intangible, yet always there--that one moment we wander into unexpectedly.  But who knows exactly what this moment consists of, who can possibly foresee its coming?  It is upon us before we know it, we are caugh irrevocably it its happiness or sadness, we live its brief experience and pass on to another - still mystified, still unknowing, continually unprepared for what is to come..." Excerpt from back cover.

The Three Suns Soft and Sweet Album Cover (2)

Soft and Sweet
The Three Suns with String Orchestra

xx ~ Michelle

Accordion Moods ~ Jean Priveaux ~ 1965?

Jean Priveaux & Orchestra Accordion Moods Album CoverJPG

"Paris - that impudent, vibrant, enigmatic, unpredictable city - presents a different personality each time its mood changes.  Its tempo, its nature, shift with every change of season and with the twilight hours blending into evening, it becomes exciting, luxurious, brilliant, fascinating..." Excerpt from back cover

Jean Priveaux & Orchestra Accordion Moods Album CoverJPG (2)

Accordion Moods
Jean Priveaux And His Orchestra
and Gabriel on The Accordeon

xx ~ Michelle

Easy Listening ~ The Three Suns ~ 1956

The Three Suns  Easy Listening album cover (2)

"Take the excitement of a couple of youngsters playing tag, teenagers on a date, Mother & Dad home for a quiet evening--blend them well--tickle the fancy of each--and we have "Easy Listening".  The sounds have been modified to deliver the most in pleasure for you.  It may seem odd, but this music is part of us, the way we feel sometimes and the way we would like to feel at other times.  So relax and enjoy it..."  Noel R. Kramer ~ Excerpt from back cover

The Three Suns  Easy Listening album cover

Easy Listening
The Three Suns with Orchestra

xx ~ Michelle

Snuggled On Your Shoulder ~ Leo Diamond ~ 1957

Leo Diamond Snuggled on Your Shoulder Album Cover (2)

"...the mood is what matters the most.  And to fully appreciate the mood, we recommend that the hour be quiet and late.  Time to relax after a busy day...Time to wish, perhaps to dream a bit.  Dim the lights...Take a look at the moonlight...Watch for a falling star...And let the melody begin.  Let the magic of the music weave a spell of romance."  Robert Prestegaard~Excerpt from back cover notes.

Leo Diamond Snuggled on Your Shoulder Album Cover

Leo Diamond, His Harmonica and Orchestra
Snuggled On Your Shoulder

xx ~ Michelle

What Some Girls Want

Jackie Kennedy writes to President Kennedy re her gift horse from Pakistan

Victoria's Secret advertisement Victoria Magazine March 1990

Horse~loving gal that I am, I was quite amused to learn that Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy used her rights as wife of Commander in Chief in a most plausible way--to get her gift~horse home to her stable...and that is, apparently, what some women really want...and pretty yet comfy lingerie.  Refreshing, tasteful, isn't it?  First time I wore my husband's pajama top I knew menswear had it's place in our world ladies, take note. 

(Photo Credit:  Victoria Magazine/March 1990)

xx ~ Michelle