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The Duck & Bunny ~ A Snuggery...

The Duck & Bunny Providence RI (2) 

The Duck & Bunny Providence RI (3) 

The Duck & Bunny Providence RI

The Duck & Bunny Providence, RI

The Duck & Bunny Providence RI (4) 
The Duck & Bunny Providence, RI 6 

 The Duck & Bunny A Snuggery
(photo courtesy of the Duck & Bunny website)

  • What: Girls Night Out
  • When: Last Night
  • Where: The Duck & Bunny ~ Providence, RI
  • Menu Sample: Bacon Wrapped Dates ~ Artisanal Cheese Plate ~ The Ultimate New York System Crêpe ~ Homemade Gourmet Cupcakes ~ 
  • Brewhaha:  Guinness on draught ~ Narragansett in the can ~ Maipe Malbec ~
  • Atmosphere:  Absolutely charming!


blue vintage hat 
My blue vintage hat and I had a fabulous time out on the town...and The Duck & Bunny is the perfect venue for catching up with the gals or a romantic dinner for two.  If you're wanting to enjoy the latter, you may want to request a quiet table away from large parties of females who managed to sneak out for a night sans husbands & offspring...


xx ~ Michelle

Failing to Find Fredley's

I am in the process of researching a fabulous original "Estevez/Grenelle" vintage frock that just came from the dry cleaner's and is dying to have a home in "The Shoe". 

There are two labels inside:

  1. Estevez Grenelle V Back cocktail dress (7) The no~need to explain Estevez Grenelle right along the zipper at the waistband, where he most always laid them. 
  2.  Estevez Grenelle V Back cocktail dress (8) This is the mystery label.  Having lived just outside Providence for over 25 years and being old department/boutique store obsessed, I wonder how I have never heard of this establishment.  Have you?  I'd love any information, not so much for the dress, because it stands on the first label alone, but for my own curiosity.

I found a reference to the store at this site (which will definitely be the topic of another blog post), and a fellow vintage shop owner referred to it in this listing.  But that is all my detective work has revealed....so far.

This is when I think I should forgo selling vintage and just be a research assistant.  This sort of mystery could drive me to put the wine down, perk a pot of really strong coffee, and sit here in my little cocoon and eventually see the dawn, with pages of information bookmarked and that sleepy, yet content feeling of trying to find something wonderful that was lost, but may now have been found.

Anyway, here's a peek at this fabulous dress~~plunge V~neck back....

Estevez Grenelle V Back cocktail dress (5) 

tiny metal zippers at each wrist and a bustle to boot~~look for it soon in The Shoe. 

xx ~ Michelle

Summer's Bounty & Loss

Lunch at Stanley's  

Lunching at Stanley's with your best friend with respective Barbies in tow....

Making sundaes after Mommy's asleep 

Making homemade sundaes when you should be in bed....

 Perfecting her croquet swing at dusk 

Perfecting one's croquet swing at dusk in a swirly frock....

How we eat clams around here

Waiting patiently for a bucket of fresh steamed clams....

The bouquet of fresh herbs on the counter....

Loving thy neighbor for sharing nature's bounty....and agreeing to eat vegetables tonight to make Mom's day....

Saying goodbye to our boat 

Saying "Goodbye & Safe Passage" to a dear old friend....

Goodbye Madishelle

"Parting is such sweet sorrow......"

The flower girls....

Walking down the aisle for an adored friend and her betrothed....

The bride and groom dance a fox trot 

And watching them dance the night away....in the manner of a fox~trot....

1950s Bonwit Teller pink suit~worn to stand up for my sister on her wedding 

Understanding why Mommy is so happy this suit still fits her almost 20 years later....

Umbrella beach 

One thing I have learned this summer is that one must take whatever joy one can from the present.  That is not to say that we can just go hay~wire and be careless about tomorrow, rather, we have to stop and enjoy the moment....for the moment is just that~ a moment~~which, if un~noticed, un~enjoyed, un~appreciated, can be gone forever....and there are enough things that are "gone" in this world before we are ready to see them go...so hug your Mom, hug your Dad, hug your wife/husband, hug your children, hug your sister/brother, hug your cousin, hug your friend, hug your neighbor, ...because I have friends who, at this moment, would give the rest of their life to, just once more,  hug their wife, mom, and friend...

Until we meet again, sweet friend.... 

xx ~ Michelle


In light of the fact that 49 of the US states has snow reported, I thought I would share some family photos & our obsession with a certain vintage fur hat:

I want that hat!

"I want that hat, I'm going to grab it when she looks the other way. . .The Sartorialist  would love this, it's all he's posting now that New York finally has some real weather . . . "

She wears it well

"You can take my picture, but now I'll have to kill you . . ."

I look fabulous!

"Oh come on, you know it looks much better on me!"

Cousin It! 

"Oh well, it's Mommy's anyway!"

vintage Shepards Department Store mink hat

This great vintage fur hat is from the late Shephard's Department Store, which was the place to shop in Providence, RI back in the day . . . according to this article, it was the place to shop in New England.  It was a beautiful old~world style store, here are some photographs I found:

Westminster St. Providence Shepherd Bldg.

These photographs were taken rather recently, sadly I couldn't find any old b&w photographs to share.  I'm sure they're out there, I hope they are . . .


My DH (who is just a few years my senior) remembers driving to Providence for a day of shopping.  It was a big deal.  They wore their Sunday best, everyone was dressed: gentlemen in suits, or at the very least, shirt & tie, and the ladies wore dresses or suits, with matching handbags & gloves . . . a far cry from what you see at the mall today (not that I go to the mall, you know my disdain for it . . . but having a 7 year old little lady, at times one must concede . . . )

(photos courtesy of Joukowsky Institute Home)

The famous "Shepards Clock"

"Meet me under the clock!"

Everyone knew exactly what & where you meant, and this expression is practically a legend around here . . . thus, our adoration of "the hat" . . . I think I'm going to keep it.



xx ~ Michelle


I have been spending quite a bit of time updating my type-lists & links~~you will see some new ones that are well worth a visit~~you will also see a bit of a "Francophile" theme going on rather than much new in a vintage clothing kind~of way. . . I figure I should only add a bit of beauty at a time.  Do not fear, the vintage list is in the works! 

I have also finally created a Flickr account & designed a link to My Vintage Fashion Show . . . proper dress required.

As for what's new around here, first, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Karina of the World Famous Karina's Bags.  A few months ago, she purchased this vintage bag from my boutique:


and turned it into this:


The bag itself had seen better days, but she took the Vintage Bakelite frame and created this couture purse from it. . .talk about talent!  Check out the amazing bags she has~~I especially love the clutches which she accents with vintage scarves. . .she's all over England with her Haute~Spun designs, and British Vogue even did a feature on her last month!

Onto more excitement from talented designers, my good friend Lisa of Pink Lemonade Boutique was invited to participate in The Foundry Artists Association Show in Providence, RI, USA which will be held over the next two weeks.  Take a peek at these photos of Lisa's work and you will see why she was invited to this exclusive artists venue:

Newpinklemonadeboutiquepurses  100_0915_edited  Pinklemonadepurses 


  Here she is, hard at work selling her wares!  Congratulations, Lisa, I know it will be a wonderful success story for you!


I've also been surfing a few on~line magazine sites and have found these beautiful images to share; they are enough to melt one's Vintage~Lovin'~Heart. . .


This is, of course, a Chanel ensemble. . .

(the hat is similar to this one, don't you think?)


Another Chanel ensemble from the Spring collection, and yet a true classic,
timeless . . .







xx ~ Michelle