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Accordion Moods ~ Jean Priveaux ~ 1965?

Jean Priveaux & Orchestra Accordion Moods Album CoverJPG

"Paris - that impudent, vibrant, enigmatic, unpredictable city - presents a different personality each time its mood changes.  Its tempo, its nature, shift with every change of season and with the twilight hours blending into evening, it becomes exciting, luxurious, brilliant, fascinating..." Excerpt from back cover

Jean Priveaux & Orchestra Accordion Moods Album CoverJPG (2)

Accordion Moods
Jean Priveaux And His Orchestra
and Gabriel on The Accordeon

xx ~ Michelle

Outings: "Passport to the World: Doris Duke the International Traveler"

Doris Duke's vintage vanity case by Morabito, Paris c1935

(Photo Credit: Reena Bammi for Rhode Island Monthly March 2012 issue)

Looking for an excuse to spend the day or, better yet, a long weekend in Newport, RI?  I am, and I've found a perfect one.  Flipping through Rhode Island Monthly's March issue during lunch today I happened upon this lovely photograph on the last page.  It's of a vintage vanity case by Morabito, Paris.  Their motto?  "Luxury is not exceptional.  It is the exceptional which is luxurious."  I could not agree more.  This lovely artifact is from the private collection of Doris Duke.  If you, too, have fallen in love with this photo, then you must make your way to Newport for this exhibit:

What:   "Passport to the World: Doris Duke the International Traveler" 
Where:  Rough Point Estate  680 Bellevue Avenue  Newport, RI
When:  Opens 12 April 2012
How:    Tickets & Reservations 




xx ~ Michelle

Paris Is For Lovers

Paris For Lovers Eddie Barclay and his Orchestra vintage Album Cover 

I love vintage album covers.  I buy them simply because I love the cover.  They have some fabulous vintage fashions & settings, and are almost always romantic.  Oh, and the music is wonderful!  Because that's why we buy an album, right?  

I have an online colleague/mentor who is fortunate enough to be heading off to "The City of Love" soon so I thought I would begin a series of vintage album covers with this beauty:

Paris for Lovers
Eddie Barclay and his Orchestra

Bon voyage, Jody!

xx ~ Michelle



Diamonds. . .just the mention of the word entices, don't you agree?

Harry-Winston Snowflake Diamond earrings 

The fabled Harry Winston jewelry store on Avenue Montaigne in Paris

knows exactly how enticing. . .

I have been rather entertained following this story

perhaps because it happened in Paris. . .

At twilight. . .


Perhaps. . .

It seems so much more romantic to read about something happening in Paris,

doesn't it?

Not to mention that this real~life story has all the makings of a great movie some day. . .


a beautiful blond. . .

a tall, dark and handsome gentleman. . .

who happens to be a jewel thief. . .


She doesn't appear to be in any danger. . .


except that he might steal her heart. . .





xx ~ Michelle

Almost April in Paris


Some of you know I have a great love of all things French/Parisian.   As Spring very gently approaches I tend to find myself meandering through books, photos, recipes, clothes, and even blogs with a French Twist. . .if I can't spend April in Paris then I will do as much as I can to pretend I will!

Here is a wonderful place to visit if you are a fan of  Mr. Ernest Hemingway . . .and even if you are not (ahem. . .) there are some beautiful pictures of Old World Paris you will enjoy.

And since I  (sadly )  do not speak French I will pass along links to a few of my other favorite sites which are completely in French and I truly hope are not offensive in any way, shape or form.  From what I can "see" they are just elegant French women with amazing decorative talent. . .there is La Maison douce & Maison de Campagne which evoke images of big old French chateaus with big old wine cellars full of long forgotten Vintage Grand Cru just waiting to be discovered. . .I can dream, can I not???

And on the clothing thing we must acknowledge this lovely photo I found (somewhere, I am sorry!) So very elegant, so very French, so very feminine!  Oooooh to be in Paris!!!!!


xx ~ Michelle