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The most difficult part of selling vintage clothing & treasures is deciding if you really want to part with it.  I know I am not alone in this "downside" of it all, and I employ as many tactics as I can to talk myself into "letting it go".  (My grandmother is partly to blame for this, she was the world's greatest pack rat and I am proud to say I inherited it from her.)   I guess I am more of a collector rather than a
hard core retail seller, and I always wonder about the people who purchase my vintage treasures . . .

"Triangle" vintage brown sued bag chanel-esque gold link chain The Red Velvet Shoe 

This is the very first vintage item I ever sold.  The Red Velvet Shoe was originally launched on eBay, I was a pc newbie, had NO idea what I was doing, and looking at the quality of this picture, it's a wonder it even sold!  I was so thrilled to have a sale, that at the time I didn't really question parting with it.

And then I found this:

BurberryNYC_Byrdie1_27Web.jpg the purse I sold Brandi 
(Photo credit: Exuve.com)

I was doing some designer trench coat research (due to the fact that I will soon be listing a vintage Yves St. Laurent trench coat in my boutique) and this image caught my attention.  Rod Stewart starts humming in my head "and she wears it well . . . ."  (it's actually a Burberry, not an YSL)  and I love the western belt buckle and chunky necklace. . .and what a cool bag, wait let me look closer at it . . .


Zoom on brown bag

And there you have it. 

My vintage brown suede purse by "Triangle" with chanel~esque gold link chain hanging on the arm of this very chic woman* . . . and I wonder, is this my vintage purse?

I think I want it back . . .

( A little "Byrdie" told me this is Byrdie Bell )

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Oh, the joy of being a Vintage Clothing lover!  I wandered out the other day to do a wee bit of shopping, as my daughter is sick and we  have been cooped up for far too long for this suburban socialite. . .

At the very last moment I decided to make a quick stop at one of my favorite "haunts" ( you know. those "High Security" zones that no one else knows about. . .should you disclose location you will be eliminated. . .) and I ran across this Vintage Beauty:


An Oleg Cassini Vintage 1960's Brocaded Chenille Coat. . .

My heart skipped a beat
Well, maybe 25 beats, once I realized I didn't have enough cash
and my credit card was useless
at this establishment. . .

What's a girl to do?

I did the mental dance,
you know the one:
"I already have enough inventory to fill a floor on Macys"
"This is a bit on the wild side. . .other's may not see the vintage beauty of it. . ."
and I left
without the coat. . .

But I went back today and you'll never guess


And now, it is HERE, and I am left wondering:


Are these two vintage treasures related?

My sister gave me this gorgeous Vintage Bag years ago
and I love it for the simple fact
that the strap is long enough to wear over the shoulder.

(A rare "wonderful" with vintage purses)

When I found this gorgeous coat,
I was obsessed with the thought:

"Is my Vintage Brocade Purse a Match?"




similar features,
but alas,
I do not think so. . .






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Auction Preview or Laundry?


We had unexpected company this week and after trying to decide between Duty & Designer Vintage Clothes I threw caution to the wind and took a drive Friday afternoon to preview an amazing collection of art, antiques, books, and yes~~Vintage Designer Clothing. . .I happened to drop by one of my favorite Vintage Clothing Links and found out about The Estate of DD Ryan & made a last minute decision to meet my friend there (who, coincidentally,  has something listed for auction during Session II which will be held Sunday afternoon.)

Here are a few of the beautiful possessions that could be yours for the bidding today:

Ddryanpaisleycoat1_2 Ddryanpaisleycoat This coat was absolutely stunning. . .it was the best piece in the collection and there were many interested parties trying it on and contacting their clients.  It was in excellent condition and I know there is a very happy new owner of this Vintage Gem out there somewhere tonight!! 

(If you are curious about the final bid, click here. . .)

Ddryan_coll This took a close second. . .I would guess it dated back to turn of the century.  Stunning. The fabric was divine.

Unfortunately, it had mold & damage but you never know~~it may show up on a runway somewhere after some brilliant designer takes it apart and uses it as a pattern for some New Old Vintage Inspired Collection!

Ddblechman A young DD Ryan. . .

If you go to Grogan & Company's Website you can read all about her amazing life and the circles she swirled in. . .she was originally from Bristol, Rhode Island.

(She reminds me a bit of Audrey Hepburn in many of the photos I saw)


This was one of the beautiful works of art up for auction. . . by French Artist Marcel Vertes.  Oil on canvas. 

Entitled:  Couples Embrace

A beautiful way to spend a Friday afternoon. . .and my friend ended up on New England Cable News to boot!

Another reason to ALWAYS have your lipstick on!!


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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Balenciaga_1950 Well, winter has arrived here in the North East, which is absolutely wonderful news for this French Swede living in New England!

The best thing about the cold is getting to wear fabulous Vintage Outerwear!!

For example, look at this gorgeous frock by Balenciaga, circa 1950!  Stunning!  Warm & cozy at the same time, chic but not too overdone~~the elbow length gloves dress it up a bit but I'd even pair it with some wooly mittens and jeans~~that is the great thing about Vintage Coats~~they can add instant glamour to a dressed down look or you can deck out and finish off the look with a stunning fur wrap or coat~~and you don't have to feel (as) guilty if it's Vintage Fur!

A friend of mine commented yesterday that it's amazing the way people treat you when you are "dressed" . . . case in point:  She took her twin boys to "Story Time" at her local library~~because she tends to do her work out in the morning she usually has her sweats on.

  But yesterday, she donned some black boots with her gorgeous new Vintage Coat (which I am so coveting) Made In Paris!  In beautiful gray wool with black trim~~it is stunning!  Topped it off with her black fur hat and off they went. . .she had better customer service in the stores, at the bank, and even a the library!   She felt great & everyone complimented her lovely new coat!

So, since we have to get dressed every day anyway, why not find yourself a Showstopper of a Vintage Coat and treat yourself and everyone around you?!

Stay warm, baby, it's cold outside!!!


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