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In light of the fact that the entire globe is in an unprecedented, staggering economic crisis, I thought I would devote this post to a very simple, old fashioned, somewhat outdated past~time:

Mending   DARNING : (noun) 1. Mending holes in clothes, the work of repairing holes in clothing or fabric with long interwoven stitches.

Seamstress by Renoir  MENDING : (noun) 1. articles, especially clothes, to be mended.


SYNONYMS :  Restoration, patch~up, healing, renovation

It used to be that every domestic diva had a basket full of things that needed mending.  A bit of attention with needle and thread could extend the life of a garment by years and that used to matter to people.  As the years passed, this simple past~time gave way to the notion that "it's a lot easier to throw it away and buy a new one".  Businesses were booming, advertising took on a major role in society, and mass production of just about everything left lots of grandmother's shaking their heads and wondering if the day would come when not one bride~to~be would know how to thread a needle, much less know how to mend something.

But now, it seems, consumers are not so quick to throw things away.  Many are actually choosing to "make do" with what they already have and if it needs a little TLC, well that is better than having to purchase a new one.  While this poses a challenge for those of us in the "Retail" sector or some version of it, I still find this trend heart~warming in a way.  After all, if my adored vintage frocks were not cared for the way they were, I wouldn't have the pleasure of working with such beautifully crafted garments.  And so. . .

From socks to cars~~people are choosing to be:

THRIFTY :  (adjective) 1.careful with money and resources, managing money and resources in a cautious and sensible way so as to waste as little as possible.  2. Prosperous

Isn't that interesting: PROSPEROUS was the archaic meaning of the word THRIFTY!

In our day, being thrifty has generally been equated with being cheap, tight~fisted, even poor.  And yet now being "Thrifty" is suddenly in style.  Everywhere.  Good Morning America ran a prime time segment on "Secrets of a Thrift Store Shopper" . . .their retail business is booming!!   Not to mention that thrift/resale/consignment store shopping is a wonderful way to "Recycle".  Check out this interview with clothing designer Elizabeth Kramer and take a peek at her creative flat/studio infused with vintage finds.  A far cry from this story of CEO extravagance by Mark Patinkin in the same section of my Providence Sunday Journal. 

Seamstress in red

Perhaps the antiquated meaning of "Thrifty" will come to be in fashion once again. . .while we usually equate prosperity with wealth, this beautiful word means far more. . .

PROSPEROUS : (adjective) 1. thriving  2. flourishing  3. abounding  4. successful

Doesn't that put a lovely new angle on "Prosperity"? 

It's who we have, not what we have, that makes us prosper in the most genuine sense of the word. . .and in lean times, remembering that can make a big difference in our outlook every day.


Ladyinbluesewing1  I'm going to try to think about that while I'm sewing today. . .but of course I will be tuned in at half time to watch you know who!








xx ~ Michelle


Hello everyone. . .you may have noticed that I "re~posted" (is that a word?) my post about Grace Kelly's fantastic style (it was originally on THE RED VELVET SHOE BLOG).  There is a method to my madness!

I found this in my morning paper one day last week and just had to let you know about it:Princessgraceasbride

100_1897 I'm sure the gowns will be just amazing!  And the exhibit as well, here is "le link" for you to take a peek!

Let's go to Sotheby's!!

Autumn in New York~~my favorite time of year to be in the city. . .such great walking weather.  Maybe you are fortunate enough to live "in town"~~has anyone seen the exhibit?  I may just have to take a road trip before the month is over. . .which it almost is, isn't it?

Of course if I make it to New York I'll have to do some window shopping at Tiffany's. . .Mpp50115audreyhepburnposters1

I'll let you know if I go!   


xx ~ Michelle

Time to Dress Like A Lady Again

I slept in today and after brewing a fresh pot of coffee I plopped myself on the sofa with a few days worth of newspapers I had not had a chance to read. . .(as you know this happens quite often to me. . .anyone else?  Or am I alone in this "need to read" everything that comes into our home even if it is a few days old???)

Anyway. . .

As I turn the pages in casual disinterest I suddenly feel a little smile growing on my sleepy face. . .and I remind myself why one should make it a point to read the paper daily.  It is so very important to stay abreast of world events and to be informed. . .and, most important, to know what to wear . . .

Of course I say that in jest~~maybe my obsession with Vintage Clothing is an attempt to avoid the modern realities of 2007 and is just a cover~up for a longing for simpler, kinder, more innocent times?  Hmmm. . .I'll have to think about that some more. . . one thing for sure is that the fashions of the 1940's thru the 1960's were some of the absolute best in my opinion. . .ladies took the time to dress and they looked fabulous!!  It seems that the fashion world has once again embraced those classic looks that defined the 21st century!

Via Associated Press (Monica Corcoran/Los Angeles Times/Hollywood) I found this:

100_1725 100_1726_2                                                                        

   Now you see why I smiled!  Hair worn up and away from the face in a chignon or french twist, pencil skirts, cinched waists, gloves, vintage coats, frilly peignoirs, running in high heels, a slender clutch, a swath of red lipstick to complete the look. . .

            Can it get any better than this?!   I am so excited I don't even care if I make those waffles I woke up thinking about!  Who can think about food at a time like this~~especially with that cinched waist thing!

I better get to work on my boutique~~it is chock full of everything but the red lipstick~~you'll have to manage that part on your own. . .but then again all Vintage Clothing Gals must already have red lipstick in their purse!

On another note, last weekend my handsome husband and I were invited to a 20th Wedding Anniversary party for some old friends.  It was held at a very posh country club on the ocean and we had a grand time!  I had been a bridesmaid for her so it was like a reunion with some great friends we don't get a chance to see that often.  Plus, it gave me a chance to wear one of my favorite Vintage dresses that I haven't worn yet~~of course "Coco" (my dress form) looks amazing in it!  100_1728

And here's an "edited" photo of me at the party~~I am the official photograph~taker in the family so this was one of the few that I was in:

Vintagepartydresspost_3 It's all about the dress!!

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to wear something fantastic today!


xx ~ Michelle