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How To Answer The Man in The Grey Suit

1940s vintage gray wool dress bead embroidery button detail

1940s vintage gray wool dress bead embroidery button detail (4)

1940s vintage gray wool dress bead embroidery button detail (2)

1940s vintage gray wool dress bead embroidery button detail (7)

This sexy 1940s number will debut in our booth at The Urban Vintage Bazaar this Saturday afternoon.  If for some strange reason it happens to return home with me, look for it later this month in the shop. 
It reminds me of the infamous Charles James dress Angelina Jolie wore in The Tourist which I wrote about earlier this year...Angelina, if you like it, send me an email.

xx ~ Michelle

Julie Powell and I

I venture to say I'm probably the last middle aged woman in the USA who can say she's seen "Julie and Julia" starring Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci.  I watched it tonight and have to admit it was above and beyond what I expected.   Julia Child was often found in our house, chattering away on the TV (in black & white)  while my mother sat at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, yacking on the phone with her sister (who lived upstairs from us, which left me, at a mere 5 years old, pondering the insanity of having to call her when you could just stand on a chair in the kitchen near the heat vent and hear what was going on up there just fine).

I don't remember ever tasting anything very divine at our kitchen table, which probably means my mother didn't really watch Julia to learn how to cook French food, but it was more about having another adult around in a sea of little people.  (I understood that concept completely once I became a mother.)  I, however, would sit about a foot away from the convex bubble screen of the TV and be mesmerized by her.  Her accent, her laugh, that she didn't ever worry about one of those pans falling from above and clunking her in the head, and her food.  Of course the swigs from the bottle of chianti always caused hand covered giggles, we would run into the kitchen and copy her, trying to outrun my mother as she screamed for us to "put that down!"   These are my memories of Julia.

If you blog and are trying to live your passion, whatever it may be, this movie probably struck a cord with you as well.  It brought back the trepidation of that first blog post~~of having the power to "PUBLISH" your thoughts, dreams, opinions, likes, dislikes, wishes, and words.  If you are a writer, this was your chance to, at the very least, have that creative outlet that is as necessary as dancing is to the dancer.  Powerful and terrifying at the same time. "No one is going to read this anyway" ~~ remember that?  I still face that demon from time to time.  And the supportive significant other....I'd venture to say that blogging and the narcissism it can foster (if allowed) has been guilty of, if not breaking up relationships then of putting a heavy strain on them. 

The ups and downs of Julie's year felt very much like my last five years operating an online vintage shop and blogging about my love for vintage.  As my 5 year Anniversary for Tales & The Shoe approaches, I realize that although The New York Times hasn't called, that I can count on one hand the blog posts that have had more than 10 comments and that I've never had readers send me gifts through the mail.....I am happy to report that I've "met" some wonderful people through my journey, that my husband has not left me over my vintage adventure and remains quietly yet constantly supportive, and my stats tell me somewhere out there are people who read my blog, or at the very least take a peek.  And above all, despite the ups and downs and joy and tears, I still love it.  And that's what Ms. Powell and I have in common. 

I'm certain Julie Powell continues to create masterpieces in her kitchen...because that year changed her life and she embraced the change.  And she has that adorable husband to cook for.

I'm certain I will continue to unearth vintage treasures.....because these last five years have changed my life and I have embraced it.  And I have you adorable readers to write for and shoppers to shop for.

Back to the cutting board....

xx ~ Michelle

Call Me Shallow

We've all heard the expensive news that "The Tourist" starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp was a box office bomb.  I confess, I have not donated my $10.00 to the coffer yet, so I'm partially responsible, I suppose.  But why haven't I seen it?  I asked myself this question as I was reading an interview with Ms. Jolie in the December issue of US Vogue. 

"...the knowingly high-Hitchcock look has Jolie wearing fabulous clothes (costume designer Colleen Atwood used an original Charles James day dress some people I know would kill for)."  Vicki Woods

Charles James?  CHALRES JAMES???? 
(This was when I asked myself said question.)

Angelina Jolie Charles James dress for The Tourist 

There are no words...absolute perfection, perhaps?  (Find a similar vintage dress pattern here.)

Red velvet sofas covered in white satin gowns... 

The Tourist train scene 
Meeting handsome strangers on speeding trains...

 Angelina steps off the boat The Tourist

Antique wooden boats and cashmere stoles with Venice as a backdrop...

Robert Procop antique diamond choker The Tourist 
Antique diamond chokers and dancing with a man in a tuxedo...

Angelina Jolie in black suit The Tourist

Pearls, pumps and the iconic little black suit...

Call me shallow but this is EXACTLY why I will go see this film.  So she's not unearthing some long lost priceless treasure.  So he doesn't have green eye shadow on (which is a relief, personally.)
We go to the movies to be entertained and, hopefully, inspired.  If the only inspiration that comes from The Tourist is to wear something fabulous, well, I think that is a fabulous thing.  Whatever it takes to stop the general public from wearing their pajamas out of the house, I'm all for it.  And for those of you who hate her because she's beautiful, you're just jealous.  Get over it and get out of your pajamas.


xx ~ Michelle

Let's Bring Back: Filene's Basement

It was the road trip I looked forward to the most every year~~my grandmother would pile we three girls into the back of her 1970s Cadillac (which felt more like a ship) and off we would go, onto the Mass Pike, into Boston to spend the day shopping at Filene's Basement.  She was so short she had to look through the steering wheel and the dashboard to see the road.  She could park that boat as if it were a Mini Cooper.  And she got us safely there and back every time.  The trunk could barely close by days end . . .

Filene's Basement Film Documentary 

"Voices From The Basement" premiering on WBGH Boston, December 9, 2010 at 8:30pm EST.

***Post update:  Share your memories of shopping at Filene's Basement Downtown Crossing and enter to win a $100.00 G/C from Filene's Basement!   Find the comment form here.  

***This post was featured @  Filene's Basement in Boston .

xx ~ Michelle

Romancing The Telegram

Whenever I watch an old movie, or a new movie set in a by~gone era, I always hope for a "Telegram Scene".  Take, for example, in The Age of Innocence.   Newland Archer visits Ellen Olenska in her home and there is the heart~rending exchange between them:  he admits he is in love with her, and she with him, but she is a married woman separated from an evil man, and he is engaged to marry her cousin May...

(He's holding her. He kisses her and she kisses him back passionately. She breaks away and they stare at each other. Then she shakes her head.)

ARCHER: "No! Everything is different. Do you see me marrying May now?"

ELLEN:  "Would you ask her that question? Would you?. . . Newland.  You couldn't be happy if it meant being cruel. If we act any other way I'll be making you act against what I love in you most. And I can't go back to that way of thinking. Don't you see?  I can't love you unless I give you up."

(They look at each other for a moment more. Then Ellen picks up a bell and rings for the maid. The maid enters carrying Ellen's cloak and hat, and a telegram)

MAID: (in Italian) "This was delivered."

(Ellen takes the envelope, reads it and hands it to Archer)

MAY: (via Telegram to Ellen from St. Augustine)  "Granny's telegram was successful. Papa and Mama agreed to marriage after Easter. Only a month!  I will telegraph Newland.   I'm too happy for words and love you dearly. Your grateful cousin, May. " 

(In the drawing room at Ellen's house that night. Archer reads the telegram and crumples it up in disappointment. . . )*

*(From film script for The Age of Innocence, 1993 )

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton 

Ah, the power and romance of "The Telegram".  At an age when telephones were rare, email was the way a foreigner tried to ask for his mail when he was far from home, and texting was a word used by letterpresses and stationary houses in reference to font preference, the telegram was one of the foremost means of long~distance communication.  Treaties were signed.  Hearts were broken.  And everything else in between can be found typed onto those little paper remnants from the past.

Telegram Stop.com


Telegram Stop service 

Telegram Stop service (2)

Telegram Stop service (3) 
TelegramStop.com *

The guaranteed way to get someone's attention even in this very modern world.

*Thanks to "The Unusual Times"  for informing the gin~drinkers of the world about this...

xx ~ Michelle


"Only You" .... the title alone eeks romance, as does this sweet little film starring the adorable Marisa Tomei & the also adorable Robert Downey, Jr.  It's light hearted, sweet, romantic & has some fabulous vistas of Venice, Rome & Positano...I've watched it a dozen times and it never fails to make me smile.  And despite all the flack Ms. Tomei took about being the most ridiculous teacher ever filmed, I think her passion and romance were wonderful.  How many teacher's do you remember that exhibited such excitement and enthusiasm while covering the works of Plato?  I rest my case.

xx ~ Michelle




As you can see,  "Tales" has undergone a bit of a makeover, as has "The Shoe".   While I don't claim to be the talented artist my aunt is renowned for, I did enjoy creating my new banner with it's vintage~travel~esque theme.  I guess watching Out of Africa & Death on the Nile  had a bit of influence on me . . . I'm still working on the footer image, but for now I need to "step away from the keyboard". . . so tell me, what do you think? 

xx ~ Michelle