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Outings: "Passport to the World: Doris Duke the International Traveler"

Doris Duke's vintage vanity case by Morabito, Paris c1935

(Photo Credit: Reena Bammi for Rhode Island Monthly March 2012 issue)

Looking for an excuse to spend the day or, better yet, a long weekend in Newport, RI?  I am, and I've found a perfect one.  Flipping through Rhode Island Monthly's March issue during lunch today I happened upon this lovely photograph on the last page.  It's of a vintage vanity case by Morabito, Paris.  Their motto?  "Luxury is not exceptional.  It is the exceptional which is luxurious."  I could not agree more.  This lovely artifact is from the private collection of Doris Duke.  If you, too, have fallen in love with this photo, then you must make your way to Newport for this exhibit:

What:   "Passport to the World: Doris Duke the International Traveler" 
Where:  Rough Point Estate  680 Bellevue Avenue  Newport, RI
When:  Opens 12 April 2012
How:    Tickets & Reservations 




xx ~ Michelle

Estate Sale Spoils

I went shopping for you today.  I dragged my tired body out of bed at 5:45 am to get in line to get a number to see if, by chance, I could find some vintage frocks and fancies for you.  Here's what I found:

Cosa Belle Shannon McLean dress coat
Starting at the top left and working clockwise (to a point):

  • A fabulous 1960s very "Jackie O" pink dress suit.  Slim fitted dress has long sleeves and the jacket has a wide point collar lapel and gorgeous gold buttons.  The label reads simply "T Jones" and so far I can't seem to find any information about this label, so please inform if you know anything about it.
  • The ultimate vintage pea coat by "The Villager" in the prettiest shade of blue with faux reptile skin trim & buttons.  What's better than vintage preppy?
  • Hold onto your hat.  That's a "Cosa Belle" by Shannon McLean (of bespoke tailoring fame) 1960s inspired coat dress hiding behind Coco.  Priceless.  Look for a blog post about Ms. McLean soon.
  • Coco looks stunning in this "Fabian Molina" black rayon evening gown.  Ruched through the entire bodice and falling~off~her~shoulder~sleeves...and we won't mention that slit. XXX
  • A lovely set of vintage leather luggage in my so very favorite "saddle tan" complete with (yet another) travel bar to match! 
  • Sitting on said travel bar is a lovely Morris Moskowitz evening purse...every girl should have one.
  • 1920s/30s bridal veil & shoes~~I did not purchase the dress (as I already have three) and now, post~martini, am suffering deep non~buyer's regret...
  • Left of the shoes is a 1940s "RONAY" black suede purse~~full mirror inside the top and the original change purse...amazing.
  • Resting between the two: "After Such Pleasures" by Dorothy Parker (1933 first edition, fifth printing).....sigh.
  • Shedding such lovely light on this collection is a sweet boudoir lamp with a ruffles & bow shade made for Marie Antoinette.
  • Last, but surely not least:  a set of vintage boudoir organizers in pretty french blue quilted silk, unopened.  (I may have to be selfish, ladies.)

1930s Bridal Veil & Shoes
 Fabian Molina black ruched evening gown @ The Red Velvet Shoe

A day well spent and I met some wonderful people along the way.  Not to mention my darling husband had wine, Shrimp Mozambique over pasta & fresh bread waiting for me...talk about spoil(s)! 

xx ~ Michelle


The lovely summer~like weather we've been enjoying in New England beckons a get~away to the sea or a sweet little cottage tucked away in the shade of a cool forest.  The great thing about "not flying" is you can be a bit more romantic in the way you pack. 

Vintage 50s Train Case Filled With Cosmetics Makeup from Beauty Counselor
Vintage 50s Train Case Filled With Cosmetics Makeup from Beauty Counselor
This lovely vintage travel case is available here .... so leave those quart size Ziplocs for the chocolate chip cookies, and pack your toiletries in this!  Hurry, it won't last long!

xx ~ Michelle

Travel Tales

Are_we_in_france My how the Parisian sky line has changed, you say?

You would be correct except that we were not in Paris~~we were in:


Walt Disney World, Florida, USA. . .

Out of all the places on this amazing planet to travel to. . .I could not say this would even be on my B list.

However, when you have a six year old you have to put away the passport and take the mandatory trip to Disney, at least once, right??


Thank goodness we had this to come home to at night!

Swimming_tigerThis was one of the highlights for me, seeing this gorgeous Tiger wading & swimming~~I think I watched him for at least 20 minutes.  They are the most beautiful creatures and I was slightly tempted ( just for a moment)  to crawl over the fence to swim with him. . .could you imagine????

Castle_in_evening I think Cinderella's castle looks so pretty in this shot~~it was a bit stormy & the sky kept changing~~you can see a bit of pink to the right.

Must have been Maleficent up to no good!!

So it was lots and lots of walking & waiting, if you have been you know:  "Hurry up & wait!"  But our little princess was beyond delighted and this Mommy Princess had a wonderful time after all! 


There were two times during the day I could relate to this expression on Tinker Bell:

At six o'clock in the morning when my "Disney Nazi" husband yanked open the window treatments and plopped a cup of coffee on my nightstand laughing all the while and

at about 4:00 in the afternoon when I was looking for either a martini or an espresso~~or both!!

This fan was one of my treasures from "Japan" in Epcot~~the beautiful girl wrote my name on it for me.  And I had to have this tiny figurine of  Tinker Bell since I am a big Peter Pan fan.

I also found some Vintage Safari postcards in Animal Kingdom that I'll do something with someday! 

Thank you for your visits and despite the fact there is a Winter Storm billowing around our house at this very moment I will be dreaming of an alfresco Spring dinner, something like this. . . . . . .it won't be long now!!


(Victoria/March~April 2008)

xx ~ Michelle

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover. . .

We have all heard the expression I chose for today's post:  we apply it to people, movies, restaurants, clothing and even books (which only makes sense, right?)  It can pretty much be used whenever something we don't expect comes from something we weren't expecting. . .


Which brings me to THE SUITCASE.  It is a very sad little case, made of some sort of man made material and it bears the wounds of a well traveled owner. . .every mark and scuff can tell a story, I am certain.  I know this because when I walked into my husband's office on Friday afternoon and saw this suitcase I knew immediately who had left it and that the next hour would be the equivalent of an archaeologist brushing away dirt to find an even older Dead Sea Scroll. . .okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but if you read my column you know where I am going with this!

I slowly unzipped the double zipper's (carefully tied together with a twist~tie from a loaf of bread) and lifted the lid to VINTAGE HEAVEN. . .and THIS is what I found: 

100_1987 100_1990_2



1950's Crinolines and a slew of gorgeous hats from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. . .but that is not all. . .an armful of beautiful dresses from the same era which are hanging in my laundry room right now, waiting to be pressed and to make their way to the showroom floor!! 

I was on the verge of tears as my daughter and I slowly unwrapped each carefully packed layer of hats, petticoats and dresses that my friend Joleen brought for me from her mother's estate. . .I have shown you the last lot of things she brought to me in an earlier post and she promised me a bunch of Vintage Hats from her next trip. . .they are helping her Mom "clean up a bit" around the house and on top of all that she is taking the time to save and transport some Vintage Treasures for me!  How amazing is that?????!!!!

A BIG THANK YOU TO JOLEEN & JACK. . .(sorry about the extra suitcase, Jack!  I know you probably end up carrying it!)  You two are the King and Queen!!   And from the great movie STEEL MAGNOLIA'S I can say:  " You know I love you more than my luggage!" !!!! (Or should I say more than your luggage?)

So in the end, I don't care what the suitcase looks like on the outside. . .because it is what is on the inside that counts!  And the next time you are at the luggage belt waiting. . .endlessly . . .looking at all those black & grey vinyl bags just remember today's post!!

I will be very busy in the showroom getting these gems ready for the boutique. . .if you don't find me here I'll be over at

"le boutique" .  Make sure to say hello if you visit! 

Have a great weekend and don't forget to wear something Vintage today!!!


xx ~ Michelle