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You never know what you'll find via your "Stats", do you? 

Last week I was checking out my "Blog Visitor Stats" and saw a link to a place I'd never been before
(in cyberville, that is). I clicked on the link and found, not only a fantastic vintage clothing blog with tons and tons of vintage fashion inspiration
but also that I had been honored with this Kreativ Blogger Award!

So please, take a moment to go visit


and take a long, leisurely stroll around her wonderful corner of vintage blogsville!  Thanks again, Jaynie!

 One thing she mentioned that she liked about my blog is that I show pictures of myself in my vintage clothes. . .well, truth be told, I take lots of pictures in my vintage clothes but have actually posted very few of them.  With ladies like Giselle Brady & Co. wandering around, it's a bit intimidating to this 5 foot vintage munchkin!

But I will share this photo from a wedding we attended yesterday~~it's a feathered hat that was my grandmother's. . .I'm really not a "hat" person, but this was a great way to break the ice, as it sits more like a headband and doesn't feel too overwhelming on.

1940s feathered hat

I received many compliments on it, and it was such a pleasure to be able so say "It was my grandmother's".  If you are fortunate enough to still have your grandparents around, be sure to take good care of all the treasures they give you, they will be priceless one day. . .

I'll be working on my list of "SEVEN EXCEPTIONAL BLOGS & SEVEN THINGS I LOVE" . . how ever will I choose??

Also, I finally created a separate page for my favorite links~~be they vintage/fashion/domestic/French or just plain fun, you'll find them here.  It will be an ongoing process to update and organize them as I find new wonderful inspiration!





xx ~ Michelle


I've always had a fascination with vintage vanities~~ever since my grandmother auctioned away some amazing Art Deco mahogany furniture at her country farm estate auction, I have carried within the belated realization that every child should/must be taught about antiques and heritage, about the importance of family heirlooms and preserving history, about how to determine whether this should be chosen over that, to learn which things one must never, ever part with, simply about how to know what one should inherently know~~from those who have come and gone before. . .

gram & grampa






I have,since, taken this task very seriously with my daughter.  We make a weekly ritual out of visiting various antique stores, museums, estates,  yard sales, thrift stores & consignment shops for the sheer motive of educating her in what is truly








with the high hopes that my little princess, born into a very modern world, will find some way to show/express appreciation for what has come and gone before her. . .Now she will say "Mom, why would anyone ever want to get rid of that?  It was probably their great, great, great, great grandmothers and here it is at Goodwill~~What's wrong with people????"

I couldn't be more proud than at that very moment.

She gets it.

And so, one day, she will get this:

my vanity 2 

as part of her inheritance. . .

my vanity 1 

A lovely gift from my adored grandmother when I was just a young teen, this antique desk which, over time, has become my vanity. ..

A place to sit, each day, and take a moment to remember, reflect, refresh & prepare for what may, or may not,

ever come . . .

A place to be with one's own private self, to prepare to become the public person we all must be at some point every day,

with the comfort of being close to loved one's lost, yet still greatly loved, for the simple reason that this was where she once sat

doing the very same thing. . .


 (Vintage House & Garden magazine cover)


Do you have a vanity?  A dressing table?

Claudia at The Paris Apartment is collecting photographs of vanities to be used in a wonderful book she is working on and is inviting everyone to submit their photographs for consideration! 

What?  You don't have a vanity or dressing table?

Well, now you have the perfect excuse to create one for yourself. 

After all, every vintage loving gal must have one!






xx ~ Michelle


I couldn't wait to show you what I found today. . .being the romantic that I am. . .

Vintage Skinner Satin Bridal Gown It's a vintage (c1950's?) satin wedding gown in

amazing condition. . .I fell in love, again. . .yes, she needs some TLC but I can see beyond the wrinkles and tiny marks here and there. . .

Vintage Skinner Satin Bridal Gown

The label reads: "A Bridal Creation Original ~ Skinner".  It was a much coveted bridal gown in it's day, and today as well ~~apparently the satin produced by Skinner & Sons was some of the best in the industry and they had a very successful bridal line.  (Still in the "research" stage on this!)

Vintage Skinner Satin Bridal Gown 

Satin covered buttons all the way down the back. . .

Vintage Skinner Satin Bridal Gown 

I love the simple neckline, and the netting is in pristine condition front and back

Vintage Skinner Satin Bridal Gown 

The sleeves are so elegant, four more covered buttons at the wrists. . .

Of course I have been wondering all day, who was the bride that wore this elegant gown on her wedding day?  Was she terribly in love?  Did she know this was the gown the moment she saw it?  Did she worry if her betrothed would fancy it as much as she?  I think, at times, what I love about vintage clothing is the mystery behind it's history as much as the garment itself.  Someone's life changed forever the day she wore this beautiful gown. . .and I hope she was very, very happy as every bride should be . . .

I have that sneaking suspicion I may just hang onto this one. . .after all, my little girl may one day be a bride, and you never know~~she may just wish to wear a vintage gown.


xx ~ Michelle

A Family Heirloom

I am a true "Mail" aficionada~~I watch eagerly for the mailman every day and thoroughly enjoy the tradition of going through the mail. 

Of course since the invention of e~mail the fine art of letter writing has taken a sad turn for the worse.  Still, every now and then I open our mail box and find something special.

Today was one such day:

100_2110 100_2112

My Aunt Diane was doing some closet cleaning and came across this Vintage Beauty!  She wore it to a formal in 1964/65. . .

It is so beautiful I, of course, cried! 

Not only for it's beauty & the place it holds in our family's history (especially for my Aunt!) but also because I would venture to guess that this is the beautiful work of my grandmother & when I opened it I had that sudden deep pain of longing for her and the past. . .that pang of homesickness that is like no other feeling~~it rises up from a place so deep, so private, so personal  that when it surfaces one is forced to submit and let it ride it's slow, gnawing course through your soul.  Sometimes it visits for just a moment, at other times it chooses to stay awake and linger and force us to think back and to remember~~to smile, to weep, to long for, to wish, to dream. . .I think today it will be here for quite awhile.100_2114  *

It is so important, in this "throw away" society (which, by the way is mainly an American motto) that we save some of our past.  That we have something beautiful to pass on to our children & grandchildren.  If you have something from your grandmother, or great grandmother, resist the pressure to "modernize", to "update" & that biggest farce of all:  that newer is better.  The craftsmanship, the quality, the antiquity of such heirlooms can NEVER be replaced.  They are all we have when those we loved have gone. . .

Thank you, Auntie Di, for your gift. .  .

This is a picture of my grandparents, Naomia & Axel. . .I believe they were at a wedding when this photograph was taken.  It hangs on the side of my kitchen cupboard at the sink so I can see her everyday. . .

*My weepy, sensitive, emotional frame of mind may be due to the fact that I watched "PERSUASION" twice last night~~yes, I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. . .imagine lovers waiting all that time and ending up with each other?  Does such patient devotion still exist in this immediate~gratification~crazed world we live in??  Did you see it?  What did you think? 


xx ~ Michelle