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1940s Winter Wedding Photographs

I've written about the family reunion last summer when I scoured through boxes and boxes of vintage and antique photographs of my husband's family.  Every now and then I came across some that no~one in the family recognized. 

1940s winter wedding party

1940s winter bride

1940s winter bride leopard fur coat 

Like this collection of photographs from a winter wedding (stamped June 1947 on back). Taken outside in the snow, fur coats (check out that leopard beauty!!) over frilly, lacy gowns, arms full of enormous fresh flower bouquets that were so popular in the 1940s, and men with perfect hair cuts and proper overcoats.  

No idea who they are, but they're memories are safe with me.


xx ~ Michelle

The Color of Gardenias

Fbaudot_27 Can you stand it?  If this is not the epitome of one knock~out outfit then I don't know what is. . .I was browsing through some of my saved images/photos and every time I come across this one I catch my breath. . .it makes me think immediately of that beautiful white color of a Gardenia ~~ my favorite flower. . .

It is from a book by Baudot (sorry that is all I noted) and the ensemble is by Givenchy~~who always has a way with feminine clothing and beautiful combinations.

I love layered shades of white . . .it can be tricky if your just a bit over five feet tall (moi'!) but adding a pair of sleek high heels can make all the difference in the world!  (Which is always in my wardrobe rule book for just about every outfit anyway!)

Many of us tend to gravitate toward black~~we all know the reasons and it makes packing for travel so much easier. 

But the next time you go shopping~~why not look for something in winter white to add some softness to all those wonderful black staples.  You know the rules~~the lighter color goes on the smallest part of you, the darker color on the part that needs some nip/tuck.  Even a winter white scarf adds a beautiful lift and is flattering for most skin tones.

And who wouldn't want to be compared to a beautiful Gardenia?Besides,  it will get you ready for Spring!!


xx ~ Michelle