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Vintage Elizabeth Arden, Anyone?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...and I return with three beautiful treasures to show off and hopefully make up for my lack of posts about vintage as of late.

Elizabeth Arden 1950s 60s Black Boucle Suit

This rather amazing late 1950s/early 60s Elizabeth Arden New York suit will be availabe soon...Arden spent a rather limited time in the fashion world compared to many designers, but her work and that of her designers is considered to be among the finest.  

1950s vintage Teena Paige Black Velvet & Ivory Lace Bodice Dress

We also found this sweet Teena Paige 1950s Vintage ivory lace bodice & black velvet cocktail dress...my daughter has put her claim on it, but I told her we'll see...so if you have to have it, speak now or forever hold your peace....which, ironically leads me to:

Kenneth Cole ivory satin bridal pumps floral detail

this beautiful pair of Kenneth Cole ivory bridal satin pumps with floral garland detail...size 8.  My size, but since I've already walked down that long aisle twice, I'm going to let them go to another bride to be.

SAVE THE DATE:  21 April 2013 we'll be setting up shop once again at The Urban Vintage Bazaar in Providence, RI ....more details to follow.


xx ~ Michelle

Urban Vintage Bazaar Vendor List

I've been busy wrapping up a non~vintage related October project and at the same time trying to get things rolling for Urban Vintage Bazaar.  So just a quick note to share a link with you to the fabulous Vendor List that Christine of Carmen & Ginger has put together.  If you've been waiting for an excuse to visit Providence, RI then don't wait any longer.  The show is on from 12~4 leaving you plenty of time to arrive in town and plenty of time to run up a few tabs afterward.  (More on where to eat/drink and what to do après bazaar coming soon.)


xx ~ Michelle

Urban Vintage Bazaar~~It's Today!!!

Urban Vintage Bazaar November 5 2011 Brown University

Date:  Saturday 5 November 2011
Time:  Noon - 4:00pm
Where: Faunce Hall ~ Intersection of Brown & Waterman Streets ~
(Use 75 Waterman Street for GPS)
Brown  University ~ East Side ~ Providence, RI
Admission:  Free!
Who:  Open to students & the public

Read the Blog

Like UVB on Facebook

See you there!!!



xx ~ Michelle

A Day at The Market

The Red Velvet Shoe @ The Top Shelf Flea Market May 22 2011 (5) 

Coco sporting another one of my grandmother's fabulous vintage dresses. 

The Red Velvet Shoe @ The Top Shelf Flea Market May 22 2011 

The Red Velvet Shoe @ The Top Shelf Flea Market May 22 2011 (2) 

The Red Velvet Shoe @ The Top Shelf Flea Market May 22 2011 (3) 

The Red Velvet Shoe's booth at The Top Shelf Flea III.

Christine of Carmen & Ginger hard at work

Christine of Carmen and Ginger.

Menswear Vendors at The Top Shelf Flea Market

Giuseppe of An Affordable Wardrobe, James of 10 Engines, Giuseppe once again and Zachary of Newton Street Vintage.

Vintage Shopping at The Red Velvet Shoe at Top Shelf Flea Market May 22 2011 

A collage of some fun & fashionable shoppers who visited our booth:  Starting at the top left and working clockwise:  Miss Sara, in her lovely cat eye glasses, scored two great 1950s dresses and an adorable pink cardigan, Laura searches through piles of vintage gloves, Remma & Laura leaving with bags full of goodies, including a hot pink & red caftan from Hawaii, one of the most adorable visitors of the day~~this tiny tot left with a lovely multi~colored pastel floral brooch pinned to her little sweater, my two nieces clowning around with some of our vintage hats, their Mom above them modeling a gorgeous hot pink silk dress from Peck & Peck, and a young lady with fire red hair checking out her look in a vintage straw hat.  

Thanks to everyone who came out to attend The Top Shelf Flea Market yesterday (it was most heartwarming to be reunited with some high school friends I haven't seen in over 25 years and to meet one friend's three beautiful daughters...), and especially those who visited my booth, shopped and spent some time chatting with me about our common love for vintage fashions & style.  This marked the third bi~annual Top Shelf Flea Market venue and I think it's safe to say it's on it's way to becoming another fine Boston tradition...

Michelle Johnson of The Red Velvet Shoe 
(Photo courtesy of Carmen & Ginger~thank you!)


xx ~ Michelle

Bags & Bananas at The Market

I finally received my new camera, but the week of the bi-annual Top Shelf Flea Market III was not exactly the best time to get a new gadget to figure out, as I'm up to my ear lobes tagging items & treasures to bring to Boston on Sunday.  I read through about half of the online manual (I thought someone said this is a very simple camera to use?!) and snapped a few photos from my studio of what I've been working on.  The jewelry photos were snapped prior to reading anything and the quality is terrible, so my apologies ahead of time. 

Vintage Banana  Bob jewelry @ The Red Velvet Shoe Vintage Banana  Bob jewelry @ The Red Velvet Shoe (4)

Vintage Banana  Bob jewelry @ The Red Velvet Shoe (5) Vintage Banana  Bob jewelry @ The Red Velvet Shoe (6)

Vintage Banana  Bob jewelry @ The Red Velvet Shoe (8) 

I'll be debuting a very small portion of a trunk full of vintage Banana Bob jewelry.  The company went out of business in the late 1990s, but in it's day made some lovely art deco & victorian inspired pieces with vintage and antique facets and findings.  Swarvovski crystals were used in many of the pieces, and most were hand crafted and hand painted, with many limited editions. The assortment I'm bringing to Boston Sunday are on the more casual side, but I am hoping to create a Vintage Jewelry floor in The Red Velvet Shoe and offering this gorgeous jewelry, as it has become highly collected & coveted.  If you are looking for a specific Banana Bob piece, please email me and I will gladly check my inventory for you. 

Banana bob necklace & earrings set 
(Here is a sample of some of the more glamorous Banana Bob line that I found online...I'm quite certain I have this set, or something very similar.) 

Vintage Purses coming to The Top Shelf Flea III from The Red Velvet Shoe

Here is a collage of some of the purses I just packed up to bring along....I love the Etienne Aigner in the top left, it has such an equine look to it, and I won't be sad if it doesn't sell because, as you know, a girl can never have too many purses...The top right is a lovely paisley Margaret Smith / Gardiner Maine purse and the label, I believe, dates it to one of her earliest pieces from the 1940s. 

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (5)

You'll find that (and much, much more!) Sunday at The Top Shelf Flea Market in Somerville/Boston, MA ~~ doors open at high noon.  See you there!


xx ~ Michelle

Looking for Ms. Flea Market Shopper

This is a plea for help.  I sold a vintage item to a lovely lady at The Top Shelf Flea II and she left it behind at another booth.  They kindly returned it to me, and I have blogged, FB'd, Tweeted and sent emails to others who attended in an effort to find it's rightful owner.  Nothing.  So I'm asking for any/every one's help on this.  She loved it so~~it's sitting here all wrapped in it's little brown bag and is very, very lonely and wants to go home.  I have a sneaking suspicion she is a Cambridge/Somerville resident, so if you happen to overhear someone at The Joshua Tree complaining about losing her purchase, please!!  Make someone's day and tell her how to find me! 

Thank You.

xx ~ Michelle

From A Flea's Point of View

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (5) 

Carmen & Ginger Top Shelf Flea Oct. 2010 

Christine of Carmen & Ginger.

Vintage Haven Top Shelf Flea Ocotber 2010 

Debbie (& friend) of Vintage Haven.

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (17) 

The absolute gentleman Zachary of Newton Street Suit Co.


 Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (19)    Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (18)
  Bobby From Boston                           Magpie

 Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (21)     Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (20)
Swamp Rabbit Books                            Artifaktori 

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (25) 

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (6)
The Red Velvet Shoe
(CoCo modeling my grandmother's c1949 Flobert gown....NOT For Sale :)

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (7) 

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (9) 

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (10) 

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (33) 

Best photo of the day....an uncle shines his nephew's penny loafers.

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (31)

Best Dressed Gentleman~~Mariano.  Trust me.

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (32) 

Best Dressed Lady~~modeling a 1950s dress by "Coco"~~the lovely
and extremely talented Ida Floreak.

 Top Shelf Flea October 2010 RVS

Thank you to all who attended The Top Shelf Flea II and for granting us another wonderful day.  From the distinguished gentleman who arrived early with his LL Bean bag filled with (handsome) shoes in need of a shine, to the mother/daughter team out for a day of shopping together, to the pretty single gal looking for the perfect dress for that upcoming wedding, to the little man wearing his penny loafers eagerly anticipating his very first shoe~shine....the day was absolutely perfect, from a Flea's point of view...as well as from mine.


(P.S~~If you shopped at "The Shoe" and lost your parcel, it was most thoughtfully returned to me, so please contact me via email at theredvelvetshoe@yahoo.com and I will mail it to you right away.)


xx ~ Michelle