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STYLEWEEK Northeast Season 17 Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Show

Styleweek NE SS 20 17th Season theredvelvetshoe (30)


Last Thursday evening I was thrilled to be the guest of Christine Francis (Founder of Carmen & Ginger Vintage) and Rosana Ortiz, Founder and CEO of Styleweek NE, for the opening night of the SWNE 17th Season: S/S 2020.  

Founded in 2009, STYLEWEEK Northeast (SWNE) is New England’s premier fashion week held in Providence, RI.  It's one of the only regional fashion weeks that has been visited by the CFDA from NYC.  The venue is dedicated to the growth of designers as artists and, since it's inception, has showcased over 192 designers from all over the U.S.  STYLEWEEK also works with elementary schools, high schools and universities to expose young talent through the “SEED Student Design Challenge”, which is dedicated to the advancement of emerging student designers and their businesses.  The SEED Challenge has had participants from FIT, Parsons, Mass Art and SFD Boston. (Source: STYLEWEEKNE.COM)

I was fortunate to attend the night of the SEED Student Design Challenge.  The participants, from Mass Art in Boston,  were Brick Chapman, Chuxin “Teresa” Shi, Shirley Inocente, Hanfu Xiao, Edna Chery,  Matthew Knight & Jacqueline Mones.  The panel of judges selected Brick Chapman's entry for the win - Congratulations, Brick!

Styleweek NE SS 20 17th Season theredvelvetshoe (11)

Brick Chapman - SEED
Student Design Challenge


Styleweek NE SS 20 17th Season theredvelvetshoe (12)
Chuxin “Teresa” Shi



Styleweek NE SS 20 17th Season theredvelvetshoe (13)

Shirley Inocente 


Styleweek NE SS 20 17th Season theredvelvetshoe (14)

Hanfu Xiao 
Styleweek NE SS 20 17th Season theredvelvetshoe (15)

Edna Chery 
Styleweek NE SS 20 17th Season theredvelvetshoe (16)

Matthew Knight


Styleweek NE SS 20 17th Season theredvelvetshoe (24)
Jacqueline Mones


After a brief intermission, the runway show continued, featuring designers Jeena Ercolini, Tatyana Ayriyan and Mikayla Frick.  Most of my favorite designs were by Tatyana Ayriyan; probably because her work had a very vintage 1930's / 1940's vibe to it.  The quality of her work was exquisite.  


(Visit my You Tube Channel for more videos of the other collections.)

It was such a fun and inspiring night out on the town.  Brendan Kirby and Ashley Erling of The Rhode Show emceed the event (he's adorable!) and it was so refreshing to be out and have everyone around you dressed to impress.  (You never know who's going to be in the crowd, right?)  I opted for a strapless floral dress I found in the back of my closet with my favorite 80's vintage Giorgio Sant'Angelo black blazer and a pair of cute but practical heels as I had no idea how far I'd have to walk.  There was a small bar with plenty of top-shelf cocktail options and plenty of standing cocktail tables and various mini-parlor vignettes with gorgeous vintage seating provided by Uniquely Chic Vintage.  

So do yourself a favor and follow STYLEWEEK NE on their Social Media channels to see more fabulous photos from the event and for updates about their next venue.  Here's a few hashtags to help you find more highlights from the show:
                            #swneseason17 #season17 #swnesept2019 #rifashionweek
                            #fashionweek #styleweekne

Thank you, Christine and Rosana for the invite,
I can't wait for the next one! 

xx ~ Michelle

Elizabeth Arden, The Designer

Elizabeth Arden Vintage 1960s black boucle suit (5)

This rare & lovely 1960s suit hails from the design house of Elizabeth Arden, New York.  Among highly noted designers associated with Elizabeth Arden were Charles James, Ferdinando Sarmi & during the 1960s, Oscar de la Renta, renowned for dressing style icon Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy during the "Camelot" years in the White House. 

Now available at The Red Velvet Shoe.


xx ~ Michelle

Vintage Elizabeth Arden, Anyone?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...and I return with three beautiful treasures to show off and hopefully make up for my lack of posts about vintage as of late.

Elizabeth Arden 1950s 60s Black Boucle Suit

This rather amazing late 1950s/early 60s Elizabeth Arden New York suit will be availabe soon...Arden spent a rather limited time in the fashion world compared to many designers, but her work and that of her designers is considered to be among the finest.  

1950s vintage Teena Paige Black Velvet & Ivory Lace Bodice Dress

We also found this sweet Teena Paige 1950s Vintage ivory lace bodice & black velvet cocktail dress...my daughter has put her claim on it, but I told her we'll see...so if you have to have it, speak now or forever hold your peace....which, ironically leads me to:

Kenneth Cole ivory satin bridal pumps floral detail

this beautiful pair of Kenneth Cole ivory bridal satin pumps with floral garland detail...size 8.  My size, but since I've already walked down that long aisle twice, I'm going to let them go to another bride to be.

SAVE THE DATE:  21 April 2013 we'll be setting up shop once again at The Urban Vintage Bazaar in Providence, RI ....more details to follow.


xx ~ Michelle

Posh Poiret Print?

Vintage Aubrey Beardsley The Peacock Skirt Salome print dress

This stunning vintage dress was the result of a last minute, unplanned 10 minute treasure hunting expedition. I was avoiding doing things I didn't feel like doing and popped into one of the shops I frequent and there she was, waiting for me. Don't you just love when that happens? Serendipity, once again.

I was bit stumped as to how to describe the print on this dress at first.  But I keep going back to Paul Poiret, when his work took on the influence of orientalism. 

Paul Poiret oriental influence designs

It's about a size 4/6...not a tag or label to be seen, so off to do some research.  Look for it soon in The Shoe.

(Addendum~4:00pm EST 23 November 2011: In the six hours that have lapsed since this post, I have been provided with updated information about the print on this dress.  Please visit here for more information.)

xx ~ Michelle

Black Velvet & Roses

Vintage velvet clothing The Red Velvet Shoe (8)

I'm busy as a bee getting ready for Saturday's Urban Vintage Bazaar --ironing, stitching & tagging away.  But after I snapped this photo for the event blog, I had to share it with you.

This stunning gown is by Ben Barrack, NY c1950s.  Mr. Barrack specialized in designing for petites, and this gown is exactly that...I had to pin the back to Coco as the zipper had no intention of heading north even over that tiny frame.  It's a heavy weight rose brocaded velvet with only a tasteful bow at the waist for detail.  It is, I venture to say, something Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy would fall in love with...much like the other treasures I've found of late.  It weighs a ton and has a sort of suspended taffeta cage that sits at the waist to keep the fabric from being tight against the wearer...I know there is a more proper term for it, but right now my brain is vintage mush.  Please excuse me!

I will be taking it along with me to the show and if it doesn't find a new home there you can look for it in the shop by the end of the month. 

xx ~ Michelle

Halston & Karan...They Go Way Back

1970s Halston menswear inspired 3 piece suit & Donna Karan Fall 2011 
(quote borrowed from "The Berg Companion to Fashion" by Valerie Steele)
This 1970s Halston 3-piece khaki wool suit is on it's way to The Shoe.  Everyone knows menswear inspired suits are "in" for fall, but I also found it interesting how boxy the jacket is on this suit, another very fashion-forward current trend.  I also remembered reading this quote by Donna Karan about how much Halston inspired her work as a designer.  I finally found it again and realized that although the suit pictured above from her fall collection (far right) is different in many ways, the "simplicity, fit and the importance of uniform" is there and the same. 

Update:  You can find the suit here.

xx ~ Michelle

The Dress Has Many Faces: Anne Fogarty

 Vintage Anne Fogarty kelly green dress french cuff

Thought I'd share a sneak peek of this amazing Anne Fogarty dress coming to The Shoe later today.  The belt gave me a way to go....so here are just four of many looks I came up with for it.  It even looks great sans belt.  But the best part?  French cuffs and turtle cuff links...how cute is that?  

Update: just listed it, you can find it here!

xx ~ Michelle

In The Press: US Vogue

July 2011 US Vogue Cover 

Talking Back US Vogue July 2011 Charles James 

An article in April in the Nostalgia column of US Vogue prompted a letter from yours truly.  I had just discovered Charles James, thanks to that fabulous gray dress Angelina Jolie wore in "The Tourist" and was thrilled to see the article was about a woman who knew him well and her memories of their time together...you can read what I thought of it in the July issue of US Vogue, Talking Back, page 38. 

(You can read my letter in it's entirety here. )





xx ~ Michelle

Kimono Craze

I've had a bit of a "Kimono" thing going on lately.  It started when I found a great polished cotton cherry red one while out thrifting one day and decided it would be the perfect thing to wear when I am "beautifying"~~you know: masking, waxing, coloring, & painting myself in an effort to fend off the damages of time.  Considering it cost less than a Stella at my favorite watering hole, I can justify the chance of "ruining" it~~and it looks much more elegant than an oversized t~shirt & boxers.

Vintage black Haori Kimono Jacket  (2) Vintage black Haori Kimono Jacket

A few weeks later, I scored this amazing vintage Haori and I was hooked.  You can, literally, wear it with just about anything from lingerie to jeans and it looks amazing.  I was in love.

Dries Van Noten Spring 2011 kimono top 
When I saw this image from Dries Van Noten's Spring 2011 collection it caught my eye...not quite Haori or Kimono, but there was just something about it...

Vintage Pomare Hawaii Bold Floral Kimono Top Vintage Pomare Hawaii Bold Floral Kimono Top (6)

Then in March, I came across this little beauty: a vintage Pomare Hawaii Kimono style top with a keyhole neck & frog closure and just like the little piggy I carried it all the way home...because it reminded me of something I had seen but just could not seem to recall what or where...

Dries Van Noten Spring 2011 kimono top (2) 

Until I was flipping through my March issue of US Vogue and there it was:  an ad for the very same Dries Van Noten top!  

The Hovey Sisters Kimono perfection! 
(photo source: Hollister Hovey)

To wrap it up, today I visited one of my favorite blogs of all time: Hollister Hovey.  And there she was, with her sister Porter, showing us exactly how to wear a Kimono perfectly

Vintage Pomare Hawaii Bold Floral Kimono Top (3) 

This one is for the shop and will have to feed your Kimono craze and not mine as we were not made for each other.










xx ~ Michelle

And In This Corner...

Ok, I admit I feel a bit poorly about ranting on (and on, and on, and on....) about the whole eco-UNfriendly recycled vintage dress/gown controversy that I wrote about yesterday and a few weeks ago.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to read about a much more "friendly" and well executed vintage gown makeover in the May issue of Vogue.

Elettra Wiedemann Prabal Gurung Ingrid Bergman gown Costume Institue Gala Met Ball 2011 Vogue May 2011

Elettra Wiedemann is one very fortunate (and beautiful) young lady.  Daughter of the stunning Isabella Rossellini and granddaughter of the iconic screen beauty Ingrid Bergman, she found herself the heir of a trunk full of Ms. Bergman's evening dresses that had somehow been long forgotten (a vintage treasure hunters dream find!)   She humbly admits: "My family is so amazing, but it's also so overwhelming and overpowering...I'd felt honored to be part of my family but also not sure what accomplishments were mine and what accomplishments belonged to someone else bigger than me."  She also makes this insightful comment:  "It's interesting how clothes can connect you to a sentimentality that can be very complicated sometimes."  (I nod my head in silent agreement as I contemplate the part of my grandmothers wardrobe I've inherited...)

Ms. Wiedemann, in honor of her grandmother, has chosen to wear one of her gowns to the Costume Institute Gala (aka The Met Ball ) on the 2nd of May.  The gown she chose was created for Ms. Bergman by the postwar Roman couturiere Fernanda Gattinoni, who also created the costumes for Ms. Bergman in the 1952 film Europa '51.  Designer Prabal Gurung was called upon as the "cosmetic surgeon" for the dress, as there were a few issues with fit & fabric.  Both heir & designer agreed that it was important to maintain the integrity of the dress and to pay homage to it's original owner, which, being her grandmother, would be of utmost importance to any grateful heir of such beautiful pieces of the past.

"It's still the same dress," says Wiedemann, "but it feels a little bit sexier, more contemporary, and younger."

"The beauty of this dress," Gurung adds, "is it's history."

I think we have a winner.


(All quotes from May 2011 US Vogue p. 172 & 174)

xx ~ Michelle