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Heirlooms: Schiaparelli Hats & Shirl Miller Leather Bags

Summer is in full swing around here....apologies for the lack of posts but it's been a nonstop whirlwind of go, go, go with no signs of the pace slowing down.  A visit to my sister's for a family reunion sent me home with this lovely vintage Schiaparelli straw hat with black patent leather trim that once belonged to my grandmother, as well as three hat boxes chock full of more treasures from her closet.  (How she managed to hide them from me for the past 10 years is beyond me...)  I remember my grandmother wearing it to horse shows and other outdoor events that required fashionable shelter from the sun.  At the time, I had no idea it was a Schiaparelli providing such glamorous shade!

Schiaparelli vintage straw hat black patent leather trim (2) 

Schiaparelli vintage straw hat black patent leather trim (3) 

Schiaparelli vintage straw hat black patent leather trim (4) 

Schiaparelli vintage straw hat black patent leather trim 

From another side of my (rather complicated) family I was overjoyed to receive this lovely Shirl Miller vintage clutch in embossed leather. 

Vintage Shirl Miller embossed leather clutch Made in USA (3) 

Vintage Shirl Miller embossed leather clutch Made in USA (5) 

And of my own treasure hunting accord I came into possession of this rather fabulous vintage bar pump-decanter set that I am quite certain I will never be able to part with.

Vintage Decanter Pump Bar Set of 3 Glass Bottles 

Hoping to be back soon...wishing you many lovely summer days and nights until then.




xx ~ Michelle

Bags & Bananas at The Market

I finally received my new camera, but the week of the bi-annual Top Shelf Flea Market III was not exactly the best time to get a new gadget to figure out, as I'm up to my ear lobes tagging items & treasures to bring to Boston on Sunday.  I read through about half of the online manual (I thought someone said this is a very simple camera to use?!) and snapped a few photos from my studio of what I've been working on.  The jewelry photos were snapped prior to reading anything and the quality is terrible, so my apologies ahead of time. 

Vintage Banana  Bob jewelry @ The Red Velvet Shoe Vintage Banana  Bob jewelry @ The Red Velvet Shoe (4)

Vintage Banana  Bob jewelry @ The Red Velvet Shoe (5) Vintage Banana  Bob jewelry @ The Red Velvet Shoe (6)

Vintage Banana  Bob jewelry @ The Red Velvet Shoe (8) 

I'll be debuting a very small portion of a trunk full of vintage Banana Bob jewelry.  The company went out of business in the late 1990s, but in it's day made some lovely art deco & victorian inspired pieces with vintage and antique facets and findings.  Swarvovski crystals were used in many of the pieces, and most were hand crafted and hand painted, with many limited editions. The assortment I'm bringing to Boston Sunday are on the more casual side, but I am hoping to create a Vintage Jewelry floor in The Red Velvet Shoe and offering this gorgeous jewelry, as it has become highly collected & coveted.  If you are looking for a specific Banana Bob piece, please email me and I will gladly check my inventory for you. 

Banana bob necklace & earrings set 
(Here is a sample of some of the more glamorous Banana Bob line that I found online...I'm quite certain I have this set, or something very similar.) 

Vintage Purses coming to The Top Shelf Flea III from The Red Velvet Shoe

Here is a collage of some of the purses I just packed up to bring along....I love the Etienne Aigner in the top left, it has such an equine look to it, and I won't be sad if it doesn't sell because, as you know, a girl can never have too many purses...The top right is a lovely paisley Margaret Smith / Gardiner Maine purse and the label, I believe, dates it to one of her earliest pieces from the 1940s. 

Top Shelf Flea October 2010 (5)

You'll find that (and much, much more!) Sunday at The Top Shelf Flea Market in Somerville/Boston, MA ~~ doors open at high noon.  See you there!


xx ~ Michelle

The Duck & Bunny ~ A Snuggery...

The Duck & Bunny Providence RI (2) 

The Duck & Bunny Providence RI (3) 

The Duck & Bunny Providence RI

The Duck & Bunny Providence, RI

The Duck & Bunny Providence RI (4) 
The Duck & Bunny Providence, RI 6 

 The Duck & Bunny A Snuggery
(photo courtesy of the Duck & Bunny website)

  • What: Girls Night Out
  • When: Last Night
  • Where: The Duck & Bunny ~ Providence, RI
  • Menu Sample: Bacon Wrapped Dates ~ Artisanal Cheese Plate ~ The Ultimate New York System Crêpe ~ Homemade Gourmet Cupcakes ~ 
  • Brewhaha:  Guinness on draught ~ Narragansett in the can ~ Maipe Malbec ~
  • Atmosphere:  Absolutely charming!


blue vintage hat 
My blue vintage hat and I had a fabulous time out on the town...and The Duck & Bunny is the perfect venue for catching up with the gals or a romantic dinner for two.  If you're wanting to enjoy the latter, you may want to request a quiet table away from large parties of females who managed to sneak out for a night sans husbands & offspring...


xx ~ Michelle

Be There at Five

Conversational Music Be There At 5 Glenn Osser vintage Album Cover 

Conversational Music
Be There at Five
conducted by
Glenn Osser

Excerpt from back cover:

"The cocktail hour is the vine-clad bridge in the day of the active modern.  It separates and it connects the two distinct parts of the well-ordered life.  It is the hour to gently close the work-day when the world makes its demands upon the person; it opens those hours when the person may make his demands upon the world.  It is the bridge into the evening, into relaxation, into the world of intimates, into privacy...The cocktail hour is a time that every zestful modern owes to himself.  It is a time for discovery of new moods, of desires, sometimes of new people, an hour to pool the feelings of separate souls.  This, then is music for five o'clock until..."

I could not have said it better myself...despite the hint of chauvinism...I see two glasses on that table.

xx ~ Michelle

It's Head of the Charles Regatta Weekend

Brewmaster  Aaron of Watch City Brewing  brought to my attention that this weekend, October 23 & 24, is the 46th Head of the Charles Regatta in Cambridge. 

Head of the Charles Regatta 2
(photo courtesy of Head of the Charles Regatta)

It's just a 45 minute walk between Davis Square and all the festivities at The Charles.

Another great reason to come into Boston for The Top Shelf Flea Market II on Sunday!  And why not finish the day off with some great microbrews over at Watch City Brewing?  Say hello to Aaron for me and tell him I sent you.

xx ~ Michelle


In an effort to inspire a fellow blogger with wonderful old~world sartorial taste and a penchant for old~world hotels offering old~world style libations I present:

How TinTin got his groove back
Hudson's Bay Best Procurable Blended Scotch Whisky 

c 1971

How TinTin got his groove back (3)

How TinTin got his groove back (2) 

"What's that blue sticker?"  I ask DH.
"Darling, please, you're making me feel old" he replies....

How TinTin got his groove back (4) 

"I love the packaging!" say I.
"Mmm Hmmm, it has a map, of course you love it..." he whispers as he tries to not wince at the first swallow....

How TinTin got his groove back (5)

"I bet James Bond pretended to be an Internal Revenue Officer just to try this!"  I say, lost in the romantic notion of some handsome man trying to smuggle a bottle out of the country because he fell in love with it.
"I seriously doubt it, he was a vodka man, remember?" DH responds, looking almost as if he is in a bit of pain...

Compliments of a patient/friend of DH, this bottle sat on the bar for months (at my insistence) until DH convinced me he had researched it and found it not so wanting...after tasting it I understood completely.  My first reaction was "Eeeeooooow cheap tequila" followed by "Oh wait, that's almost warm & lovely" followed by "Ooooh, it's burning and I don't think I want another sip" followed by " Oooh, I actually taste moldy, oaky Scotch, I think..."

We opened it, we tried it, we would never go buy it.  But, being a lover of all things vintage, I enjoyed the ride.  Besides, the same day he opened it, I found this:

How TinTin got his groove back (7) How TinTin got his groove back (8)

Not vintage, but so very Friday Belt: an oh so preppy pink & green cocktail ribbon belt by Douglas Paquette of Providence, RI.  Being dog~less (aside from the occasional dog~sitting for fam & friends) I passed on the matching collar & leash, but then again, that was before the whisky...



xx ~ Michelle