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What does Hemingway have to do with a little black dress?   I know that's what you're thinking!   While that could be a loaded question I will simply tell you there are two matters I am very excited about having to do with my Post title~~so here we go. . .

ErnestHemingway  (One of my favorite photos of this handsome gent)

The first is to tell you about a great event to be held in KEY WEST:  THE ANNUAL HEMINGWAY DAYS CELEBRATION JULY 15~20,2008!

 The event includes look~alike contests, readings and presentations, a three~day marlin~fishing tournament & a short story competition!   Sloppy Joe's Bar is where the Look~Alike Contest takes place~~and also is a great place to find one self a refreshing libation!  Check out the website for some great photos and more information~~what a great final destination for that road trip you've been wanting to take!!  Or if you have some frequent flyer miles to use up~~here you go!! 


A.Hepburn LBD 

As far as that Little Black Dress thing goes, I had the thrill of coming into the possession of an absolutely GORGEOUS Little Black Dress~~not just any LBD, though.  This is a HARVEY BERIN by KAREN STARK original.  The house of Berin opened in 1921 and his designer was Karen Stark.  Stark looked to the latest Parisian styles as inspiration for her work.  And my Vintage Dress is a perfect example of French Chic!! You can find out more about Mr. Berin and Ms. Stark at www.vintagefashionguild.org. .

This Vintage Collectible will be available soon in my boutique~~if you are already interested in more details feel free to contact me. 


xx ~ Michelle


June. The month for brides and graduates. . .and in this house we have a

.Vintage grad photo3 GRADUATE!!!

Our little girl graduated from Kindergarden last Friday!!  I don't know what has happended to me but I have turned into the biggest mush bucket on the planet!  Can anyone out there relate??  I have resorted to stashing mini packets of tissues everywhere & to purchasing water proof mascara~~aka tar for eyelash enhancement!

100_2594 You keep smiling sweetie, only 12 more years to go!!

100_2623 Sorry about the photo quality~~the lighting in the school gym left little to be desired!!

MEANDMYDAD Daddy's so proud!!


100_2640 100_2639



100_2642 Followed by a visit to JOHNNY ROCKETS to celebrate!!!

Thanks, Mom!!

Next, how about a bit of SHOE SHOPPING??!!  And a visit to Brown University Book Store??!! 


100_2646 Now you'll have even more time to read!


xx ~ Michelle


This month is my one year anniversary in blogland and for my on~line Boutique The Red Velvet Shoe and I would like to send you all a great big THANK YOU by inviting you to participate in my first ( of hopefully many!)

                    VINTAGE BLOG GIVE~A~WAYS!!!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you will be entered in a drawing for this sweet little collection of Vintage Treasures:


It sort of adopted a Spring Bridal theme along the way~~but even if you are not among the "soon to be betrothed" you may know of a Spring Bride or perhaps have a beautiful daughter or neice who has an appreciation for Vintage Goodies who may someday walk down that long aisle. . .or if you are a sentimental romantic like me who still looks at Wedding Magazines you could treat yourself!   

All of this came from my "stock" at THE RED VELVET SHOE!  Just another example of goodies I have waiting to find their way to new Vintage homes & wardrobes!

Here is the box of treasures our happy winner can expect in the mail:

A)  A vintage powder blue jammy jacket with lace frills and ribbon ties. . .

B)  The sweetest vintage "For The Bride" album~~the drawings seem to be from the 1960's. . .

C)  A vintage 1967 McCall's pattern for bridal head pieces~~very mod & retro. . .

D)  One darling floral chintz vintage apron with two pockets and lots of cabbage patch roses. . .

E)  A lovely piece of decorative beaded trim. . .

F)  A beautiful pair of white Vintage gloves. . .

G)  A dainty silver necklace with matching earrings and crystal  embellishments. . .

H)  A pair of vintage glass travel toiletry holders. . .

I)  A book of poetry for the Bride. . .BRIDAL BOUQUET~~Penhaligon's Scented Treasury of Verse and Prose. . .

J)  A roll of beautiful Bridal Ribbon with images of the classic 1920's Flapper bride. . .

K)  A blush pink vintage silk purse. . .

L)  A pretty vintage paper theme sewing box for the new bride!

If you click on the photo above I think you can get a closer view~~and here are a few more close~up shots:

100_2458 100_2460 100_2459

100_2463 100_2462

100_2461_2 Thank you to whoever stops by~~be sure to leave a comment! 

The only reserve on this is that I can only ship to the continental US due to high shipping costs, but if you do happen by here please say hello, I would love to hear from you!



xx ~ Michelle

Take Me Out to the Ballgame I

We are big Red Sox fans around here, but truth be told, going into Boston for a game is becoming more and more of a burden than an adventure.  And now that I am the big 40~~I find that less is more. . . in many, many ways. . .

We started the weekend celebrating three of my five siblings Wedding Anniversaries at Mom's house~~since we all were married in April it has become a sort of tradtition to "go to Mom's for anniversary dinner".  . .she loves and dreads it at the same time, I'm sure.  Family matriarch that she is she would never admit it, but I know just from being my age that having 15 over for dinner is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Besides the fact that she and my step father downsized to an absolutely adorable house that is great for them but when company rolls around Mom goes into panic attack~~or as Rue would refer to it, the turkey dance!

Anyway, here is one adorable photo I was able to snap at some point during the festivities:


That's my zany brother Andrew  playing with the kids~~They are actually wooping his butt as I used to many moons ago. . .and here is his gorgeous wife Stacy . . .

100_2421 She will probably take me to court for posting these pictures but I'll plead jealousy since most of my Vintage Treasures would look fantabulous on her 6 foot Size 0 frame! She is your dream Vintage Model by every count~~if only she lived closer I would use her to model my stuff!

Later on, while I was doing dishes the three little pumpkins surfaced again:

100_2427_3 Hmmm, why aren't you over here helping me clean up?

They are so sweet together, our three daughters.  They love each other to the simple little girl core ~~my brothers are my step brothers but you could never convince me of that~~they have been as dear to me as any flesh and blood~~possibly more so. . . for all the stress that comes with second time around make~shift families. . .I am just thankful we all find something to love about the other~~we have all been blessed more than we know. . .

And the next day we woke up to an amazing blue sky & that was beyond perfect for:

Vintage_ballpark Yes, my favorite. . .an afternoon at the ball park!

This amazing image is from Westfield on Weekend  you must visit their site to see more beautiful Vintage Ballpark watercolors. . .I was looking for an image to add to my post and when I found this site I just had to share it. . .


xx ~ Michelle

The Run for the Roses

Having grown up around horses and stables and racing each other up the airstrip (yes, my grandfather had a Piper Cub very similar to this one!~~we used to "fly" out to get Chinese food, literally!) I love to take a few hours on a certain Saturday afternoon at this time of year to watch the infamous KENTUCKY DERBY.

You know the one:

Derby_hat_2 Where all the ladies vie for the best hat in the house, the best horse on the track, and the best man!

Even if you don't have a passion for horses, just watching the hats is an event in itself!! 

Derby_hat_3 It seems like a lot of fun, an excuse to really dress to the nines in an otherwise dress code~less world. . .or maybe it's all those Mint Juleps????

Kentuckyderby1 I have always dreamed of going. . .and since I've always dreamed of seeing Springsteen who knows?  Maybe my dream~giver will come through again??!!

Check your local listings if your interested in an afternoon of peace & privilege~~it is, after all, the SPORT OF KINGS!


(Photos from http://www.churchilldowns.com/ & http://www.kentuckyderby.com/2008/)

P.S.If you'd like to check out some great one~of~a~kind Derby hats click on this link visit Honey Bend's Blog! Fun!

xx ~ Michelle

My Husband & The Boss

I WANNA MARRY YOU  by Bruce Springsteen

"Little girl, I wanna marry you
Oh yeah, little girl, I wanna marry you
Yes I do
Little girl, I wanna marry you

Now honey, I don't wanna clip your wings
But a time comes when two people should think of these things
Having a home and a family
Facing up to their responsibilities
They say in the end true love prevails
But in the end true love can't be no fairytale
To say I'll make your dreams come true would be wrong
But maybe, darlin', I could help them along. . ."

My husband John and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last week~~I decided to give myself a gift of not checking my mail or my boutique that day (and I apologize to the ladies who had sent inquiries for items for my delay in getting back to you.)  I like to take out our wedding album and reminisce about our wedding day~~our daughter loves to see them (although she still can't figure our why she is not in any of the pictures!!) 


Here we are. . .this is my favorite picture from our wedding. . .we didn't hire a big fancy, schmancy photographer.  I wanted photos that captured our celebratory spirit, no staged smiles for this couple!!!  So between my step-dad and a family friend we were able to get some great shots and I just love our wedding album.

Because we went to Disney in February, I thought we were going to have a low key anniversary this year. you know, romantic cards, a bottle of champagne & a fancy dinner at home.  Actually, that is a wonderful way to celebrate, isn't it?

We had all of the above, but my prince decided to get me "a little something extra" since I had been out of my perfume for quite awhile he went Macy's and bought it for me.  So sweet, isn't he?  I was thrilled to have it after so long without it.  I opened the box (which I did notice wasn't wrapped in the cellophane) took it out to put some on and tossed the little gold box onto the coffee table. . .after a minute my husband said: " You may want to check inside that box, dear..."

You will never imagine what I found inside. . .


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TWO TICKETS FOR BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You must understand that if there is one brilliant songwriter & performer in all the world I have to see before I die it is Mr. Springsteen.  I almost saw him once in the mid 80S and a few weeks ago I made one of those woe~is~me comments to John that "I just know I'll never get to see him.  He's 58 years old and how much longer is he going to keep touring. . .blah, blah, blah". . .little did I know he took my words to heart and set out to land us some great tickets for the last stop on the Tour~~home of the New England Patriots~~Gillette Stadium!!!

Of course, someone paid the actual dollar amount on the tickets but for some reason there was a lot of Ticket Inflation by the time we paid for it!  LOL!  How great is my husband????  ( Despite a bit of jealousy of the first man I gave my teenage heart to!!)   

I do have some of his music on CD but my favorite way to listen to The Boss is like this:

Record_player_3 Yep, with my albums & my record player!!!!  Bruce Vintage Style!

Recordplayer2   My neighbor was throwing this away about 10 years ago and I was not having that one bit!   I just hope the needle never breaks~~do they even make them anymore????

So once the shock of this amazing gift wore off a bit I started thinking about. . .


A rock and roll concert on a hot Saturday night in August???  I'm thinking my brown cowboy boots, a vintage floral cotton skirt, a t shirt and my jean jacket???   Or maybe a vintagey floral cotton sun dress with my boots? I found this one that I thought was very sweet and summery   and I also really like this one!   What would you wear to a summer night concert?  Our Augusts are hot and steamy here in Massachusetts. . .but for once I can't wait!!


xx ~ Michelle