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Summer's Bounty & Loss

Lunch at Stanley's  

Lunching at Stanley's with your best friend with respective Barbies in tow....

Making sundaes after Mommy's asleep 

Making homemade sundaes when you should be in bed....

 Perfecting her croquet swing at dusk 

Perfecting one's croquet swing at dusk in a swirly frock....

How we eat clams around here

Waiting patiently for a bucket of fresh steamed clams....

The bouquet of fresh herbs on the counter....

Loving thy neighbor for sharing nature's bounty....and agreeing to eat vegetables tonight to make Mom's day....

Saying goodbye to our boat 

Saying "Goodbye & Safe Passage" to a dear old friend....

Goodbye Madishelle

"Parting is such sweet sorrow......"

The flower girls....

Walking down the aisle for an adored friend and her betrothed....

The bride and groom dance a fox trot 

And watching them dance the night away....in the manner of a fox~trot....

1950s Bonwit Teller pink suit~worn to stand up for my sister on her wedding 

Understanding why Mommy is so happy this suit still fits her almost 20 years later....

Umbrella beach 

One thing I have learned this summer is that one must take whatever joy one can from the present.  That is not to say that we can just go hay~wire and be careless about tomorrow, rather, we have to stop and enjoy the moment....for the moment is just that~ a moment~~which, if un~noticed, un~enjoyed, un~appreciated, can be gone forever....and there are enough things that are "gone" in this world before we are ready to see them go...so hug your Mom, hug your Dad, hug your wife/husband, hug your children, hug your sister/brother, hug your cousin, hug your friend, hug your neighbor, ...because I have friends who, at this moment, would give the rest of their life to, just once more,  hug their wife, mom, and friend...

Until we meet again, sweet friend.... 

xx ~ Michelle


Please don't tell on me!  My DH thinks I'm busy packing~~we are getting ready to cruise our little ship to "The Vineyard" (no, we are not part of the Presidential entourage which will descend upon that poor little island!)

But I just found this great little vintage shop and had to show you some of the great offerings they have~~I seem to be on a RED roll:


1930's Red Plastic Coffee Pot Napkin Holder



1940's Canvas Nautical Duvet Cover
(I am in love with this nautical piece!)




1950's Wilendur Tablecloth with Napkins



Mid Century Mod Cherry Red Ericofon Telephone



Vintage Diner Glass Syrup Pitcher



Vintage Set of Startex Kitchen Towels

(All photos courtesy of  LISTIT VINTAGE CAFE )


Do you see what I mean?  I hate packing anyway, especially for the boat, so this has been a fun, cheerful respite! 

Alas, I must get back to the torture packing!

At least I have this wonderful news to cheer me on:

Thank you, Mr. Sunshine!!!!

(Someday I'll share my rather harrowing experience on our boat and then you will truly appreciate how much this forecast means to me!)

Have a wonderful weekend!


xx ~ Michelle


We came back ashore to attend a great 25th Anniversary Party for some good friends, here are a few pictures from it. . .just try to ignore the barefoot beach bum kid who snuck over from next door!!



Now you see why we had to be here!!  There is nothing like dinner at dusk by the water with candles, wine, great food and great friends. . .well worth the trip!!

xx ~ Michelle



Greetings from the Rhode Island Coast!  We've been on our boat since Tuesday. . .the weather was wonderful up until yesterday~~it turned a bit damp and drizzily. . .but vacation is still a great dose of R & R no matter what the weather is!


Lots of lounging around the pool. . .


Lots of fresh~picked clams and cold, crisp wine to wash them down. . .


Hurry up, get the crackers, we have guests. . .


A precious moment. . .

Hope your summer vacation is wonderful!!

xx ~ Michelle