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Writer's Block: From A Girl's Point of View

Vintage smith coronoa pink typewriter
(photo courtesy of Joe Vintage)

My daughter has been asking for a vintage typewriter for years now.  That's one vintage passion she shares with me.  She's an avid writer, her notebooks are scattered around our world--I find them in the car, all over our house, and occasionally in the trash when she gets writer's block.  I try to tell her not to throw it away, that sometimes you just need to leave it alone for awhile.  I guess I've been following my own advice.

It seems the faster paced world of tweeting & status updates have pushed the more time consuming, thought provoking world of blogging to the back burner.  Typical of the "instant gratification" culture of today.  I'm guilty of it--I know that as of today 281 people on Facebook will see what I scored at an estate sale if I post it there.  I highly doubt a blog post devoted to it would bring that sort of traffic. 

Reading and writing blogs is time consuming, but in a far better way than Twitter & Facebook can be.  I've come to know some rather amazing people through their insightful, witty, and informative blogs.  They make me laugh, cry, gasp & blush...I have, in a virtual sense, welcomed their newborn babes into this world and stood graveside with my arm around their shoulder when they've had to let someone go...

So here's to an occasional well-written blog post and finding my girl a pink vintage typewriter--something like this.

xx ~ Michelle

Julie Powell and I

I venture to say I'm probably the last middle aged woman in the USA who can say she's seen "Julie and Julia" starring Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Stanley Tucci.  I watched it tonight and have to admit it was above and beyond what I expected.   Julia Child was often found in our house, chattering away on the TV (in black & white)  while my mother sat at the kitchen table, sipping coffee, yacking on the phone with her sister (who lived upstairs from us, which left me, at a mere 5 years old, pondering the insanity of having to call her when you could just stand on a chair in the kitchen near the heat vent and hear what was going on up there just fine).

I don't remember ever tasting anything very divine at our kitchen table, which probably means my mother didn't really watch Julia to learn how to cook French food, but it was more about having another adult around in a sea of little people.  (I understood that concept completely once I became a mother.)  I, however, would sit about a foot away from the convex bubble screen of the TV and be mesmerized by her.  Her accent, her laugh, that she didn't ever worry about one of those pans falling from above and clunking her in the head, and her food.  Of course the swigs from the bottle of chianti always caused hand covered giggles, we would run into the kitchen and copy her, trying to outrun my mother as she screamed for us to "put that down!"   These are my memories of Julia.

If you blog and are trying to live your passion, whatever it may be, this movie probably struck a cord with you as well.  It brought back the trepidation of that first blog post~~of having the power to "PUBLISH" your thoughts, dreams, opinions, likes, dislikes, wishes, and words.  If you are a writer, this was your chance to, at the very least, have that creative outlet that is as necessary as dancing is to the dancer.  Powerful and terrifying at the same time. "No one is going to read this anyway" ~~ remember that?  I still face that demon from time to time.  And the supportive significant other....I'd venture to say that blogging and the narcissism it can foster (if allowed) has been guilty of, if not breaking up relationships then of putting a heavy strain on them. 

The ups and downs of Julie's year felt very much like my last five years operating an online vintage shop and blogging about my love for vintage.  As my 5 year Anniversary for Tales & The Shoe approaches, I realize that although The New York Times hasn't called, that I can count on one hand the blog posts that have had more than 10 comments and that I've never had readers send me gifts through the mail.....I am happy to report that I've "met" some wonderful people through my journey, that my husband has not left me over my vintage adventure and remains quietly yet constantly supportive, and my stats tell me somewhere out there are people who read my blog, or at the very least take a peek.  And above all, despite the ups and downs and joy and tears, I still love it.  And that's what Ms. Powell and I have in common. 

I'm certain Julie Powell continues to create masterpieces in her kitchen...because that year changed her life and she embraced the change.  And she has that adorable husband to cook for.

I'm certain I will continue to unearth vintage treasures.....because these last five years have changed my life and I have embraced it.  And I have you adorable readers to write for and shoppers to shop for.

Back to the cutting board....

xx ~ Michelle

Find Me Here

Giuseppe of AAW graciously invited some of the vendors for The Top Shelf Flea to co~host on the blog he created for the event. 

Giuseppe's a cool guy.  So cool, he actually typed out a letter on his vintage typewriter and mailed it via the good old fashioned USPS.  How long has it been since you've seen a Xerox copy?  Line down the center and all. 

TSF letter 

Hmmmm, I wonder if this will be worth a fortune someday?

xx ~ Michelle




As you can see,  "Tales" has undergone a bit of a makeover, as has "The Shoe".   While I don't claim to be the talented artist my aunt is renowned for, I did enjoy creating my new banner with it's vintage~travel~esque theme.  I guess watching Out of Africa & Death on the Nile  had a bit of influence on me . . . I'm still working on the footer image, but for now I need to "step away from the keyboard". . . so tell me, what do you think? 

xx ~ Michelle




 I've been trying to get a bit more "with it" as far as blogging goes, and have noticed that Google offers a way to "FOLLOW" a blog~~aside from just adding it to your Google reader.  So I spent way too much time trying to figure it out (I am definitely "blond" as far as this stuff goes!) and have finally added it to my sidebar.  Typepad also has a new "Follow Me" gadget, so that's over there as well, along with "Blog Lovin"~~so pick your poison and jump on board!

You may want to check your profiles & privacy settings in your Google account to your wishes before you join~~you can even be a "Secret Admirer" (oops, that's Esty, isn't it?) . . .I mean you can follow my blog "Privately" if you don't want your picture showing up there.  And you can "STOP FOLLOWING" anytime, don't worry, I won't take it personally!  Also, now that I get the whole concept of "Following" I will be making the rounds and adding my favorite haunts to my list~~I generally visit everyone via my "Lovely Links" page, but I'll try to catch up with the rest of blogsville and begin following!  As with everything I've ever done online, it takes me a lot of time, which is something none of us have a lot of, is it?

You don't say!

Also, Typepad has added a new feature that I think is neat.  If you read a post or find a page that you just love, want to share, or just know you'll want to refer back to,  you can actually "FAVORITE" it~~you'll find that link at the post/page footer.  I love this, it's a great way to mark a specific part of a blog as a Fave, which saves a lot of time when you want to see it again.  (Which reminds me, my new pet peeve is clicking on a link to something I've searched and being taken to a page and there is no sign of this thing/image/word I've searched for~~grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)  This is especially helpful to me when I am doing research, which is practically all the time!!  It also tells the blog author what people like~~and what's better than that?

So, I'm looking forward to seeing your little picture in that little box, and finding out a bit about you!  

Have a great weekend!




xx ~ Michelle


You never know what you'll find via your "Stats", do you? 

Last week I was checking out my "Blog Visitor Stats" and saw a link to a place I'd never been before
(in cyberville, that is). I clicked on the link and found, not only a fantastic vintage clothing blog with tons and tons of vintage fashion inspiration
but also that I had been honored with this Kreativ Blogger Award!

So please, take a moment to go visit


and take a long, leisurely stroll around her wonderful corner of vintage blogsville!  Thanks again, Jaynie!

 One thing she mentioned that she liked about my blog is that I show pictures of myself in my vintage clothes. . .well, truth be told, I take lots of pictures in my vintage clothes but have actually posted very few of them.  With ladies like Giselle Brady & Co. wandering around, it's a bit intimidating to this 5 foot vintage munchkin!

But I will share this photo from a wedding we attended yesterday~~it's a feathered hat that was my grandmother's. . .I'm really not a "hat" person, but this was a great way to break the ice, as it sits more like a headband and doesn't feel too overwhelming on.

1940s feathered hat

I received many compliments on it, and it was such a pleasure to be able so say "It was my grandmother's".  If you are fortunate enough to still have your grandparents around, be sure to take good care of all the treasures they give you, they will be priceless one day. . .

I'll be working on my list of "SEVEN EXCEPTIONAL BLOGS & SEVEN THINGS I LOVE" . . how ever will I choose??

Also, I finally created a separate page for my favorite links~~be they vintage/fashion/domestic/French or just plain fun, you'll find them here.  It will be an ongoing process to update and organize them as I find new wonderful inspiration!





xx ~ Michelle


Whether we like it or not, here in the North East we are now watching the sun set a bit earlier each day, feeling that little bit of chill in the air upon rising and as we're finishing up the dinner dishes, yes, we are in the final days of summer. . .

Vintage sailorette gal

Those long, lazy days lounging by the pool, sipping on a cool libation in the afternoon, & letting the children stay up way too late are  (so sadly!)  coming to a close. . .

If, like me, you're not quite ready to let go of summer & attack that endless pile of ironing that has been multiplying all summer long

hey, why not?

(Photo courtesy of "Things Your Grandmother Knew")

 and "Back~To~School" means a little more spare time for Mom (finally!)
 then you might enjoy taking a peek at some of these links I've been saving up over the summer to share with you:


This is an amazing site that caters to all things vintage/antique or collectible.  They just posted a wonderful interview with the owner of "Glamoursplash" ~~ the best vintage swimwear collection on the web, in my opinion.  You will find so much to read/see/learn & yes, even purchase if you feel the need to spend a bit on yourself now that school shopping is pretty much over!


The name says it all~~this is practically a Home~Ec course on-line!  You'll find vintage cleaning secrets, vintage recipes, vintage sewing tips, and pretty much everything else your Grandma knew and you wish you knew, too!  This blog is chock~full of vintage research/images and many more links to more great vintage!


If, like me, you wish the word "MALL" had never been invented, and a day spent shopping meant dressing up, lunching out, and spending hours browsing through a beautiful department store, with a doorman, an elevator that had a floor for each department, a secret~code bell system to let clerks know when or where they were needed, and lovely boxes tied with ribbon to carry your treasures home in, then you will love this site.  Once again, the name says it all~~you will find some lovely photos of famous, old departments stores and a torrent of information about them.  You can even ask a question about a department store from your area and find out practically anything you wish to know.  Shopping the way it used to be. . .


Got a thing for shoes?  (Who doesn't?)  Then a visit to this site will be a decadent treat!  I won't say anymore, you have to see for yourself!


Wish, like me, you knew more about sewing & vintage/antique fashions?  This site has a wealth of information for all things sartorial, including a Tailoring Vocabulary Dictionary.  Priceless!


For all Jane Austen lovers~~a lovely site that will transport you back in time. . .fix yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!


In the blog owner's words: "Vintage advertising ~~  found in my mother's basement, flea markets & various corners of the Internet ~~ dusted off and displayed for your viewing pleasure."


Housework rules 

After all that wonderful vintage distraction. . .

that pile of ironing doesn't seem so daunting after all!!




xx ~ Michelle


It always amazes me what one can find for blog~post inspiration. . .I actually laugh when I see TypePads little list of "New Blog Post Ideas"~~I could post 50 times a day and not run out of amazing things to share with you. I tend to begin with one theme and then find myself drifting off course, going down a pretty path to nowhere and everywhere at the same time. . .and today is no exception!

To begin, I have recently made the acquaintance of a fellow vintage clothing collector and boutique owner via blogville.  When I first received an email from her, I was impressed by the way she took time to write as if she were writing a real letter.  She had  pretty stationary (aka "background") and wrote in beautiful penmanship (aka "font") and had all the composition propriety of a real, old fashioned letter.  I started to feel a bit nostalgic for the days when hand~writing a letter was the only way you could correspond.  Days when the mailman's visit brought the possibility of a letter from a loved one or friend from far away. . .



Days when we had real mail boxes. . .

 when letters were revered, especially if from one's love. . .


Sigh. . .okay back to 2009!










Please allow me to introduce her to you. . .


Meet Christina of the amazing new vintage boutique she so perfectly calls FABULOUS FINDS & CO where you will truly find some fabulous things!  She offers vintage not only for the wardrobe but also for the home, and she has some absolute treasures to offer.  Promise me you'll go visit her and tell her I said hello! 

While I was looking for the vintage mail images above, I found a few other great vintage sites I just had to share with you. 



  You can find more beautiful images like this at Circa Vintage Clothing Blog.  It was there that I found a link to this next amazing vintage blog:



  It's called Super Kawaii Mama and it's chock full of all kinds of vintage~~from how to do your hair in a 1940s up-do to replicating a vintage manicure. . .it's a lot of fun and I know you'll find some vintage wardrobe inspiration.  She even hosted a Mad Men look~alike contest, click here to see the great photos and winners!


And I couldn't sign off without sharing these amazing photographs taken by the late talented photographer Tom Palumbo who's work I found via this fantastic blog.  His work is beyond amazing and, once again, I am a new fan of something old. . .


So, as I stated at the outset, my inspiration for blog posts is never wanting, and meandering off the road down those little paths is always, always, always rewarding!  And I find I absolutely MUST share the wealth!!

BLOG SIGNATURE  PS~~Apologies for the strange image layout~~Type Pad wasn't cooperating with this post :)


xx ~ Michelle