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Academy Awards Old-School Style

Academy Award Hits LP Album Mercury Wing Cover
Academy Award Hits LP Album Mercury Wing Cover

Who's tuning in to the 92nd Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciencesthis evening? I found this vintage album a few years ago featuring ten of American film's most iconic songs, each one nominated for an Academy Award. "The Theme from Peyton Place", "An Affair to Remember" (my favorite!), and Frank Sinatra's "All The Way" are just a few of the great songs on it. Enjoy!

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We Need Your Vote!

If you love The Red Velvet Shoe and/or Tales From A Vintage Wardrobe, then hop on over to

 Lulu's Vintage blog

and leave a comment saying so...competition is fierce and we are just a speck of all the wonderful vintage being brought to you online, but we would be forever grateful!  Be sure to read her entire blog post so you know just what to do for your vote to count.  Thank You!



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The 1930s Vintage Dress Massacre

What some in the fashion world had hoped to be among the most noble "green" fashion causes of the 2011 Oscars has turned out to be far from that.  Instead, The 1930s Vintage Dress Massacre story has stolen the limelight.

South-East London fashion designer Gary Harvey was hired by Livia Firth, the lovely wife of the very handsome Oscar nominee (and winner) Colin Firth to design her dress for the Oscars.  Her goal was to wear only eco-friendly, sustainable, and green fashion on the red carpet.  The result?  Eleven 1930s vintage dresses purchased at vintage clothing shop 360 Degrees were cut up to create one gown for her to wear.

The victims lie helpless 
(photo credit: Vogue.com )

360 Degrees was asked about the condition of the eleven gowns.  " What was the condition of the 1930s gowns used to make Gary Harvey's dress? Were they already damaged beyond wearability or did he actually destroy 11 perfectly good vintage gowns?"  (February 28, 2011 11:48 pm) source: 360 Degrees FB page

360 Degrees: "He bought the very best gowns..."  (March 1, 2011 4:18 am)  And later that same day: "I did say he bought the best gowns I didn't say they were perfect most vintage garments will have some sign of wear and tear." (March 1, 2011 2:18 pm) source: 360 Degrees FB page

Mr. Harvey was asked "Were the gowns that you used in wearable condition as they were, or would they have been considered damaged beyond repair?" 

Mr. Harvey: "This is an unjust criticism...not one of these garments was suitable to wear in its current state, due to distress, damage, or decay, they had all been beautiful dresses once, this is the true nature of recycling.  I have preserved and given new life to these vintage garments, some of which would have ended up in land-fill." (March 2, 2011) courtesy of Couture Allure Vintage Fashion

 A close-up of the victims
(photo credit: Vogue.com )

British journalist Lucy Siegle, who co-writes The Green Carpet Challenge blog on Vogue UK with Livia Firth and helped with the final touches of the gown stated:

"The pieces were damaged to such an extent and or so tiny that they had little to no chance of resale in their original state - sorry, there are not enough costume museums to accommodate. Rot on a hanger or make sustainable style history? You decide." (March 3, 2011 01:43 PM) courtesy of The Huffington Post

I've read that one of the gowns purchased was priced at 250 pounds.  I wish I could sell a damaged, distressed, decaying, rotting vintage dress for that much...I understand Mrs. Firth was trying to do something good.  I understand that Mr. Harvey is a very talented designer.  I understand that 360 Degrees loves vintage clothing or they wouldn't exist.  What I don't understand is how any of them can justify this, or call it eco-friendly, sustainable, and green fashion.  Deleting critical comments and blocking commenters because they called this farce on the rug (which reportedly happened on the Vogue UK blog)  is proof enough that all involved are guilty as charged. 

 I’m sure being contacted by a famous designer to shop in your store and create a dress for a swanky client who’s handsome husband is up for an Oscar is a shop owner’s dream come true. Let's face it, it's the break of a lifetime.  But personally, if he waltzed into my shop, chose 11 of my best 1930s frocks and then informed me he was going to take the scissors to them, I couldn’t do it. I would refuse the sale. I’d rather remain the quiet shop on the corner than hear my name swirl around the fashion world for a week or two, where you’re here today and forgotten tomorrow. Let’s hope 360 Degrees didn’t know the scissors were coming.

In this vintage clothing lovers heart, it will be known as The 1930s Vintage Dress Massacre forevermore...


xx ~ Michelle


Yes, it's also THAT time of year~~you may recall the plea I put out last year for you to vote for The Red Velvet Shoe as your favorite vintage clothing website.  My pleas & your support paid off and we tied for third place!  What a thrill, and all thanks to YOU!


(Please read everything below before you click on the link to Lulu's Contest)

  • After you click on the link to get over to Lulu's blog, take a moment to read her contest/voting instructions at the top of the post. 
  • You must LEAVE A COMMENT AND NAME "THE RED VELVET SHOE" in your comment at Lulu's Blog to have your vote counted~~just clicking on "The Red Velvet Shoe" from her list of nominees does NOT count as a vote.   
  • Scroll down to the comment form on her blog and fill out the form to comment.   You can use an alias if you prefer to remain a "mystery" and don't worry~~your email address is NOT included in your comment, but you must enter a valid email address.  You can leave the "URL" line blank, unless you'd like to include a link back to your website/blog then enter your web address in that line.  (All comments are held for approval so it may not show up right away.)
  • You may want to check her blog the day after you vote to make sure your comment went through.  I'm mentioning this because last year many readers emailed to tell me they voted, but had not done so properly so their vote didn't get published or counted.

Follow this link to cast your vote for THE RED VELVET SHOE: 

Thank you from the bottom of my vintage~lovin' heart!

Photo Credit: Lillian Bassman, "Barbara Mullen:
Blowing Kiss," c. 1950s, photograph

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Drew Barrymore~~Monique Lhuillier Gown

It was a toss up~~"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" or the stars arriving at The 61st Prime-time Emmy Awards...we started with the Emmy's until a completely creepy vampire commercial pulled the protective Mommy out of me and back we went to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.   While I love to watch the "Fashions" at awards shows, it is probably one of the areas in life where I suffer from sudden ADD.  I just can't seem to sit there for hours watching practically every winner get up there and say:  " I can't believe I'm up here!"  when they darn well know they have spent hours trying to conjure up some amazing, witty, unique speech that will make them stand out from all the rest because deep down they are convinced that they alone are deserving to be on that stage.  

All cattiness aside, I did really fall for Drew Barrymore's ensemble.  I've read some of the early reviews and cannot be swayed~~I loved it.  She looked stunning~~feminine, soft, regal & old world Hollywood glam with a splash of princess thrown in.  While some are faulting her neutral, one~tone ensemble as blah, it strikes me as understated, self~assured elegance.  It's tasteful & refreshingly modest, and she looks completely comfortable in it.  Her hair was in my favorite sort of up~do, not too severe, but elegant and grown up.  And her make up was perfect~~the ruby red lips were the perfect splash of color.  Her gracious, congratulatory expressions of joy when she watched Jessica Lange receive the award for Grey Gardens proves her to be a lady through and through.  I give Drew Barrymore an A+!!

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

Rose Byrne~~vintage Valentino

Of course I absolutely must comment on Rose Byrne in this vintage Valentino~~another stunning ensemble.  This gown looks as if it were made for her.  While her hair does look pretty, I would have liked to have seen it up, perhaps in a chignon, or at least the sides up, maybe in a 1940s~ish half~up~do style.   Another A+ for her!

I think what I like most about awards shows is that, for the most part, Hollywood looks like Hollywood.  There are so many celebrity tabloid magazines that feature stars in such ordinary, everyday, and at times, just plain hideous clothing and attire that it is refreshing to see them dressed to the nines!  

She's got Bette Davis eyes. . .

Congratulations to all the winners, and for all the Mad Men fans, it looks like there will be a season four, doesn't it???



xx ~ Michelle


You never know what you'll find via your "Stats", do you? 

Last week I was checking out my "Blog Visitor Stats" and saw a link to a place I'd never been before
(in cyberville, that is). I clicked on the link and found, not only a fantastic vintage clothing blog with tons and tons of vintage fashion inspiration
but also that I had been honored with this Kreativ Blogger Award!

So please, take a moment to go visit


and take a long, leisurely stroll around her wonderful corner of vintage blogsville!  Thanks again, Jaynie!

 One thing she mentioned that she liked about my blog is that I show pictures of myself in my vintage clothes. . .well, truth be told, I take lots of pictures in my vintage clothes but have actually posted very few of them.  With ladies like Giselle Brady & Co. wandering around, it's a bit intimidating to this 5 foot vintage munchkin!

But I will share this photo from a wedding we attended yesterday~~it's a feathered hat that was my grandmother's. . .I'm really not a "hat" person, but this was a great way to break the ice, as it sits more like a headband and doesn't feel too overwhelming on.

1940s feathered hat

I received many compliments on it, and it was such a pleasure to be able so say "It was my grandmother's".  If you are fortunate enough to still have your grandparents around, be sure to take good care of all the treasures they give you, they will be priceless one day. . .

I'll be working on my list of "SEVEN EXCEPTIONAL BLOGS & SEVEN THINGS I LOVE" . . how ever will I choose??

Also, I finally created a separate page for my favorite links~~be they vintage/fashion/domestic/French or just plain fun, you'll find them here.  It will be an ongoing process to update and organize them as I find new wonderful inspiration!





xx ~ Michelle



We did it!  The Red Velvet Shoe tied for third place in the annual  "Lulu's Vintage People's Choice Top Ten Vintage Clothing Sites" contest!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

to everyone who took the time to vote for me and for the wonderful comments & support along the way!  And thank you to Lulu for hosting the contest and doing all the work involved to award us this great honor!

I'm off for some champagne!!

xoxoxo !!


xx ~ Michelle



(Photo credit: Siri Stafford via  Getty Images)


One day left to find out if The Red Velvet Shoe will be listed among The People's Choice Award Top Ten Vintage Clothing Sites, and yes, the waiting is the hardest part!  Thank you to all of you who have voted for me, and if you haven't had a chance to do so, just click on the "CONTEST" tab at the top of the page and follow the link!




Photo Credit: Lillian Bassman, "Barbara Mullen:
Blowing Kiss," c. 1950s, photograph




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Ok, dear readers, it's time to show the love!  My friend LuLu over at Lulu's Vintage Blog is hosting her annual "Lulu's Vintage Top Ten" & "Lulu's Vintage People's Choice Top Ten" and she has very graciously added "THE RED VELVET SHOE" to her list of suggestions.

Polka dot banner 

(Thanks, Lulu!)

So now, it's your turn!  If you do, indeed, think that "The Red Velvet Shoe" is deserving of this honour, please  CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR ME!  But read the rest of this post first to know what to do to vote:

After you click on the link above, take a moment to read the contest/voting instructions at the top of the post.  You must leave a comment over at Lulu's Blog to have your vote counted~~just scroll down to the comment form on her blog and vote away.  You can use an alias if you prefer to remain a "mystery" and don't worry~~your email address is not included in your comment, but you must enter a valid email address.  You can leave the "URL" line blank, unless you'd like to include a link back to your website/blog then you enter your address there.  You must name "The Red Velvet Shoe" in your comment.  All comments are held for approval so it may not show up right away. 

If you voted, take a peek at the list of comments (there are about 10 pages already!!)  at Lulu's to make sure your comment made it~~just clicking on "The Red Velvet Shoe" on her list of nominated websites will not show up as a vote. ~~I'm mentioning this because many readers have emailed to tell me they voted but they are not showing up~~we can't have that!!

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, June 30th, so stay tuned to find out if we made the grade! 

Thank you so much!  I am forever grateful!! 



xx ~ Michelle