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Hello everyone. . .you may have noticed that I "re~posted" (is that a word?) my post about Grace Kelly's fantastic style (it was originally on THE RED VELVET SHOE BLOG).  There is a method to my madness!

I found this in my morning paper one day last week and just had to let you know about it:Princessgraceasbride

100_1897 I'm sure the gowns will be just amazing!  And the exhibit as well, here is "le link" for you to take a peek!

Let's go to Sotheby's!!

Autumn in New York~~my favorite time of year to be in the city. . .such great walking weather.  Maybe you are fortunate enough to live "in town"~~has anyone seen the exhibit?  I may just have to take a road trip before the month is over. . .which it almost is, isn't it?

Of course if I make it to New York I'll have to do some window shopping at Tiffany's. . .Mpp50115audreyhepburnposters1

I'll let you know if I go!   


xx ~ Michelle

Fashion's Enemy: The Weather

It was 75 degrees today. . .it is October 18th. . .I have no idea how to dress!  And according to this Vintage Advertisement~~IT MATTERS!!!!  Well, it used to matter what people dressed like, anyway. . .and that's a completely different ranting for another time!


It is Fall here in New England and I am in the (not so fun ) process of hand washing lots of sweaters and ironing things that have been squished in the closet for many, many months as are many of you, I'm quite sure.  I love fall and I want FALL weather!!!!   I scored a gorgeous Vintage Coat in the most beautiful shade of heather/mauve with a fur collar and I WANT TO WEAR IT!!!

Does anyone else find this slightly aggravating????  I have a dinner party Saturday night and I can only imagine what the weather will bring. . .and my poor daughter. . .I bundled her up today as if it were going to snow and I think I gave her a fever~~she got off the bus with more things in her arms than I come out of TJ MAXX with!

She, too, is feeling the fashion disaster of inappropriate weather for this time of year.  Remember being freezing in the morning but sweltering by 11:30 in the classroom?  Having all those great new "Cold Weather" clothes that you were just dying to wear even though a little cotton dress would be the most appropriate for the weather?  Well, well, I guess some things just never change. . .I feel like a kid again!!! 

I guess there has always been Indian Summer in October. . .now what did I do with my flip flops????

I guess if you live in sunny California you never have to worry about THE WARDROBE SWITCH the way we do in New England. . .although smart New Englanders know you can never put all your warm, weatherproof stuff too far away. . .we have Atlantic weather all year long, don't we?  I actually wore my Vintage leopard fur coat (faux) to a funeral a few weeks ago. . .that's New England for you.  I guess it is sort of like "Old" England in that sense. . .I always picture strolling through the English countryside in riding boots, wool trousers, corduroy blazers and warm, woolly scarves, sipping on Port, cooling down the horses and tripping over high~strung Beagles. . .

I have no idea what the point of this post is. . .just some Autumnal Reflections, I suppose.  And I would venture to guess these beautiful pictures from old Victoria magazines had something to do with it!

Victoriaoct90 Victoriaoct94

I'm sure many of you know that Victoria Magazine is going to be published again and the first issue will be on news stands next month, if my source is correct. . .do yourself a big favor and treat yourself to a copy or, better yet, a subscription!

I cannot wait to see it!!

Happy Fall to you All!  We will be wearing those cashmere sweaters before we know it!!


xx ~ Michelle