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Paul Stuart ~ Houndstooth, Herringbone, Tweed & Twill & A Giveaway (Victoria Magazine November 1996)

1 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (570x800) 


Velvet riding jacket, Han Feng; Blue & White Striped Shirt, Cego; Cuff Links, Paul Stuart ; Silk slacks, Nicole Farhi; Brown Hat, Lola Millinery ; Velvet lace-up boots, Emporio Armani.


2 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics 


Tea time at The Lord Thompson Manor, Thompson, CT.


3 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (570x800) 


All furniture, Marie Albert; desk-chair fabric, Schumacher.


4 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (556x800) 


Jacket & Yellow Ascot, Paul Stuart; Ivory Blouse with french cuffs, Romeo Gigli ; Pants, Ralph Lauren; Velvet Shoes, Emporio Armani ;  throw, Pendleton.


5 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (570x800) 


Jacket (which I am coveting), Escada Sport; Skirt (also love), Rodney Vaughn Telford; Hat, Brenda Lynn, Suede lace-up boots, Ralph Lauren; Shirt, Flatiron Workshop


6 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (557x800) 


Edwardian Sofa; Vintage plaid pillow, English Country Antiques


7 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (563x800) 


Desk as sideboard & Ottoman, Marie Albert; "Medeival Red" Velvet Paisley Fabric, Ralph Lauren; Camel Shawl, Ballantyne Cashmere


8 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (566x800)


Coat & bias-cut velvet skirt, Zuzka for Fabricology; Antique Bakelite pin, Rin Tin Pin; Velvet Shoes, Donald J. Pliner; Porcelain Cup & Saucer, "Vulcain" by Bernardaud; "Antique Velvet" on chaise longue, Schumacher;  "Herringbone" crystal stemware, Ralph Lauren


9 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (568x800) 


Blue shirt, Cego; Pocket Square & Suspenders, Paul Stuart; c1880 Toiletry Set, The Mill at West Hampton


10 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (573x800) 


Striped shirts in armoire, Flatiron Workshop ; Houndstooth Leather Bag (want!), Ghurka; Shoes (from left): Donald J. Pliner, Emporio Armani, Cole-Haan ; Leather Bag, Coach ; Blankets, Donegal Tweed, Faribault & Pendleton.  All furniture, Marie Albert


11 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (563x800)


Irish plaid lamb's wool scarves, Foxford ; Paisley silk scarf, olive green hat & wool plaid bag, Paul Stuart.


12 Victoria Magazine November 1996 featuring Ralph Lauren fabrics (575x800) 

Brown stripe shirt, Cego ; Red Ascot, walking sticks,striped umbrella & tortoise cuff links, Paul Stuart ; Double breasted jacket & pants, Ralph Lauren ; Vest, Pendleton ; Shoes, Cole Haan ; Ankle Length Coat, Rodney Vaughn Telford; Driving Gloves, Joseph Abboud.


I've written about my adored collection of (almost vintage) Victoria Magazines a few times over the years here at "Tales".  For all the times I've looked through them, I never tire of them.  (If only people were that way...)  I just brought out my stack of November issues, ranging from 1990-2002, and found that I have some duplicates, November 1996 being one of them.  

It's a gorgeous issue featuring articles such as "A Colette Pilgrim's Progress" by Judith Thurman for all my fellow Francophiles, an article on "Creating A Timeless Toy" featuring English toymaker Tom Cobley, "Come Gather At Our Table" just in time for Thanksgiving, and, my favorite, painstakingly scanned & researched in the above photo collection: "Fabrics We Love for Home & Fashion ~~ Houndstooth, Herringbone, Tweed & Twill".  It features some lovely treasures, many from Paul Stuart, who, "since 1938, has been the leading arbiter of taste, style, and fashion for luxury menswear in the United States".

All photos featured here by Toshi Otsuki. Taken on location at The Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, CT (my childhood stomping grounds).


~~ If you'd like a chance to win a copy of this issue of
Victoria Magazine, 
please leave a comment on this blog post.  
The winner will be announced on
Monday, 18 November ~~




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6th Top Shelf Flea Market

Top Shelf Flea Market Sunday October 21 2012

Provided I heal from the serious spinal injury I gracefully acquired through a bad fall last Monday, The Red Velvet Shoe will once again be setting up shop for the day at Top Shelf Flea Market Sunday, 21 October, 2012.  Save the date! 

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Plaid Parfait

5A Baker Blankets sheet plaid leather shoulder bag (4)

Though I'm not a big fan of logos or feeling like a human advertisement, this 5/A Baker Blanket bag could change my mind about that.  How could it be tacky to carry something that has a horse logo and reads "Estabished 1866"?  Find it here.  

1960s vintage gold red green plaid checker board dress & blazer suit (4)

Plaid Parfait, indeed.  Find it here.




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Autumnal Equinox 2012 Give Away

We are less than ten days away from one of my favorite days of the year:  the first day of fall, or the Autumnal Equinox to be more precise.  The fall and spring equinoxes are the only days of the year in which the Sun
crosses the celestial equator.  While I love the beautiful re-birth of the earth in the spring, my heart belongs to the fall...

Emily Bronte quote in Victoria sept 1990_0009

Victoria sept 1990_0005

Irish Tweeds Victoria sept 1990_0007

Victoria sept 1990_0008

Victoria magazine September 1990 cover

To celebrate what I already know will be one of my favorite fall seasons in a very long time, I've decided to host a Give~Away:  You are cordially invited to enter to win a copy of the September 1990 issue of Victoria Magazine, from which the above photos were taken.  If you are/were a fan of the magazine, this issue will not disappoint.  A winner will be chosen & announced on the first day of fall, 22 September 2012.  
Simply leave a comment here or on our Facebook page if you'd like to have it!

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Urban Vintage Bazaar Vendor List

I've been busy wrapping up a non~vintage related October project and at the same time trying to get things rolling for Urban Vintage Bazaar.  So just a quick note to share a link with you to the fabulous Vendor List that Christine of Carmen & Ginger has put together.  If you've been waiting for an excuse to visit Providence, RI then don't wait any longer.  The show is on from 12~4 leaving you plenty of time to arrive in town and plenty of time to run up a few tabs afterward.  (More on where to eat/drink and what to do après bazaar coming soon.)


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Fall is here in full swing, with winter biting at it's heels...
Photo courtesy of Etsy seller
For a vintage fashion lover, having four seasons as we do in New England, is an absolute delight!  Yes, you have to re~arrange your closet every few months...Yes, you have to always be prepared to wear a fur coat to a late September wedding because there could be snow, or at the very least a very cool sea breeze at that outside ceremony that leaves you wishing you had grabbed that wonderful old vintage flask you found at the antique store for just such an occasion...
You may, when you learn that the fabulous party you were supposed to attend has been canceled due to  a "Nor Easter"  find yourself harboring feelings of jealousy toward all those sunny California vintage gals who get to wear playsuits and swimsuits and pretty summer dresses and sandals all year~~who never have to worry about freezing to death or ruining their vintage 1940s suede shoes in the snow, or having a party canceled due to beautiful white fluffy stuff that just can't wait another day to drop in for a visit...
But those moments are few and far between, because we, dear New England vintage gals,  have officially entered
The perfect vintage sweater!
Aside from my Mom's friend Marie, who came to a mid~August dinner party in a fluffy angora sleeveless turtleneck sweater which prompted me to ask "How can you stand to be wearing that in this heat?" and who nonchalantly replied "Oh, I'm dying, but I look good, don't I?" ~~I really don't think there are many ladies who would choose to wear a sweater when the weather is sweltering...
Which is why, when Fall rolls around, so do the vintage sweaters!
One of the biggest complaints I hear from girlfriends is that vintage sweaters make you look like a "little old lady", that they look "dated". 
While I admit this CAN be true, it doesn't HAVE to be...
For the simple reason:
(Photo courtesy of Jenesaisquoi via Chictopia)
(Photo courtesy of SNOOD)
(Photo courtesy of Raden Prisya)
Vintage Gray Sweater Vintage Polka Dot White Skirt Vintage Pumps Red Shoes Chanel Cuff Black Accessories Vintage Black Belt Chanel Compact Black Accessories
(Photo courtesy of Lady Melbourne via Chictopia)
Now, I'm sure you will agree, there is nothing "Old Lady~ish" or "Dated" about these fashionable ladies
and their take on how to wear a vintage sweater.
Black vintage cardigan pink wide seam tights
Here is one of my favorite vintage sweaters and how I wore it last week:
  • Aston hand knitted lambswool & angora vintage cardigan
  • Pink wool~blend Gap skirt
  • Black & fuchsia wide~seamed hosiery
  • Black suede ankle strap platform heels Nine West
  • Hot pink vintage lucite bangle
  • Antique black onyx & silver cocktail ring
  • My favorite vintage black fur coat
Now use your imagination, have some fun with your wardrobe and create your own unique way to wear your grandmother's sweater!






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Whether we like it or not, here in the North East we are now watching the sun set a bit earlier each day, feeling that little bit of chill in the air upon rising and as we're finishing up the dinner dishes, yes, we are in the final days of summer. . .

Vintage sailorette gal

Those long, lazy days lounging by the pool, sipping on a cool libation in the afternoon, & letting the children stay up way too late are  (so sadly!)  coming to a close. . .

If, like me, you're not quite ready to let go of summer & attack that endless pile of ironing that has been multiplying all summer long

hey, why not?

(Photo courtesy of "Things Your Grandmother Knew")

 and "Back~To~School" means a little more spare time for Mom (finally!)
 then you might enjoy taking a peek at some of these links I've been saving up over the summer to share with you:


This is an amazing site that caters to all things vintage/antique or collectible.  They just posted a wonderful interview with the owner of "Glamoursplash" ~~ the best vintage swimwear collection on the web, in my opinion.  You will find so much to read/see/learn & yes, even purchase if you feel the need to spend a bit on yourself now that school shopping is pretty much over!


The name says it all~~this is practically a Home~Ec course on-line!  You'll find vintage cleaning secrets, vintage recipes, vintage sewing tips, and pretty much everything else your Grandma knew and you wish you knew, too!  This blog is chock~full of vintage research/images and many more links to more great vintage!


If, like me, you wish the word "MALL" had never been invented, and a day spent shopping meant dressing up, lunching out, and spending hours browsing through a beautiful department store, with a doorman, an elevator that had a floor for each department, a secret~code bell system to let clerks know when or where they were needed, and lovely boxes tied with ribbon to carry your treasures home in, then you will love this site.  Once again, the name says it all~~you will find some lovely photos of famous, old departments stores and a torrent of information about them.  You can even ask a question about a department store from your area and find out practically anything you wish to know.  Shopping the way it used to be. . .


Got a thing for shoes?  (Who doesn't?)  Then a visit to this site will be a decadent treat!  I won't say anymore, you have to see for yourself!


Wish, like me, you knew more about sewing & vintage/antique fashions?  This site has a wealth of information for all things sartorial, including a Tailoring Vocabulary Dictionary.  Priceless!


For all Jane Austen lovers~~a lovely site that will transport you back in time. . .fix yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!


In the blog owner's words: "Vintage advertising ~~  found in my mother's basement, flea markets & various corners of the Internet ~~ dusted off and displayed for your viewing pleasure."


Housework rules 

After all that wonderful vintage distraction. . .

that pile of ironing doesn't seem so daunting after all!!




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