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Be There at Five

Conversational Music Be There At 5 Glenn Osser vintage Album Cover 

Conversational Music
Be There at Five
conducted by
Glenn Osser

Excerpt from back cover:

"The cocktail hour is the vine-clad bridge in the day of the active modern.  It separates and it connects the two distinct parts of the well-ordered life.  It is the hour to gently close the work-day when the world makes its demands upon the person; it opens those hours when the person may make his demands upon the world.  It is the bridge into the evening, into relaxation, into the world of intimates, into privacy...The cocktail hour is a time that every zestful modern owes to himself.  It is a time for discovery of new moods, of desires, sometimes of new people, an hour to pool the feelings of separate souls.  This, then is music for five o'clock until..."

I could not have said it better myself...despite the hint of chauvinism...I see two glasses on that table.

xx ~ Michelle

Paris Is For Lovers

Paris For Lovers Eddie Barclay and his Orchestra vintage Album Cover 

I love vintage album covers.  I buy them simply because I love the cover.  They have some fabulous vintage fashions & settings, and are almost always romantic.  Oh, and the music is wonderful!  Because that's why we buy an album, right?  

I have an online colleague/mentor who is fortunate enough to be heading off to "The City of Love" soon so I thought I would begin a series of vintage album covers with this beauty:

Paris for Lovers
Eddie Barclay and his Orchestra

Bon voyage, Jody!

xx ~ Michelle