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You're Invited!


   You can RSVP on the Facebook Event page . . . I'll be streaming Monday 7/16/18 at 8pm EST from my Facebook Business Page.   Watch my Video about the event!

So get the kids (and husband) to bed early, pour yourself an adult beverage and be an eye witness to what may just be vintage history in the making. . . at the least I'll make you laugh! 

xx ~ Michelle

What Some Girls Want

Jackie Kennedy writes to President Kennedy re her gift horse from Pakistan

Victoria's Secret advertisement Victoria Magazine March 1990

Horse~loving gal that I am, I was quite amused to learn that Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy used her rights as wife of Commander in Chief in a most plausible way--to get her gift~horse home to her stable...and that is, apparently, what some women really want...and pretty yet comfy lingerie.  Refreshing, tasteful, isn't it?  First time I wore my husband's pajama top I knew menswear had it's place in our world ladies, take note. 

(Photo Credit:  Victoria Magazine/March 1990)

xx ~ Michelle