Accordion Moods ~ Jean Priveaux ~ 1965?
Plaid Parfait

Soft and Sweet ~ The Three Suns ~ 1955

The Three Suns Soft and Sweet Album Cover

"A mood--a fleeting, transitory moment caught in time between a flurry of opposing currents.  A mood -- indefinable, intangible, yet always there--that one moment we wander into unexpectedly.  But who knows exactly what this moment consists of, who can possibly foresee its coming?  It is upon us before we know it, we are caugh irrevocably it its happiness or sadness, we live its brief experience and pass on to another - still mystified, still unknowing, continually unprepared for what is to come..." Excerpt from back cover.

The Three Suns Soft and Sweet Album Cover (2)

Soft and Sweet
The Three Suns with String Orchestra

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