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Housefire 2 Park Ave Westerly RI July 26 2012 (13)
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My sister and 4 1/2 year old nephew were in a terrible housefire early yesterday morning and lost everything. The house will most likely be condemned and will be torn down next week. Their beloved cat died in the fire. It is a living nightmare and the feeling of helplessness is just overwhelming.  The community and The Red Cross has already come to her aid along with family, her co-workers & friends, and many have been asking how they can help, thus this post.  Thank you to everyone who has come forward to render help: moral support, hugs, lodging, food & drink, toys, babysitting, gift cards, monetary donations, and for just plain being there~~you will never know how much you have done to make this horrible nightmare somewhat tolerable.  

(Post update 1 August 2012):

There will be a Fund Raiser/Benefit held for all the victims of the fire on Sunday, 5 August, 2012 at Sandy's Lighthouse Bar at Misquamicut Beach in Westerly, RI  from 3:00 pm until close.  Tickets are $10.00 and can be purchased now at Sandy's, or the day of at the door. 


Your Donations are Greatly Appreciated


Thank You for Your Generosity & Human Kindness*

      Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Geraldine Ducharme

      Ms. Sheena Matthews

      Mrs. Joanne Horlbogen

      Mrs. Pat Hanzel

      Ms. Nicole Caron

      Mr. David Preble/Xtra Mart

      Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Doreen Euloth

      Mr. Jeffrey Boudreau

      Ms. Michelle Vangel

      Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Stacy Wight

      Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Christine Hudon

      Ms. Anna Amaral

      Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Cindy Tiplady

      Mr. & Mrs. William & Constance Smith

      Mrs. Christine Francis Barta

      Ms. Moe Tanner

      Ms. Deborah Gannon

      Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Diane La Charite

      Mr. & Mrs. Augusto & Margaret Chaves

      Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Chelsea Berndt

      Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & Rhonda Wight

      Mr. & Mrs. John & Linda Brayton

      Mrs. Connie Medeiros

      Mrs. Brooke Bender

      Mr. Alan Horlbogen

      Mr. & Mrs. Carlos & Chantel Geneiro

      Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Heather Erler

      Ms. Jaclyn Farrar

      Mr. & Mrs. Billy & Heather Soares

      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Renee Rafferty

      Ms. Julie Karas

      Ms. Kelly Koslowski

      Ms. Katie Wilson

      Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Tracy Riley

      Mr. & Mrs. Don & Sandra Daggett

      Ms. Racquel Johnson

      Mrs. Melissa Vicente

      Mrs. Beverly Spurrier

      The Westerly Fire Department

      The American Red Cross

      Applebee's of Westerly, RI

      Sandy's Lighthouse Bar & Grill

    *The names found here are those who either donated via this post, personally handed me donations & contributions in various forms, as well those who I have met/known that have sacrificed time, work, vacation time, personal belongings and far more on behalf of my sister and nephew.  It is, by no means, a true accounting of all who reached out to help.  We are truly grateful to EVERYONE who has shown support...you know who you are, as we do.  Thank You.

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