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Grand Opening: The Vintage Menswear Floor at The Red Velvet Shoe

It's been suggested enough times over (that to ignore it would be bad) that The Red Velvet Shoe should have a floor of treasures entirely for men.   I've found some really great things over the years (those vintage ascots among my favorites) and when I do throw them out there, they usually go like hotcakes.  So, why not?  To be honest, I don't know very much about vintage menswear.  I tend to spend most of my time "researching" everything so I can properly present it, which makes me weary & confused and, worst of all, extremely slow about adding new merchandise to any floor, never mind one for Vintage Menswear.

Digging through my inventory this weekend I decided to bite the bullet and just do it.  As I type I am awaiting replies from Pratt Institute Libraries & an assistant curator at RISD, not to mention the now-famous editor of M:  The Civilized Man, my go-to guy for anything menswear related.  In the meantime, without giving you too many erroneous details, here are a few of the treasures that will debut on the "Vintage Menswear" Floor of The Shoe. 

Vintage British Accent Tailored by Tiger GULINS khaki blazer (2)

Vintage "British Accent -Tailored by Tiger of Sweden - GULINS" cavalry twill riding jacket with hacking pockets & fabulous silk print lining...c1970s.    (See, I told you he was the best!) 

Men's Vintage Navy Blue Silk Dressing Gown from Shepard's Men's Store Providence RI (4)

Vintage navy blue silk jacquard dressing gown from Shepard's Men's Store (old-world Providence, RI)...this beauty is the equivalent of champagne, dark chocolate & pom frites with lots of salt, vinegar & ketchup with far less calories and much more sharing ability...I already want to keep it.

Deux Coups de Chapeau  Costume, et Pardessus, de Lus et Befve by Pierre Mourgue

"Deux Coups de Chapeau" / Costume, et Pardessus, de Lus et Befve
Illustrator:  Mourgue, Pierre
Designer:  Lus et Befve
Date:  1922

My 10 years as Administrating Assistant of a Fine Art & Picture Framing Gallery paid off...it's an original plate and in excellent condition..not to mention the mat colors & frame, although modern, were well chosen and have an air of antiquity to them.

"Original, well chosen, with an air of antiquity"...that has a certain ring to it. 

The Vintage Menswear Floor
Now Open
The Red Velvet Shoe

(updated 4 June 2012 to announce Grand Opening)






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