What Some Girls Want
Harvard Crimson Crush

The Ivy Style (Preppy) Collection

Vintage Foster Grant sunglasses (16)

Vintage Foster Grants

Vintage filene's navy blue pink white equine preppy wallet made in italy (11)

Vintage Navy Blue, Pink & White Leather Wallet Horse Bit Buckle Closure

Vintage preppy pink blue white lime green scarf

Mid-Century Aqua, Pink, Olive & White Twill Striped Scarf

70s Roxanne pink & green floral vintage bathing suit (2)

Vintage Bullet Bra Pink & Green Floral Swimsuit

Introducing "The Ivy Style (aka Preppy) Collection" at The Red Velvet Shoe on Etsy.  Hey, everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon, so why not? 



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