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Outings: "Passport to the World: Doris Duke the International Traveler"

Doris Duke's vintage vanity case by Morabito, Paris c1935

(Photo Credit: Reena Bammi for Rhode Island Monthly March 2012 issue)

Looking for an excuse to spend the day or, better yet, a long weekend in Newport, RI?  I am, and I've found a perfect one.  Flipping through Rhode Island Monthly's March issue during lunch today I happened upon this lovely photograph on the last page.  It's of a vintage vanity case by Morabito, Paris.  Their motto?  "Luxury is not exceptional.  It is the exceptional which is luxurious."  I could not agree more.  This lovely artifact is from the private collection of Doris Duke.  If you, too, have fallen in love with this photo, then you must make your way to Newport for this exhibit:

What:   "Passport to the World: Doris Duke the International Traveler" 
Where:  Rough Point Estate  680 Bellevue Avenue  Newport, RI
When:  Opens 12 April 2012
How:    Tickets & Reservations 




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