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Black Velvet & Roses

Proper Evening Attire...Once Upon A Time

1960s Jr. Theme pink evening coat (2)

1950s Vintage "Jr. Theme" Empire Pink Evening Coat with Oversized Waist Bow Detail

1930s vintage blue velvet hooded evening coat Filene's Boston (4)

Vintage 1930s "Filene's Boston" Blue Velvet Hooded Evening Coat

1950s Dan Millstein black velvet embroidered evening coat (6)

Vintage 1950s "Dan Millstein" Black Velvet Embroidered Evening Coat

Blame it on day/night dreaming about Jackie-O's White House wardrobe ever since I started reading "Jacqueline Kennedy:  The White House Years" two weeks ago.  Her wardrobe was, well, I just don't think there is a word to capture the beauty and finery of it all.  I think she would nod her head in approval to any/all of the above treasures I have had the good fortune to happen upon in my treasure hunting as of late.  Can you believe the 1930s blue velvet one was on the "Halloween Costume Rack"???  You can view more photos here.



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