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I'm busy as a bee getting ready for Saturday's Urban Vintage Bazaar --ironing, stitching & tagging away.  But after I snapped this photo for the event blog, I had to share it with you.

This stunning gown is by Ben Barrack, NY c1950s.  Mr. Barrack specialized in designing for petites, and this gown is exactly that...I had to pin the back to Coco as the zipper had no intention of heading north even over that tiny frame.  It's a heavy weight rose brocaded velvet with only a tasteful bow at the waist for detail.  It is, I venture to say, something Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy would fall in love with...much like the other treasures I've found of late.  It weighs a ton and has a sort of suspended taffeta cage that sits at the waist to keep the fabric from being tight against the wearer...I know there is a more proper term for it, but right now my brain is vintage mush.  Please excuse me!

I will be taking it along with me to the show and if it doesn't find a new home there you can look for it in the shop by the end of the month. 

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