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The Dress Has Many Faces: Anne Fogarty

Fit For Royalty

1960s vintage royal  navy blue dress suit Betty of Providence  (19) 

I found this amazing suit at an Estate sale earlier this year.  It's stunning.  I know I always say that about the suits I find, but this one is, well, stellar.  The only label, aside from the Union tag, is "Betty of Providence".  Not much info out there about who Betty was, except that there was a boutique with this name on the East Side of Providence in the rather exclusive Wayland Square neighborhood a long time ago.  It's still one of the few places you can actually stroll and shop in fine boutiques, pick up some really good cheese and wine, and have a wonderful lunch or dinner.  I've always said if we ever "downsize" I want to live a condo in one of those great old houses in Wayland Square.  Maybe someone around there remembers Betty.  I'll have to go snoop around. 

Back to the's divine.  It has the weight of a fine, almost couture garment, and the design, cut and workmanship are superior.  I venture to say, given her penchant for fabulous suits and dresses in all shades of blue, that even the Duchess of Cambridge would approve.  Too bad it's not her size.   Find it here.

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