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Spring Color Story I ~ Vintage Orange Crush

Orange color story Spring 2011

I spent some time the last few days looking at some spring/summer colorful fashions and I guess it's safe to say Orange is IN!  Inspired and having always wanted to create some sort of Lookbook/Color Story around here, I went for it.

Spring at The Red Velvet Shoe - Orange- Vintage Crush

Here is a collage of 99% new vintage coming to The Shoe.  (I won't bore you with the details of trying to get Paint.Net to cooperate and my apologies for the blurries in it....I guess there is something to reading a program manual before you attempt to use it after all.)

Wondering what you're looking at?  That's a pair of vintage Panoramic coated lens binoculars, the centerpiece is a fabulous vintage J. Tiktiner shirtdress in a gorgeous batik print, to the right a lovely pair of vintage Thos. Cort Ltd Genuine Reptile pumps, a very Cleopatra~ish peignoir set by Gossard/Artemis in Gypsy Red with green & gold detail, the bag is a Koret faux reptile with adjustable strap, some great orange & cinnamon vintage gloves, a set of four vintage Vera placemats (I didn't know she made placemats either), and a fabulous vintage silkscreen Vera scarf in a Scandinavian Folk Art print.  Way over to the right, something for your man: a cotton/linen blend Kanaka tie made in Hawaii, and on the left we have an adorable vintage coral & gold beetle brooch and a vintage Kenzo Jungle olive green leather skirt made in France (which has the most amazing purple floral lining which I will possibly use in another Color Story inside out!)

Now getting it all out onto the floor is another story....see something you like?  Email me at theredvelvetshoe.com for details. 


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