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Call Me Shallow

We've all heard the expensive news that "The Tourist" starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp was a box office bomb.  I confess, I have not donated my $10.00 to the coffer yet, so I'm partially responsible, I suppose.  But why haven't I seen it?  I asked myself this question as I was reading an interview with Ms. Jolie in the December issue of US Vogue. 

"...the knowingly high-Hitchcock look has Jolie wearing fabulous clothes (costume designer Colleen Atwood used an original Charles James day dress some people I know would kill for)."  Vicki Woods

Charles James?  CHALRES JAMES???? 
(This was when I asked myself said question.)

Angelina Jolie Charles James dress for The Tourist 

There are no words...absolute perfection, perhaps?  (Find a similar vintage dress pattern here.)

Red velvet sofas covered in white satin gowns... 

The Tourist train scene 
Meeting handsome strangers on speeding trains...

 Angelina steps off the boat The Tourist

Antique wooden boats and cashmere stoles with Venice as a backdrop...

Robert Procop antique diamond choker The Tourist 
Antique diamond chokers and dancing with a man in a tuxedo...

Angelina Jolie in black suit The Tourist

Pearls, pumps and the iconic little black suit...

Call me shallow but this is EXACTLY why I will go see this film.  So she's not unearthing some long lost priceless treasure.  So he doesn't have green eye shadow on (which is a relief, personally.)
We go to the movies to be entertained and, hopefully, inspired.  If the only inspiration that comes from The Tourist is to wear something fabulous, well, I think that is a fabulous thing.  Whatever it takes to stop the general public from wearing their pajamas out of the house, I'm all for it.  And for those of you who hate her because she's beautiful, you're just jealous.  Get over it and get out of your pajamas.


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