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1940s Winter Wedding Photographs

I've written about the family reunion last summer when I scoured through boxes and boxes of vintage and antique photographs of my husband's family.  Every now and then I came across some that no~one in the family recognized. 

1940s winter wedding party

1940s winter bride

1940s winter bride leopard fur coat 

Like this collection of photographs from a winter wedding (stamped June 1947 on back). Taken outside in the snow, fur coats (check out that leopard beauty!!) over frilly, lacy gowns, arms full of enormous fresh flower bouquets that were so popular in the 1940s, and men with perfect hair cuts and proper overcoats.  

No idea who they are, but they're memories are safe with me.


xx ~ Michelle

Call Me Shallow

We've all heard the expensive news that "The Tourist" starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp was a box office bomb.  I confess, I have not donated my $10.00 to the coffer yet, so I'm partially responsible, I suppose.  But why haven't I seen it?  I asked myself this question as I was reading an interview with Ms. Jolie in the December issue of US Vogue. 

"...the knowingly high-Hitchcock look has Jolie wearing fabulous clothes (costume designer Colleen Atwood used an original Charles James day dress some people I know would kill for)."  Vicki Woods

Charles James?  CHALRES JAMES???? 
(This was when I asked myself said question.)

Angelina Jolie Charles James dress for The Tourist 

There are no words...absolute perfection, perhaps?  (Find a similar vintage dress pattern here.)

Red velvet sofas covered in white satin gowns... 

The Tourist train scene 
Meeting handsome strangers on speeding trains...

 Angelina steps off the boat The Tourist

Antique wooden boats and cashmere stoles with Venice as a backdrop...

Robert Procop antique diamond choker The Tourist 
Antique diamond chokers and dancing with a man in a tuxedo...

Angelina Jolie in black suit The Tourist

Pearls, pumps and the iconic little black suit...

Call me shallow but this is EXACTLY why I will go see this film.  So she's not unearthing some long lost priceless treasure.  So he doesn't have green eye shadow on (which is a relief, personally.)
We go to the movies to be entertained and, hopefully, inspired.  If the only inspiration that comes from The Tourist is to wear something fabulous, well, I think that is a fabulous thing.  Whatever it takes to stop the general public from wearing their pajamas out of the house, I'm all for it.  And for those of you who hate her because she's beautiful, you're just jealous.  Get over it and get out of your pajamas.


xx ~ Michelle

You Should Leave Your Hat On

I've fought this snowstorm all day~~nature still has the upperhand power~wise as far as what she will allow you to do when her energie is spent elsewhere....(or so ComCast would have you think!)  I wanted to add the first lot of hats from the Atlantic City Socialite I've spoken about for a few weeks now, but after the time it took to list this little gem from the 1930s I decided to let nature take it's course and to let ComCast catch up with nature.....There is no replacing the past...

1930s Black Wool Cloche Henry Pollack Glenover vintage (3) 

You can find this vintage beauty here: .

xx ~ Michelle

More Boudoir Glamour...

Vintage Richard Sivley for Keyloun velvet hostess dressing gown 

Now that winter is whirling around us, I thought it would be a good time to add this lovely vintage dressing gown to the boutique.  You can see more photos here.

While researching it, I came across this stunning velvet 1940s dressing gown and just had to share it with you:

Eggplant Quilted Silk Velvet 1940's Robe Dressing Gown

It's a 1940s silk velvet dressing gown in a gorgeous eggplant purple shade....You can find it here. 


xx ~ Michelle

Art Deco 1930s Satin Evening Gown

After a respite from work through the holidays and school vacation week, I'm finally back in my vintage lair.  Where do I start?  So many treasures, so little time.  The family of an Atlantic city socialite born in the early 1900s has entrusted me with part of her estate~~her closets.  I've been sorting through boxes and boxes of treasures...loads of gloves, turbans & scarves and a few amazing handbags.  But the highlight of the lot is this amazing Art Deco 1930s sating evening gown with a WMCA silvertone & rhinestone buckle.

Art Deco 1930s satin evening gown WMCA rhinestone buckle (2) 

Art Deco 1930s satin evening gown WMCA rhinestone buckle (6) 

Art Deco 1930s satin evening gown WMCA rhinestone buckle (3) 

Art Deco 1930s satin evening gown WMCA rhinestone buckle (5) 

Stunning does not even come close to describe this gown.  It was made by the owner's mother for a school dance~~she was crowned queen and I would venture to say this dress had a lot to do with it!  The sleeves are slit from the shoulder to the elbow and it has a deep V back, but there is a panel of fabric sewn onto the right side so she must have literally been sewn into the dress when she wore the panel.  Crystal buttons & a fabulous Art Deco WMCA s & rhinestone buckle put this in the Hollywood Starlet category~~I can almost see Hedy Lamarr sauntering across her dressing room in this!  It's also one of the tiniest dresses I've ever seen~~the waist is barely 20 inches.  I know, depressing, isn't it? 

Unfortunately it was crumpled up in the bottom of a cardboard box (I gave it a light pressing before I photographed it) and is in desperate need of a visit to my trusty dry cleaner.  I'll be sending it out tomorrow and will be trying to find a friend who can model it for the boutique listing.  There is an area right along the hem that is very weak and threadbare, so I'm hoping it will survive the process.  Even in this condition, this gown would melt any Art Deco aficionados heart!

I'd like to take a moment at this time to thank you for continuing to visit Tales From A Vintage Wardrobe through 2010 and hope to see you visit often in 2011!  With all the blogs out there, I'm always amazed that you continue to visit and comment from time to time.  I am truly grateful for your support & the camaraderie we've shared in the vintage corner of blogsville.  My best wishes that this year will be a wonderful one for you and yours~~and for vintage!

xx ~ Michelle