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Roaring 20s!

Roaring 20s  Billy Randolph and the High Hatters Album Cover

Roaring 20s
Billy Randolph and the High Hatters
Excerpt from back cover:

"But what of the music of this frantic and frentic era?  The songs were those of the flapper ... the one with the stockings rolled "below" the knee.  The hip flask ... and long cigarette-holder (for women had just started to smoke in public).  The songs of the era were bright and slightly fragile.  The melodies that depicted wild life on the campuses of America.  The songs from the smoke-filled cabarets of the major cities.  The spots where for a price, the most beautiful dancer in the show would bathe in a bowl of champagne...for the exotic enjoyment of the elite.  An era running full speed toward destruction.  Not knowing it.  But laughing and singing as they went..."

I pulled the album out of the cover and began to laugh~~it's candy apple red see-through vinyl....perfect!

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