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Manners First~No Matter What You Wear

It's wonderful there has been somewhat of a resurgence of proper dress and grooming, if only for aesthetic reasons, in American culture in the past few years.  But it has also proved a very valid point I have argued for decades:  "Well Dressed"  does not mean "Well Mannered".

Which would you rate more important?  I know my answer, but what is yours?  I find it charming that the population seems to be responding to a call to propriety, or, at the very least, something more than pajamas in public.  Granted, to a certain point, one's looks, job, title, or ensemble, can bide one time in the event of "indiscretion" but that time is limited, as is the power of ones looks, job, title or ensemble.  The crunch comes when a true gentleman or lady must tow the line. 

If one's manners fall short of desirable, does it really matter what one is wearing?  To the true lady or gentleman the answer is "No."  Bad manners cannot be made up for, substituted, glossed over or reduced with "ensemble" no matter how impressive it may be.  So perhaps to go along with all the bloggers who focus on being "Well Dressed" and attempting to convert the masses, there should also be some classes on Etiquette and basic manners, such as "Please" and "Thank You" ~~ two classics which work well in any given situation.

Manners say far more than any fabric or textile.  The combination of the two?  Priceless.

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