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NEWS BULLETIN: The Top Shelf Flea Market II

It's official~~Giuseppe over at  An Affordable Wardrobe  has once again taken up the task to bring together some rather fabulous vintage & classic/preppy clothing at The Top Shelf Flea Market II.  Need some convincing that the classics/prep are back?  Check out this rather interesting press on the CBS Early Show....and here's a video from that very segment to convince you further:

(Pause the Victrola in the sidebar before you press PLAY)

The high heeled exotic dancer duck boots are probably one of the scariest things I've ever laid eyes on, but the overall trend of looking back to the classics to inspire modern fashions is a comfort to those of us who never strayed.  And if you're searching for the real~thing and not a modern makeover of the original, then The Top Shelf Flea II is the place you want to be. 


The Top Shelf Flea Market II
Sunday October 24, 2010
George Dilboy V.F.W. Post #529
371 Summer Street (Davis Square)
Somerville, MA


The first one was a smashing success and this one promises to be even save the date and come spend a Sunday afternoon this fall shopping in Beantown~you won't regret it!  Stay tuned for more details~~don't tell anyone but I've heard rumors of live jazz & best dressed contests....

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