In an effort to inspire a fellow blogger with wonderful old~world sartorial taste and a penchant for old~world hotels offering old~world style libations I present:

How TinTin got his groove back
Hudson's Bay Best Procurable Blended Scotch Whisky 

c 1971

How TinTin got his groove back (3)

How TinTin got his groove back (2) 

"What's that blue sticker?"  I ask DH.
"Darling, please, you're making me feel old" he replies....

How TinTin got his groove back (4) 

"I love the packaging!" say I.
"Mmm Hmmm, it has a map, of course you love it..." he whispers as he tries to not wince at the first swallow....

How TinTin got his groove back (5)

"I bet James Bond pretended to be an Internal Revenue Officer just to try this!"  I say, lost in the romantic notion of some handsome man trying to smuggle a bottle out of the country because he fell in love with it.
"I seriously doubt it, he was a vodka man, remember?" DH responds, looking almost as if he is in a bit of pain...

Compliments of a patient/friend of DH, this bottle sat on the bar for months (at my insistence) until DH convinced me he had researched it and found it not so wanting...after tasting it I understood completely.  My first reaction was "Eeeeooooow cheap tequila" followed by "Oh wait, that's almost warm & lovely" followed by "Ooooh, it's burning and I don't think I want another sip" followed by " Oooh, I actually taste moldy, oaky Scotch, I think..."

We opened it, we tried it, we would never go buy it.  But, being a lover of all things vintage, I enjoyed the ride.  Besides, the same day he opened it, I found this:

How TinTin got his groove back (7) How TinTin got his groove back (8)

Not vintage, but so very Friday Belt: an oh so preppy pink & green cocktail ribbon belt by Douglas Paquette of Providence, RI.  Being dog~less (aside from the occasional dog~sitting for fam & friends) I passed on the matching collar & leash, but then again, that was before the whisky...



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