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To celebrate our anniversary, my DH planned a little get~a~way to Cape Cod.  Anyone who grew up in New England most likely spent at least one week of summer vacation "on The Cape".  My family spent many.  We would rent a little seaside cottage and literally live on the beach for the entire week. 
It was divine . . . if you were a kid.  In retrospect, being an adult and a mother now, I seriously doubt it was divine for my Mom.  Five kids covered in sand, constantly hungry & trying to drown each other in the surf is a far cry from divine.  Now I know why they always had a night out alone, without any kids.  She probably needed a week alone by that point. 

Antique photograph of children at the shore 

Then there's the traffic.  That's the "not~so~divine" part for the Dad.  You would think, after all these years, someone would figure out a way to overcome the ever~present traffic issue for visiting Cape Cod.  I remember watching my step~father at the wheel, he would start out feigning optimism, but there was that last bend in the road before you saw it:  miles and miles and miles of red tail lights flashing in the distance.  "I hope everybody used the bathroom before we left" was all he would say.  He inevitably had a migraine by the time we arrived at our little shack by the sea.  Not so divine.

Vintage traffic

As we made our way down Route 6, I started to wonder how the Kennedy's handle this traffic issue.  Perhaps they know some secret back road passage that lands them smack in the middle of "Le Compound" in Hyannis-port?   "Maybe they still helicopter in", said DH.  Must be nice, I thought, staring at the line of cars ahead.  I shifted my thoughts to one of the best things about going away: food.  Suddenly, I'm hungry. 

Gourmet Brunch Hyannis, MA Breakfast at Gourmet Brunch in Hyannis, MA 

Brunch at "GB" ~ the original Gourmet Brunch.  517 Main Street, Hyannis.  Trust me on this one.

The Puritan Clothing Company Hyannis, MA

A walk along Main Street, the kind of old~fashioned, brick storefronts with colorful awnings Main Street that I adore, brought us to this Massachusetts landmark store:  The Puritan Clothing Company.  Founded in 1919 by Mr. Abraham Penn.  His goal?  

To provide classic, impeccably tailored clothing and personalized service and each had to be of the highest quality possible in order to succeed.

A quick visit inside the store proved that, nearly 100 years later, they continue to employ this formula for success.  I observed as a client of the establishment was waited on by a store clerk who knew his shopping history, he actually knew when the gentleman had purchased the garment he was discussing.  That's impressive.  Mr. Penn would be quite pleased.  My heart went pitter~patter: old~world boutique style shopping with attentive & personalized service.  My dream lives.

Tim's Books Main St. Hyannis

Unfortunately, I didn't make it into Tim's Books, but will make a point to on our next visit.

JFK Museum Hyannis, MA

We couldn't leave without enjoying a visit to the JFK Museum.  A gallery of beautiful images of the Kennedy family, some practically life~size so it seems as if they are right there with you.  Various monitors playing brief films of "The Days of Camelot" give it a very nostalgic charm, not to mention a great peek at the fashions of the day.  That Jackie, even hanging around the compound or sailing, she always looked fabulous.

Jackie O sailing
(Photo courtesy of LIFE)

We continue down Main Street, and lo and behold:  PLUSH & PLUNDER~~a vintage clothing shop.  My DH rolls his eyes, but, as this is a romantic get~away in celebration of our wonderful marriage, with his hand on the small of my back, he guides me through the door . . .  he lasted about 30 seconds, but I could have spent the entire day.  This is one of those shops that you could literally spend a day in and probably not see everything.  It has an almost museum~quality to it, and yet it's very comfortable to shop in.  I met Aimee, who, with her mother, has operated Plush & Plunder for almost 30 years.  Well known and shopped by some of the world's biggest entertainment celebrities (Demi Moore, Cyndi Lauper, Lee Remick, Julie Harris, Rita Moreno, Debbie Reynolds, Carol Channing, Christopher Reeves, Jaimie Farr of "M*A*S*H," John Ritter, Lyle Lovett, Tim Robbins and Shania Twain to name just a few)  they've carved a niche that I could only dream of.   We chatted "vintage" for a bit, exchanged cards and I went on my merry way.

The Brazilian Grill 

We had an amazing dinner experience at Brazilian Grill.  Let the reviews speak for me:

ZAGAT SURVEY 2006/07/08
"Come very hungry and try to pace yourself  at this phenomenon in Hyannis.  Enjoy an endless stream of sweet servers bearing delicious sizzling meats"
FODOR REVIEW 2006/07/08
The Brazilian Grill is the most remarkable place to eat on Cape Cod. "

Again, trust me on this.  Even my DH was beyond impressed, and that's quite a feat. 
It was a great little "Get~Away" and now I'm ready to get to work for The Top Shelf Flea!!  I'll also be announcing my Spring Give~Away this week~end, so be sure to check back for details.

Cape Cod Canal




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