In light of the fact that 49 of the US states has snow reported, I thought I would share some family photos & our obsession with a certain vintage fur hat:

I want that hat!

"I want that hat, I'm going to grab it when she looks the other way. . .The Sartorialist  would love this, it's all he's posting now that New York finally has some real weather . . . "

She wears it well

"You can take my picture, but now I'll have to kill you . . ."

I look fabulous!

"Oh come on, you know it looks much better on me!"

Cousin It! 

"Oh well, it's Mommy's anyway!"

vintage Shepards Department Store mink hat

This great vintage fur hat is from the late Shephard's Department Store, which was the place to shop in Providence, RI back in the day . . . according to this article, it was the place to shop in New England.  It was a beautiful old~world style store, here are some photographs I found:

Westminster St. Providence Shepherd Bldg.

These photographs were taken rather recently, sadly I couldn't find any old b&w photographs to share.  I'm sure they're out there, I hope they are . . .


My DH (who is just a few years my senior) remembers driving to Providence for a day of shopping.  It was a big deal.  They wore their Sunday best, everyone was dressed: gentlemen in suits, or at the very least, shirt & tie, and the ladies wore dresses or suits, with matching handbags & gloves . . . a far cry from what you see at the mall today (not that I go to the mall, you know my disdain for it . . . but having a 7 year old little lady, at times one must concede . . . )

(photos courtesy of Joukowsky Institute Home)

The famous "Shepards Clock"

"Meet me under the clock!"

Everyone knew exactly what & where you meant, and this expression is practically a legend around here . . . thus, our adoration of "the hat" . . . I think I'm going to keep it.



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