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The proper equipment is quite necessary for any event to be a success.  For example, when one wishes to plan a picnic or outing, one should give considerable thought to "equipment".  As I've stated before, the proper accoutrements lend to a more authentic, nostalgic, and civilized sort of day.

For years, when spring rolls around, I tell myself this summer we will plan to attend at least one Polo Match of the Newport International Polo Series held at the venerable Glen Farm in Portsmouth, RI.

 NPC at Glen Farm Portsmouth RI

The problem is, when the weekend forecast calls for plenty of sun and a S/SW wind under 5 knots, we usually end up enjoying an outing on our boat instead. 
The other problem is, really, just my own personal problem: 

I am a Tailgate Snob.

My vision for our afternoon at the Polo Grounds looks something like this:

Elegant picnic scene (photo by Peggy Hunt)

Elegant picnic scene 2 (photo by Peggy Hunt)
(photos by Peggy Hunt courtesy of The Carriage Association of America )  

Yes, this is how it should be.

I just couldn't dream of traipsing in there with neon bright coolers, solo cups and paper plates.  So, having the patience of Job, I began, over the years, to collect the tasteful equipment required to host a proper
Newport Polo Club Vintage Tailgate Party.

My acquisitions thus far:

Vintage Scotch Jug 

One vintage "Scotch Jug".
One lovely picnic basket with real plates & silverware inside. (A wedding gift)
One hunter green insulated zipper~top tote. (Much nicer than a cooler)

Vintage tailgaiting card table 

One vintage card table.

Photo courtesy of Ivory Blush Roses archives 

One stack of antique linens (very similar to this lovely collection).

My collection of vintage/antique stemware

One vast array of vintage stemware & glasses.

And my most prized travel/tailgate acquisition:

Antique vintage travel bar (5)
Antique vintage travel bar (6)
Antique vintage travel bar (8) 
Antique vintage travel bar (9) 

A fabulous vintage travel bar, found for me by a friend on a Treasure Hunting Mission.  How great is she?
There is no label or makers mark, just this crest on the front:

Antique vintage travel bar (10) 

Any information regarding provenance is more than welcome.  
(I dreamt it was Asprey. . . and then woke up with a certain song by Aerosmith humming in my ears.)

Bamboo folding chair by Ballard 
(photo courtesy of Ballard Designs)

Still on the search for bamboo folding chairs similar to this lovely design.

Next on the Newport Polo Club Vintage Tailgate Party Agenda: 

The Guest List
The Menu
The Bar
The Wardrobe

The first match is Saturday, 19 June 2010

Plenty of time . . .


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