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The most difficult part of selling vintage clothing & treasures is deciding if you really want to part with it.  I know I am not alone in this "downside" of it all, and I employ as many tactics as I can to talk myself into "letting it go".  (My grandmother is partly to blame for this, she was the world's greatest pack rat and I am proud to say I inherited it from her.)   I guess I am more of a collector rather than a
hard core retail seller, and I always wonder about the people who purchase my vintage treasures . . .

"Triangle" vintage brown sued bag chanel-esque gold link chain The Red Velvet Shoe 

This is the very first vintage item I ever sold.  The Red Velvet Shoe was originally launched on eBay, I was a pc newbie, had NO idea what I was doing, and looking at the quality of this picture, it's a wonder it even sold!  I was so thrilled to have a sale, that at the time I didn't really question parting with it.

And then I found this:

BurberryNYC_Byrdie1_27Web.jpg the purse I sold Brandi 
(Photo credit:

I was doing some designer trench coat research (due to the fact that I will soon be listing a vintage Yves St. Laurent trench coat in my boutique) and this image caught my attention.  Rod Stewart starts humming in my head "and she wears it well . . . ."  (it's actually a Burberry, not an YSL)  and I love the western belt buckle and chunky necklace. . .and what a cool bag, wait let me look closer at it . . .


Zoom on brown bag

And there you have it. 

My vintage brown suede purse by "Triangle" with chanel~esque gold link chain hanging on the arm of this very chic woman* . . . and I wonder, is this my vintage purse?

I think I want it back . . .

( A little "Byrdie" told me this is Byrdie Bell )

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