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As you can see,  "Tales" has undergone a bit of a makeover, as has "The Shoe".   While I don't claim to be the talented artist my aunt is renowned for, I did enjoy creating my new banner with it's vintage~travel~esque theme.  I guess watching Out of Africa & Death on the Nile  had a bit of influence on me . . . I'm still working on the footer image, but for now I need to "step away from the keyboard". . . so tell me, what do you think? 

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Let The Matchmaking Begin

It was two years ago this very month I wrote this brief post with the thrilling news that PBS was bringing Jane Austen to town.

Jane austen home
(Jane Austen Home)

So you can imagine my joy last week, while checking out a grand stack of books at our library, when my Jane~Austen~lovin' daughter gasped and pointed to a small basket on the counter full of bookmarks announcing this:

Click here to find out more!

"Library voice" hooting & hollering ensued, even the grumpy librarian gave us a little smile . . .


Yes, Jane Austen is coming to town!


All our favorite characters, in our favorite fashions . . .


Who's playing Mr. Knightley?  Oh, I don't know if he'll do . . .

The best Mr. Knightley 

I'm a bit partial to this fellow...Jeremy Northam.
(note to male readers, if you dressed like this, you're girl will fall in love all over again . . .)


Well, that's better, maybe he'll do after all . . .amazing what a great hat can do.


I"m not sure that Ms. Austen would approve of this "Twitter Party" . . .
but I admit this may be the final push I need to take the Twitter plunge . . .

Needless to say, I know exactly what will be airing in this household beginning Sunday, January 24th at 9:00 pm:


"More than seven years prior to the events in the novel, Anne Elliot falls in love with a handsome young naval officer named Frederick Wentworth, who is intelligent and ambitious, but poor. Sir Walter, Anne's father and lord of the family estate of Kellynch, and her older sister Elizabeth are dissatisfied with her choice, maintaining that he is not distinguished enough for their family. Her older friend and mentor, Lady Russell, acting in place of Anne's deceased mother, persuades her to break off the match.

Now, aged 27 and still unmarried, Anne re-encounters her former fiancé when his sister and brother-in-law, the Crofts, take out a lease on Kellynch. Wentworth, now a captain, is wealthy from wartime victories in the Royal Navy and from prize-money for capturing enemy ships. However, he has not forgiven Anne for her rejection of him. . . "

(synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia )



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The most difficult part of selling vintage clothing & treasures is deciding if you really want to part with it.  I know I am not alone in this "downside" of it all, and I employ as many tactics as I can to talk myself into "letting it go".  (My grandmother is partly to blame for this, she was the world's greatest pack rat and I am proud to say I inherited it from her.)   I guess I am more of a collector rather than a
hard core retail seller, and I always wonder about the people who purchase my vintage treasures . . .

"Triangle" vintage brown sued bag chanel-esque gold link chain The Red Velvet Shoe 

This is the very first vintage item I ever sold.  The Red Velvet Shoe was originally launched on eBay, I was a pc newbie, had NO idea what I was doing, and looking at the quality of this picture, it's a wonder it even sold!  I was so thrilled to have a sale, that at the time I didn't really question parting with it.

And then I found this:

BurberryNYC_Byrdie1_27Web.jpg the purse I sold Brandi 
(Photo credit:

I was doing some designer trench coat research (due to the fact that I will soon be listing a vintage Yves St. Laurent trench coat in my boutique) and this image caught my attention.  Rod Stewart starts humming in my head "and she wears it well . . . ."  (it's actually a Burberry, not an YSL)  and I love the western belt buckle and chunky necklace. . .and what a cool bag, wait let me look closer at it . . .


Zoom on brown bag

And there you have it. 

My vintage brown suede purse by "Triangle" with chanel~esque gold link chain hanging on the arm of this very chic woman* . . . and I wonder, is this my vintage purse?

I think I want it back . . .

( A little "Byrdie" told me this is Byrdie Bell )

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I've been in need of an umbrella stand for, well, my entire adult life, now that I think of it . . .you would think every single home ever built in New England would come with an umbrella stand built into it's foyer (that's actually a great idea, maybe someone should market it? ) but having lived in many, that is, sadly, not the structural case.

  Some friends tell me they've scored a "Faux~Asian~Antique" copy at The Christmas Tree Shop, but I have yet to find one on my occasional visits there to stock up on candles, Carrs water crackers & cocktail napkins . . . (and sometimes that colorful and absolutely delicious Bassetts Licore  made in England . . .but even that is a rare find nowadays).

So, while recuperating from hosting a retirement party for my step~father which involved a keg of Guinness (courtesy of my brother~in~law, our resident beer & wine maker and sentry of THE little black book of numbers that could even have supplied us Absinthe when it was still illegal here), 30+ people, far too much greasy Irish food & blasting Celtic music (pictures forth coming), I decided to do a bit of eBay browsing for this critical object sorely missing from my home.  (A wonderful diversion when one does not want to face the aftermath.)

Compliments of Ebay's Labyrinth of Luxuries:

French period umbrella stand/painted wood & cane sides (find it here)
I love this...but with a starting bid of $149.99, that faux Asian one is gaining by a nose . . .

Teak umbrella stand 

Anglo~Indian Teak Hallstand & Umbrella Rack (find it here )
Just the title makes it worth the $2,250.00 . . . but it would cost another thousand to find umbrellas worthy enough to be in the same room.  Come to think of it, I'd have to replace everything!
I'm in love . . .

French iron and bronze umb stand $150.00 

French Iron & Bronze Umbrella Stand (find it here )
This would be perfect . . .I wonder if the umbrella is included for the $150.00?
This is a favorite . . .but it must weigh a ton, and that is an issue with shipping . . .


Oak ball & stick umb holder 

Oak Ball & Stick Umbrella Holder (find it here )
It's lovely, but with $425.00 the starting bid, the Xmas Tree Shop is beckoning . . .(I think I saw one of these at our local thrift store for $5.99 . . .)


C1980 ant victorian wicker umbrella & cane stand $495.00

c1890 Victorian Antique Wicker Umbrella Stand (find it here )
I love this, but could I paint it black?  For $495.00, I guess it should be the color I want . . .not to mention what painting it would do to the value.

Antique umbr stand black finish

Antique (???)  Umbrella Stand/black finish (find it here )
This could work, and it's only $29.99!
Somehow, I don't think this is an antique . . .especially since there are "More than 10 available".
Even so, I like it.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

Realizing I was truly in no condition to make a serious decision of any kind, I decided to put off my decision by making a far easier one:

A little Ireland in Rhode Island

It's not going to rain today anyway . . . 






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