"Tommy Hilfiger’s alpha moment came in the early ’60s,
 when he started peddling bell-bottoms to
middle-class kids who were looking to
embrace the hippie spirit of the age.
Obsessed with the burgeoning American music scene,
in 1969 the 18-year-old opened his first store
—the People’s Place—
in his hometown of Elmira, New York,
before a slump in the economy forced him
to shutter its doors in 1976.
Humble beginnings for someone who now
runs a company worth more than $3 billion,
but through it all Hilfiger sure has put his
money where his mouth is when it comes to
his love of all things made in the USA."

(Elle Magazine October 6, 2009)


Being so obsessed with vintage fashion,
I was surprised I did not know this little bit
of very important information about Tommy Hilfiger. 
Did you? 
I've always loved his "look"  and this is probably why!

"This month, Hilfiger unveils his paean
 to fashion and pop culture with his new
Fifth Avenue flagship, a renovation of a
neoclassic building by iconic architects
McKim, Mead, and White."






 “Everyone has a lane,” Hilfiger says.
“Mine may be more appropriate now than it ever was.”

 To commemorate the Fall 2009 opening, the store will feature an exclusive product offering, upscale retail services, and a new global packaging debuting this fall with shopping bags and ancillary items made from 100% recycled materials. The highlighted product will include the Tommy Hilfiger Fifth Avenue Pink Collection, comprised of pink women’s outerwear, knitwear, dresses, scarves, gloves, watches, belts, and gifts such as journals and luggage tags as well as select pink men’s ties; additional men’s product will focus on plaids, ranging from a plaid trench coat to a classic pea coat. Retail services will offer a tailor, shoe shine, and iconic American snacks, in addition to varying monthly complimentary activities such as personal denim fittings, celebrity stylist appearances, monogramming and shopping nights.

(photo courtesy of rpulse.com )

Another wonderful story about not giving up on a dream!!

Congratulations, Mr. Hilfiger, for staying true to yours!



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