I've been trying to get a bit more "with it" as far as blogging goes, and have noticed that Google offers a way to "FOLLOW" a blog~~aside from just adding it to your Google reader.  So I spent way too much time trying to figure it out (I am definitely "blond" as far as this stuff goes!) and have finally added it to my sidebar.  Typepad also has a new "Follow Me" gadget, so that's over there as well, along with "Blog Lovin"~~so pick your poison and jump on board!

You may want to check your profiles & privacy settings in your Google account to your wishes before you join~~you can even be a "Secret Admirer" (oops, that's Esty, isn't it?) . . .I mean you can follow my blog "Privately" if you don't want your picture showing up there.  And you can "STOP FOLLOWING" anytime, don't worry, I won't take it personally!  Also, now that I get the whole concept of "Following" I will be making the rounds and adding my favorite haunts to my list~~I generally visit everyone via my "Lovely Links" page, but I'll try to catch up with the rest of blogsville and begin following!  As with everything I've ever done online, it takes me a lot of time, which is something none of us have a lot of, is it?

You don't say!

Also, Typepad has added a new feature that I think is neat.  If you read a post or find a page that you just love, want to share, or just know you'll want to refer back to,  you can actually "FAVORITE" it~~you'll find that link at the post/page footer.  I love this, it's a great way to mark a specific part of a blog as a Fave, which saves a lot of time when you want to see it again.  (Which reminds me, my new pet peeve is clicking on a link to something I've searched and being taken to a page and there is no sign of this thing/image/word I've searched for~~grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)  This is especially helpful to me when I am doing research, which is practically all the time!!  It also tells the blog author what people like~~and what's better than that?

So, I'm looking forward to seeing your little picture in that little box, and finding out a bit about you!  

Have a great weekend!




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